AH Lives! NSF celebrate our eternal Leader

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-03-31 5 min read


NSF celebrate our eternal Leader

To the mindless media-"wise" majority of Swedes Adolf Hitler is kept "alive" through an endless charade of lies and distortion, presented to them by the ancient enemy of all he stood for, fought for and died for. However, to the few who have the personal courage and intelligence to see through the Zionist veil of deception, Adolf Hitler lives on as a source of inspiration and a symbol of Aryan Might. These people, the hard core of the Swedish NS resistance, gathered in Kallinge outside Karlskrona on the 17th of April to attend the yearly Hitler birthday celebration organized by NSF (National Socialist Front).

This great manifestation of our leader's 110th birthday was for several reasons an unequaled success. Not only was the meeting left relatively undisturbed by the forces of ZOG. It also brought together the biggest crowd of real National Socialists since the days of the 2nd world war, including foreign representatives of the Scandinavian division of Blood & Honour: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Pomeria (North Germany). All in all ,nearly 200 comrades attended this supreme show of NS loyalty and White Power. The meeting was opened by the propaganda chief of NSF, Björn Björkqvist, who gave a speech of total anti-Zionist confrontation. It seems there is no end to the angles from which comrade Björn can launch new attacks and arguments against the Chosen Plague!

Thereafter, we witnessed an impressive entry of the NSF flag guard and security corps (SOS), fiercefully throwing our minds back to the glory days of Nuremburg. But we shall create our own days of splendour and a man taking a great part in this revival, is the Leader of NSF, Anders Högström, who then was duly introduced and greeted by the NSF and B&H audience. After this visual impact, the time had come for more prosaic but definitely appreciated matters. The dinner was - as always at NSF gatherings - excellent. Our compliments to the NSF chef, Jonas!

After dinner, Norwegian B&H leader MOB gave us a highly interesting lecture on the history of Norway's NS movement of the 40s, which battle is now carried on by the political soldiers of Blood & Honour Norway. Comrade MOB himself has taken this organization from inactive obscurity to the leading force of resistance against the ZOG regime in Norway. BH Norway politically supports the Norwegian National Socialist Movement (NNSB) whose representative, comrade Terje, also gave honour to the Führer in a short and fiery address. He was followed by another great Nordic warrior, comrade Henrik from B&H Denmark. Henrik pointed out the danger of the NS movement falling into the trap of the fixed and rigged game of democracy. There are worrying signals of such tendencies of moral and mental breakdown among a clique of Danish national socialists, and the B&H representative appealed to his Swedish brothers and sisters not to be lured into the same blind alley. On the lighter side was the speech by comrade Lars from Stockholm, who in his usual witty and sarcastic way mangled the lunatics and lunacies of our so-called democracy. For those who hadn't quite finished their dinners, the risk of choking from laughter was very real. Just proving Nazis sure can have more fun!

Then B&H Scandinavia's Max Hammer gave a speech in honour of Adolf Hitler, stressing the need to apply National Socialism as THE driving force of our political activity. No other kind of nationalism or patriotism has the ability to inspire the bravery and total commitment needed to enforce a new White Order. He also took the opportunity to express our full support for the heroic Serbian people now fighting the imperialism that once Adolf Hitler challenged and battled.

And to the serving of the traditional NSF Swastika cake, veteran Börje P. gave the comrades a lesson in the meaning of true NS spirit: When everyone else is illoyal, we stay faithful!

Finally, it was time for NSF Leader Anders Högström to enter the podium. In his own, brilliant style comrade Anders urged his members to reject the degeneracy of the present society and in the ranks of the NSF and in the spirit of Adolf Hitler march on to victory. Högström was greeted by 200 raised arms giving the victory salute and thereby not only pleading their loyalty to their cause but also in the most defiant of ways showing their appreciation of this young man who has raised the Swedish NS movement from a tiny sect to a fighting force described by our enemies as the foremost threat to Sweden's democracy.

This great birthday celebration was ended by an impressive firework which lit up the Nordic night and illuminated even the dark faces of the ZOG, lurking in the woods and by-ways surrounding the meeting hall. No, Adolf Hitler is not dead. He lives in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Whites, and under His banner the fight to rid our race of the cosmopolitan parasites shall be led to final victory. Adolf Hitler, Sieg Heil!

When size doesn't really matter: B&H Sweden arrange Hitler mini-concert.

After the NSF Hitler birthday celebration, the comrades attending were invited to a small B&H; Sweden concert in Trelleborg, with local NS band Hets Mot Folkgrupp (HMF=Racial Hatred). Due to the late hour and the relatively long distance from Karlskrona to Trelleborg, most of those eventually turning up were the foreign delegates. The Danish, Norwegian and German contingents joined with the local B&H and NSF units in this - mildly put - primitive concert hall. Still, neither lack of heat nor toilet facilities stopped the comrades from enjoying themselves to the merciless NS beat of the rocking Trelleborg race haters. Ruben & Co. has just been in the studio and a "no taboo" CD is to be released in the near future. From the brutal sound filling the hall, the audience were in no doubt that the HMF is THE most radical and uncompromising Swedish WP band yet.

After two hours of White revolutionary rock, Danish and German beer and Swedish booze, the two spotlights were turned off, and the comrades worked their way down the dark narrow stairs to the boring comfort of their cars. It was rough and rowdy, crude and cold. A small concert, but with loud sound and great comradeship - 120 feet stomping for White Power and 60 hearts beating for Adolf Hitler.

Hail Blood & Honour! Heil Hitler!

- Max Hammer

nsf sos högstöm
nsf führers birthday
hmf hets mot folkgrupp