Most of you can not have missed the transformation from Club 28 to AINASKIN. And judging from the speculations I get to hear about, "most of you" means quite a lot of friends and foes. Abroad, where the steam of internal pompousness has not yet totally clouded nationalists' visions, many are sad, angry and bewildered by the change of web address. Back home, most seem to have a (fixed) opinion about my reasons for checking out of the Club28 and returning back home to the comfort of a long- and well-established entity such as AINASKIN which predated Club 28 with many, many years, I might add. I have been reluctant to comment on all the gossip, speculations and down-right lies that cling to the tranformation like flies to a pot of honey.

But close friends, as well as faithful visitors, have constantly begged me to once and for all make my reasons and positions clear. So be it!

PROFITEER??? I created the webpage "Club 28" in order to spread propaganda related to Blood & Honour and as my very personal tribute to the work and the memory of my long-time friend, associate and political comrade Marcel Schilf.

In addition - and why should I make a secret about it? - it was also an outlet for nationalist merchandise that generated funds.Funds that paid for web space, products and obviously to the horror of certain quasi-moralistic, green-eyed monsters, paid for a bit of the 24-7 time I spent (and spend) on promoting White nationalism and Nordic patriotism (you know how Ian made his living besides dole cheque? From his work, that's right, monthly cheque of royalties from Rock-o-Rama from the sales of Skrewdriver reocrds). Looking at web pages and entrepreneurs within the "movement", I seem to be in good (??) company. Funny, isn't it, that most of those who, by the standards of economical turn-over, far outshine myself, are never attacked, in fact hardly mentioned at all when it doesn't come to some sudden arse-licking in order to get this or that fat-cat's financial support. One could turn it around. I started out as an award-winning video maker. Instead of taking the highway to fame and (real) fortune, I chose to lend my talents to the nationalist movement.

Instead I got to be infamous due to my misfortune. But I do not complain. It was my own choice, I stood by it and I stand by it.And I know from a thousand-fold feedback from all over the world: ranging from utter praise to ZOG harrassment, from endless copies being distributed to endless copies being bootlegged that I must be doing something right for our White folk. Profiteer? If it wasn't such pathetic accusations, I could laugh at it, here in my worn-down, second-hand-rented flat in a ghetto-like area.My last resort, so to speak, after I time and again offered my many previous flats to house B&H meetings and parties filled up with some of the worst accusers of today's infected debate. Mind you, is not selling any items.


Now there's a candy that fills the mouth of plenty. It's rather more chilling and thrilling than the old, kind of worn phrase "profiteer", which always seem to come back to haunt the very people who use it or their shadow-like associates... The accusation is based on an incident many years back in Finland. A (White) guy was for some non-reason stabbed by somebody with connections to the "movement". I was picked out by the police as the suspect, and to me it seemed like I was to be sacrificed as the fall-guy. OK, I did something which I now deeply regret, when I pointed the finger in the "right" direction.

It was, however, not the right thing to do, and I admit it. But is it any better avoiding responsibility for your own acts by letting an innocent comrade take the blame? How many "normal" people would not

?And in a far more active manner, I might add, have done the same. I guess more than 88%. Still, in our circles it was a mistake. But it was never a mistake taken all the way to court (I wasn't witnessing against the guy). Whatever, I regret it and have never tried to deny it. And the funny thing about it, is that everybody who was somebody, knew about it through the days of Club Valhalla (which most of my critics are too young to know about), Festung Ljungbyhed (which most of my critics only read about) and right into the post-Marcel period of splits and intrigues.And speaking of Marcel Schilf, he and his closest associates (of which I was myself a part) all knew about it and could live with it.

So did those who later found it convenient to spread the story. Some of them, I am sure, even related it to the Swedish secret police agents who from time to time dropped by them for coffee and a chat... If it is any comfort to these sooo righteous figures, I shall remind them (yes, remind, as they all knew about this too!) that back in FinlandI did more than atone for my sins by indeed taking the rap as Mr Fall-Guy himself.

I got four years prison sentence for keeping my mouth shut about a bloody piece of race-war in which I did not play a very big partbut still went down with a sentence that even exceeded that demanded by the prosecutor. The judge was not in a good mood I guess, but I am sure the real offenders where smiling all the way to the pub where I hope they at least raised their glasses for the guy that didn't get away.


