Jäsä's interview from the Skrewdriver book "Mother Europe's Son"

By: Mirko Savage

2021-06-08 11 min read

Defender of the Legacy

Marko “Jäsä” Järvinen interview conducted for the 'MOTHER EUROPE'S SON - Ian Stuart' book. By: Mirko Savage, July 2015

Hello Jäsä! Your name hardly needs introduction, you are already quite well known in our movement thru the Ainaskin videos. Most of the people know who Jäsä Ainaskin is, but I want you to tell me who is Marko Järvinen?

I was born in 1973. Promising schoolkid who got bored when others couldn't read or write, so I became a bit of a bully and all promises of "normal" life went down the drain at the same time. Then, fat kid yet organized. Today, power lifting not-so-fat grumpy man, fresh divorcee (ex-wife moved back to Norway), still organized, and yes, that bloke mentioned in your question also loves extra-dry ciders. 42, in the best health of my life so far (even though lost my leg the other year, small details, easy to fix). And at last, but not the least a die-hardest Skrewdriver fanboy for the last 26 years now. (addition: I've been happily married to an Italian-American skin'ead girl for over 3 years now, if the odds are on my side I'll be 50 in a year + a half .... Jäsä, 8th of June 2021.

How did you get involved into Nationalist/ Skinhead scene and what has influenced you mostly?

At the age of 16 (in 1989) I got Skrewdriver music on a c-Cassette tape off a friend (who was a vocalist of one of the first Finnish Oi! bands, named 'Terve Päänahka' (Healthy Scalp) in mid 1980's) and the wheels kept  rolling on ever since. I actually heard Skrewdriver first time in 1988 and it opened the path which led me into shaving my head the following year, getting a flight jacket and a pair of boots ... not too much knowledge of what being a Skinhead was all about in 1989.

But I also remember seeing a ni33er for the first time in my life at age of 10 giving me the "oil & water" feeling resulting into a giving him/it a shout: "go back to Africa". (this was Finland 1983, not too many blacks in the country at the time)

Luckily I was on my bicycle (haha) and the silverback in question was on feet. My friend back then ended up noddin' me up with a naughty twist "You gave Finland a bad reputation now". Apparently not bad enough as we are boiling over slowly but steadily just like our neighbors in the west, Swedes.

Can you recall what was the first Skrewdriver song/album you ever heard and how does it make you feel.

On that very same tape were those two mini LPs " Boots & Braces / Voice Of Britain", and it was quite impossible to ignore the beat of "Back with a bang", or Ian’s vocals, the feeling I got out of those recordings, well, oddly enough, it was curiosity.

I was 16 and had never bothered so much about lyrics (my favourite band was Accept mind you, still do play it, Udo's era only) but here I could hear just a word or two (beside  of the obvious titles of the songs) so we tried to put them together and it was a mission impossible.

Then, after learning the lyrics, curiosity was replaced with admiration and pride. That's the feel I get today when I see youngsters in their new BMW's cruising about and Driver blasting out in fullest volume. Just passing on Ian's heritage as it was passed on to me.

As I already mentioned you are famous with your videos. How this all thing started back in the late 80’s where there were no DVD’s, digital cameras and computer programs? Who was the first ever video you made for Skrewdriver and what was Ian’s reaction on it?

The very first video (fictional short movie) I planned to make, took place already around 1983/1984 but video camera was difficult to obtain (as I was merely 10-11). In 1987 we were able to get a camera and made out first movie (true to the splatter/gore genre), editing was done with two VCR's and texting with Amiga 500 computer. Then the year after I got to use proper analog editing unit at the new local video work shop where I ended up working for a few years. The first clip I made for Skrewdriver was White Power in 1989, the following year it was shown on Finnish TV. And later on at a proper movie theatre at some video festival was mistaken as an anti-racist video. Don't ask me how the hell that happens!?! I only ever made two music video clips for Skrewdriver when Ian was still alive, the follow up video was "46 years".  They ended up in Ian’s hands via B&H mailbox where I sent them. And I was told Ian liked them a lot, years later Stigger confirmed this by quoting Ian "there's this bloke in Finland who makes these videos of us". Around same time I was offered by "Paul Burnley" to make 20 music videos for No Remorse. He ("Paul") actually sent me money and merchandise as royalties. And I never had to pay for my B&H magazine subscription (whenever it appeared...not that regular back then). I also made a video for Battle Zone in 1991/1992 and got lot of footage and merchandise from the band and a free subscription to "Last Chance" skinzine (bands singer was making that).

