Presenting the Blood & Honour Scandinavia, as well as the International Blood & Honour, to the world-wide internet viewers. (1997)

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-03-31 2 min read

Presenting the Blood & Honour Scandinavia, as well as the International Blood & Honour, to the world-wide internet viewers.

The Blood & Honour movement hardly needs any introduction, since it was created by our fallen hero, Ian Stuart Donaldson, it has proved itself as the foremost promoter of White Pride and the enforcer of White Power. Today, there are divisions of the B&H; in most white countries, and our aim is to unite them by more than just a common name. Such co-operation has worked excellently in Scandinavia, with vibrant chapters in most Nordic countries. It is high time this co-operation is expanded to the whole White world. This page's policy is best described by quoting from the editorial of the B&H; International magazine ROUTE88: "There are conflicts raging on the Nationalist scene. At times, bitter ones have made enemies out of former friends. Alliances change and many feel frustrated from the disunity. We are not going to act as a hammer of one position against another. Still, we have our views on all matters, which we will not compromise. And we have our friends, who we shall not abandon for the sake of fragile peace and make-believe harmony. We believe in militancy, Direct Action, Leaderless Resistance and National revolution. We base that belief not only on the company we keep, but we take this radical, often lonely and always dangerous stand because we have seen the failures of the old ways. And entities and ideas which failed at the peak of their strength, can hardly be picked up up and polished as a new alternative for future, and far more alarming and oppressive, times.

Others, many of them good friends and at one-time allies, see it in a different light. They still believe that the ways of the past might work, if we just give them yet another chance. Although we do not believe so, these people are not always to be considered our opponents or enemies. Some people just don't have radicalism in them. But they are honest and sincere nationalists who can still perform services for the cause. That goes for individuals, as well as organizations and bands. At the same time we must demand that these good people accept that there is a growing militant opposition which have gone beyond the leaflets, the paper sales and the election campaigning. We have interesting examples of great progress achieved by such alliances of militant radicals and parliamentary moderats, when they are based on mutual respect and common goals.

As for Blood & Honour International and Route 88, we work according to the following basic term: That our great organization is there to promote National Socialism, and not personal stardom. We are into this for politics, not entertainment. Any other view would simply be a betrayal of Ian Stuart's great heritage! Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Victory!"

Please enjoy our message of national revolution and uncompromising White Power! For further info and comments don't hesitate to contact us. Diversity in tactics, but UNITY in battle! Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Victory!

- Max Hammer

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