This is the most bizarre of all the stupid, mean and vicious accusations that have been thrown at me. I have been a dog owner for years and I do love animals. Sheep are not first in line in my book of top favourites, but I certainly would never do these harmless (and human-like) creatures any harm! This relates to a tragic incident of animal torture that took place in Helsingborg some years ago. People were caught and sentenced for the crime.That means there is a file on the matter in the Helsingborg courthouse. There for all to see and read. My name is not even mentioned there. And why should it? I had nothing to do with it. The only link is that one of those who was found guilty (but denied the accusations, mind you) was a friend of mine. He was also a close friend and one might say personal assistance to Marcel Schilf. And an active member of the B&H community along with many of those who now spread twisted versions of this story. How it all came to this and what exactly happened, I shall not go into. This article is not about that person. Enough is to say, that after the sentence he publicly left the B&H.

And that would have been that, if it wasn't for the fact that certain gossip mongers created their own foul fantasies out of this story. They know they are lying, so publicly you will only see these accusations made in vague but nevertheless vicious manners. But do go to the shit-chat rooms on the Net for some more outright lies from low-lives well hidden behind silly and pathetic nicknames, of course.

HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS This brings me to the very core of this article. Why the lies? And even more so: why the anonymous spreading of lies? These are rhetoric questions, naturally. The answers are obvious. In lack of truth, lies are recruited. And such recruits have a way of back-firing, so they are better presented in the safeness of the shadows. It hurts me to say that some of the worst initiators and spreaders of these vile and sordid stories used to be my friends, associates and comrades.They thrived on my generosity as a host of many later lost flats. And the groups, or rather grouplets, survived and thrived through my donations of merchandise and fixing of web pages with articles added. And I cannot recall once that these people, whose organizational movements were given the VIP treatment by the very Club 28 they helped knock down, EVER faced me and challenged me with these accusations that they now proudly present on their new homepages. Marcel Schilf's name is the only one that appears (except for mine). Do whatever you want, organizational and political (???) wise,but please do not use his name as any reference to your own doings. Back in the days of Marcel, when most of you were still juveniles, there was never any anonymity.

You were proud to belong to the Schilf Corps that revitalized the B&H concept and echoed all over the Movement as well as the media world.You didn't hide yourself in panic when the media showed up. You didn't block out your face like a common criminal when our web pages reported our activities.

We were real people with real faces: Marcel, Kathy, Sandi, Erik, Dick, Pierre, Sara, Johnny, Morten, myself and many many more. Look at Kriegsberichter if you forgot or don't know. But by all means, keep your new organizations, keep your new strategies, keep your new alliances, keep your new friends and keep whatever politics you may have. I don't care. Just leave me in peace to do my own thing. Nowhere on my page have I taken up valuable propaganda space to escalate any in-fighting or create political splits.

The only reason I publish this statement is to answer the worst and most unbearable lies in the hope that each and every one can now concentrate on their own lives and create their own progress or down-fall, whatever. Some of those who got caught up in the hate wave that hit me, have made contact and said they're sorry. OK. I am sorry too. What else is new?

So what more is there to say? First of all, a small light in the tunnel is that those who do politics, rather than quasi-Combat bootlegs of the wanker division, tend to have more appreciation of my contributions to – no, not the "Movement", but the CAUSE. The less they sit in bars and/or cellars, covering their identities with tall tales of BS, the more they see that yours truly has in fact something to offer an otherwise stale and dated propaganda machinery.

Secondly, I'm always proud that Ian Stuart himself liked the music videos I made for Skrewdriver back in 1989 and 1990. I have dealt with the lies and slander before, and I feel there is not much more to say on this topic. Maybe I have learnt to live with it, maybe the simple stupidity of this garbage gossip has made me overcome it.

Whatever, I leave the gossip and the gossipers in the gutter where they belong.

For those who cannot help being disturbed by my existence, I say this: I invite all of you to publicly confront me with your accusations, grievances and whatever arguments you feel that you have. I'll publish them and answer them. There is only one condition: You sign it in your own name, next to your own photo, like I have done all of my life. It has given me hard times and enemies in places I didn't even know existed. Times are changing but the enemies are the same, in whatever shape or form. But so is the call to fight them off! As always: look, learn & let the hatred burn! AinaSkin continues on for Race & Nation, since 1989. We never quit and we NEVER apologize!