I remember an old photo of Ian Stuart’s autograph given to you. How did you have it when you never had the chance to meet him live?

I had a regular contact with British Oi! skinzine who were from same area where Ian lived the last few years of his life. And Ian wrote "Skrewdriver news" for the 'zine, so I asked the editor Chris H., if he could get Ian's signature to me, which was no problem at all and mind you Ian spelt it with a "c" (To Marco, a Finnish comrade, racial regards, Ian Stuart). So if you sometimes see me writing Skrewdriver with a C. It's just a payback, hahaha.

Please, share your opinion on Skrewdriver album front covers?

Best would be "Live & Kicking" for the simpleness (first time that the eagle logo was used) in all of it's glory. Most of the original LP covers (including all Ian’s' projects) are just pure awful, always buzzled me how come the last and post-Skrewdriver album "Hail Victory" cover was chosen. Brilliant album it sure was, return to the HTND-format. Some of the bands on R-o-R claimed they had no say over the artwork or that their original designs were tempered, but "Hail Victory" cover is a 100% fail. "Hail the new dawn" is just so iconic institution that it just simply can't be criticized, even though it was drawn by a bockwurst eater and it was copied from a comic book cover.  "B&H" good too, taken from some tattoo artists catalogue (?), not 100% sure on that. "White Rider" was drawn by some kindergarten division again, pure fugly (btw, did you notice the mini hakenkreuz on the cover ?). "After The Fire" by the same pen as HTND, very decent copying of established Reich art. “Warlord” by a Sweden punk, thumbs down, took me years to actually realize that the red spot on the ground ain't blood but a commie flag. “The Strong Survive” you would think is also by the same pen as HTND and “After The Fire”, but its not, rather naive cover, although the original version had heads upon the sticks in the background, according to R-o-R, them heads were a bit too dark so they were airbrushed off. “Freedom What Freedom” had some artistic attempt but looks like clip & glue art. "All Skrewed Up" is probably the best cover out of them all, even though Dirty Doug didn't play on the album.

You are running the best ever Skrewdriver/I.S.D. tribute web site ( www.ainaskin.com). The site has been down for a couple of years, what was the main reason for that? You restarted your work on it in 2013, but unfortunately the site is still hard to reach due to some technical reasons.

Thank you for your kind words, I haven't had time to work on the site for couple of years now, not even sure if it's actually up now as the site has been up'n'down over the years due to ever changing lineup of webmasters. Built up, knocked down story. I want to point out that the interview series in Last Chance, I was the one who typed them out online for the first time ever, in 2001. Yeah, back to the site, it's constant issues with bandwidth and what not. I have come across a huge amount of rare images of Ian ever since, but they're not updated on the gallery. Maybe some of them are featured in this very book of yours. Hopefully. Update.AinaSkin.com is back with a bang ofc ... Still working on bringing Skrewdriver tribute to the page.

Few years ago you have produced the one and the only movie dedicated to Ian and Skrewdriver entitled “Rock’n’Racism”. As far as I know you plan to re do the whole movie? What do you want to add or change in the new movie?

The main reasons for a remake are better editing software that I'm using now and so much new/old material to work with, like former band members, videos/images unseen at the time it was made. It would be fairly easy to make a new 2 hours documentary. Also, if I may took my own horn on here, I'd like to think that my editing skills have improved since "Rock'n'Racism" as well.

And with a new documentary on Ian & the band I'd like to focus more on the early years from 1976 onwards till 1984. And go and travel to meet some of the people who played in the band, a few arrangements have been made as I type this. And I can say for 99% certainty that Skrewdriver early years documentary will be made. Addition in June 2021: Right now working on Kriegsberichter #9 in which I think Fortress and BFG interviews are the biggest names, KB#8 was factory pressed the other year, so if you buy a burned copy it is a bootleg.

