Ian Stuart Memorial Gig - Sweden (1998)

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-03-31 5 min read

September 19 1998 Ian Stuart - Always In Our Hearts, Always On Our Minds

Ian Stuart Memorial Gig - Sweden

Saturday the 19th of September, Blood & Honour Scandinavia organized this year's Memorial concert for our fallen hero - the creator of White Power rock and martyr of our Aryan resistance struggle, IAN STUART - born in 1957, liquidated by the hidden hand of ZOG in1993. About 130 comrades from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany gathered in the small town of South Sandby in southern Sweden to honour Ian's memory! S. Sandby may be a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, but that day it was the scene of an impressive, multi-Aryan gathering of National Socialist radicals, listening to two of Sweden's up and coming hard-core White Power bands, NIBELÜNGEN and HETS MOT FOLKGRUPP ("Racial Hatred") and speeches by the leading representatives of the radical White resistance movement.

The hall quickly filled up with comrades dressed in Skrewdriver garments and C18 shirts when the doors finally opened to begin this years Ian Stuart Memorial gig. This was no ordinary rock concert, it was a manifestation of White Pride, a tribute to a fallen hero and a show of radical White resistance. No pop stars, no merchants of profit, no nerds: just a determined will to carry on the great work of the man who opened the world of White Power to thousands and thousands of young Aryans.

Originally, three bands were listed to play. In addition to our two Swedish groups, DRAGONER from Germany were scheduled, however, by strange "coincident" the STASI decided to raid the house of the bass player (and the one who was to rent their van) and then arrested him. So it was up to "our" boys to do the whole work. And what a job they did! The newcomers in HETS MOT FOLKGRUPP (who had their debut on B&H;/NSF's midsummer gig this year) gave a spellbinding performance. The comrades were jumping, stomping and saluting as Ruben, Glen and Simon played their uncompromising and slammering WP Oi! rock. When they performed their version of the classic "Blut muss fliessen", the crowd just went wild! These guys are shining like a rough-cut White diamond, and the fact that they are a 100% Blood & Honour band with all members being dedicated activists of NSF makes it even better! Definitely not ZOG's favourite listening!

Following HMF, Björn Björkqvist of NSF took the microphone after being duly introduced as Sweden's foremost anti-Zionist. Björn, who just recently got out of ZOG's concentration camp after serving a 6 months' sentence for daring to peacefully demonstrate on the 1st of May, proved to the audience that the label was more than fitting! Björn's a great comrade, a brave soldier and a fiery speaker, and the comrades took in every radical word. He was followed by the NSF leader, Anders Högström, who like Björn also just got out of the ZOG dungeon. If the oppressors thought they could destroy Anders or his movement by locking him up, they made a mistake they shall pay dearly for. Never have I seen comrade Anders so determined, so powerful in his conviction, in his love for our people and hatred towards the enemy which is trying to destroy us, but which itself will be slaughtered like a monstrous creation from the underworld of ancient oriental racial perversion. Comrade Anders is not only the chairman of NSF, he is a young, devoted and 188% radical leader figure of Sweden's National Socialist movement. ZOG should shiver, realizing that what goes around, comes around. By denying us our rights, they have created their own worst enemy, a merciless White Power machine that will enforce and ensure an ethic, cultural and political cleansing process which shall set our people free once and for all!

Then NIBELÜNGEN entered the scene, led by NSF committee member and vocalist Jonas Nyberg. Jonas co-ordinated the movement while comrades Anders & Björn were ZOG's prisoners. His burden of work seems to have further vitalized him, cause this was Jonas and his band at their very best so far! Already classic tunes like the "Ode To Rudolf Hess" were mixed with new and revolutionary songs. The band's heavy, radical and professional performance not only impressed the audience, it will also take Nibelüngen on the road to still greater achievements. The band is in fact playing the week after, at the B&H; Ian Stuart memorial in Great Britain! The Brits are in for a treat!!

Between Nibelüngen songs, comrade Max Hammer of B&H; Scandinavia entered the scene. In a very aggressive speech, he warned of the profiteers and pop stars riding on Ian's name. He showed how Ian was a unique combination of political soldier and rock genius. There was no moderation and no star aspiration in Ian - just a messenger of Aryan light in a blackened ZOG world. The best way to honour him is to follow in his tracks and fight on till victory, Blücher said to the enthusiastic crowd whose belief in the national revolution surely had a 88% boost that evening in S. Sandby, S. Sweden.

On the lighter side: the food and kitchen division supplied us with tasty Danish brew and two mega-big "sandwich cakes" (1x2 meters each!!!) - a delicious Swedish speciality. And the local BH & NSF chapters supplied food for thought. A highlight was the new ultra radical zine Aryan Resistance ("Ariskt Motstånd") a swedish variety of WAR & Strikeforce in one! And the new issue of VOFF ("White Offensive"), mouthpiece of the Klippan NSF bastion. Klippan got special greetings from our Serb BH.

On the darker side: just before closing time at 11.45 PM, the boys in blue appeared. Lots of wishy-washy mumbling of the sound of Sieg Heil disturbing neighbours - who happened to live nearly miles away! Truth is probably that they were informed about 10PM and got orders from Swedish STASI to check it out. They took ID on people and told us to continue - more quiet... But by then it was over, anyway - Just the cleaning brigade stayed behind. Salutes to them!!

On the brightest side: The gig was yet another success for Blood & Honour Scandinavia and NSF - working hand in hand to spread the ideology of Ian, the creed of Adolf Hitler, the only solution to our troubled and threatened White world: National Socialism! Thanks to all who made this year's fourth B&H; concert a memorable evening in the spirit of comrade Ian. Special thanks to Anders & Björn, Nibelüngen and Hets Mot Folkgrupp, the Klippan legion, the kitchen crew - and not least to Marcel & Mats whose tireless work in preparing the gig, and Danny & Jimmy for fixing the great concert hall, made this magic evening of pulsating White Pride take place.

It was like a lightning from way up in Valhalla. Cheers, comrade Ian. Your work will live on, inspiring us to final victory. See you, my brother. One day we shall salute the White Triumph together!