AINASKIN has been a skinzine (4 issues), we have published other zines in the past as well, such as Veri & Kunnia which was the voice of Finnish B&H founded in 1994 with the permission from B&H/C18 UK and we organized several concerts. AINASKIN is also a CD label which released the debut CD's of Finnish RAC bands: MistreatPig Killer & Sniper and this year we released an CD of never before heard interview with Ian Stuart, conducted in 1983 together with Sniper Records from Sweden. And of course AINASKIN is best known as a video label and used to work together with NS88 when Marcel Schilf was still alive.. Here we offer some of our best-known work on DVD, we started to produce political videos in 1989, including Skrewdriver music videos that were shown in Finnish TV and at a movie theatre at a nationwide video competition, and they were liked by Ian Stuart himself. Also Paul Burnley of No Remorse requested me to make 20 video clips for him. Also one music video was made for Battle Zone (bands' singer sent me plenty of video footage, including the band recording in studio). However, before AINASKIN, I was already making videos at the young age of 14 back in 1987.

However, our most known work ought to be The Kriegsberichter video magazine, series. Currently, issue# 9 is on the make and we will release it later in the summer of 2021 as an 4 hours Double-DVD.

"Taking its name from the fearless war correspondents of the Third Reich, this video magazine acts as today’s Kriegsberichters of the raging race war. Learning the tricks of the trade from our enemy, the video virtuoso Jäsä (who won a European championship in 1991 at an international video contest) as a best young video maker) has turned this mighty propaganda weapon into a Frankenstein monster rising against its initial creators.

To the merciless rhythms of WP rac’ns’roll, Kriegsberichter gives to you the news and views of the real youth revolt–the last of the White berserker breed: the NS political soldiers, the NS gladiators of C18, The Skin'ead movement and the WP music scene.

Where once sleazy Semites and notorious Negroes rode the TV waves, the new heroes of the White Resistance now reign. The Kriegsberichter has given new life and a new meaning to what was once a death machine. We have liberated your television set in the name of WP!" - KB introtext written by Max Hammer.

We offer plenty of various RAC & DVDs + a few CDs etc... and visit us often because our inventory is always growing. Almost all our DVDs are DVD-Rs (but they do work on ANY DVD-device, DVD player, PS3/4/5, laptop etc ...).

We are also interested in trades, so get in touch! As always: look, learn, and let the hatred burn! Racial Regards, Jäsä AinaSkin,

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                                           An interview with Hate-Core legends Blue Eyed Devils in 1999 (added 22/04/2021)