There are some books dedicated to ISD, which one of them is your favourite? I think “Nazi Rock star” is most informative and well written…will you agree with my opinion?

Even though it contained some outright "Paul" (real name: Tristran Bellany) "Burnleys"' lies I enjoyed it the most out of the books I've read. Especially the earliest chapters written by Grinny. “Diamonds in the Dust” was good too. I got to read Joe Pearce’s “The First 10 years” in 1991, I had to use plenty of wordbook while doing so back then, but that also gave my first true insight into Ian's life. But yeah, "Nazi Rock star" is so far the best without a doubt. Update: Mark Greens books blows  'nutzi-rock star' off it's orbit, they are really well researched books! And so is yours too Mr.Mirko Savage.

There are a lot of urban legends about Ian, one of which is that he has an illegitimate son in Sweden. Do you have any idea if it’s true or not?

Wouldn't bet on anything as rumours tend to carry more weight than facts. Also heard rumors about Ian having a son in The Netherlands. God knows where else? Seriously speaking, I have no idea on the truthfulness behind these rumors. Better leave them to the gutter where they came from.

Another urban legend you can confirm yourself – do you owe any Ian Stuart’s belongings from the night he died?

I was given two patches back in 1997 by Skrewdriver security member Del, namely the B&H patch and Odal Rune. I also had a copy of his book "The New Dawn" which someone had the bollocks to change from that title into "Invasion" when they published it, I had a few pages in Ian's original handwriting too. And the book itself was missing like the two last chapters, so those were typed by the same plastic gangsters, zero respects. Anyway, according to Del he took care of Ian’s' belongings from the hospital when Ian passed on.

I know it’s a question hard to answer, but can you rate your favourite Skrewdriver album or single?

I love everything that Ian ever recorded. Even White Diamond albums. But since you asked, the best, the sharpest edge (mind the pun) would be Hail The New Dawn - B&H - White Rider, that's just such a colour flash that no album since or prior has topped. Christians have bible, juden have torah, mudslimeys have quran and we have those three I mentioned earlier, our ways of life, our bibles. The Showdown 7" was also pure brilliance.

Let’s go back in 1993. Do you recall how and when you were informed about the death of Ian Stuart? What was your reaction? Do you believe it was a car accident?

I got the news from Sweden the day after. We were out at the local pub in Helsinki with the usual crew, and no-one believed that as there had been such nasty rumors in circulation before too. Didn't know if it was true or false, didn't want to believe it anyway until it was sadly confirmed by fellow zine editors from England. Total shock. Total. I first let it go down as an accident, now years later with all the things coming up to light, I'd like to point finger at some other direction than the wheelman. Why was the car ordered to be destroyed instantly after the crash, without any investigation, just a drop in the ocean among other peculiar details? This subject will be brought up in my new documentary eventually.

Twenty years after his tragic death, Ian’s message is accurate more then ever. How his lifework did change the world and your personal life?

His message combined all my so called prejudices and the life itself proved them to be correct. Very correct indeed. I got him inked on my skin in 1994. I have his music and speeches on my mind even when I don't listen to them. So Ian made me what I am today, cliché sure, but also true story.

After all these years what still motivates you to keep on doing Skrewdriver videos and related stuff?

Quite simply that I have come too far to quit or turn around, sure there have been more quiet periods, but I've always been here. Doing my thing. And I'm not going to disappoint Ian’s' legacy.

If you have the chance to spend 5 minutes with Ian what would you like to tell him or do with him?

I'd thank him for the inspiration and shake his hand, not sure if I'd like to let go of that though. And I'd might be as cheeky as turn on the cam and ask sir Don to say "You know who I am, you're watching AinaSkin videos". Also I'd get him to sign all albums : Then I would tell him not to go for that evening drink with your mates on that faithful September night in 1993. Five minutes well organized.

Thanks for the interview Jäsä! Your final words to our readers and to Skrewdriver supporters worldwide?

Thank you, Mirko for the interview, such an honour. Thanks for the patience with my delayment too. As final words: Look, learn and let the hatred burn! Jäsä

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