Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-02 4 min read

DANISH FRONT AGAINST RED SWINES AND BLUE PIGS - Whites United can Never be Defeated!

This statement certainly proved true on the Danish island of Langeland Friday the 25th of June.

On this day the Wankers (Danish r3ds) had decided to play with fire, announcing a demonstration outside the headquarters of B&H Denmark. The HQ had long been a target for the media and lone red loonies, including a vicious attack by 4 commie cunts on the owner of the house and B&H/C18 comrade Frank, which left him hospitalized and with a vandalized house. However, Frank fought back the attack armed with an axe and a baseball bat, and that probably saved his life. (The intent of the attackers was obvious as they came unmasked. Now we know their faces and soon their identities too) On the day prior to the Red demo a stupid media mole appeared, trying to interview the comrades working on the defense line of the HQs. He was beaten and chased away, leaving his car, press card, credit cards and wallet. It seems everything was confiscated by the revolutionary army. At this time ZOG had - in a desperate attempt to leave the house unattended - jailed comrade Frank for an old "crime" (beating up a couple of Reds) and he now has to serve two months in ZOGs gulag. But this pathetic move changed nothing, as Frank's wife and comrades worked on, preparing Festung Langeland for a 'Bolshevik onslaught' (lol).

If them r3d wanks thought it would be an easy stroll down Antifa lane, they were in for a real shock. Blood & Honour will never let anyone interfere with our rights, our lives, and our property. And more than 60 B&H members from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia heeded the call for assistance. If it were not for the long distance and the fact that this was on a workday, many more would have showed up. Now our numbers were rather irrelevant as we confronted the tiny army of Red scumbags and nerds who were kept in safe distance by 100 Danish cops, armed to their teeth with batons and machineguns and armoured cars. The defenders of Festung Langeland were armed too, to the great annoyance of the ACAB forces. When the Reds had crawled back to their rat holes, the zoggies turned on the NS troops. Our HQs were raided and 12 comrades arrested for illegal possession of weapons - molotov cocktails, metal batons, axes and knives. It's a pity these treasures were wasted on the police storehouse rather than finding their rightful places among the Redscum (Antifa hah-hah-ha!!! ought to send a dozen of pink roses to their so-called enemies in the police for protecting them from any confrontation with the reality of Aryan aggression.)

Luckily, there was at least one Marxist moron that didn't get away! A Red fool (Is there any other kind of Red?) on a bike returning from the demo with an AFA banner, happened to pass just as our comrades were led out to be searched by the coppers. Immediately two resolute members of C18´s Strikeforce jumped on the crazy cyclist, only to be swiftly taken away by the Reds´ protectors in blue while the crowd of B&H comrades applauded the C18 initiative! (Our two enterprising friends were jailed but let out the next day.)

The loss of 12 comrades had a sad effect on the concert part of our defense action. The zoggies arrested band members from both Swedish HETS MOT FOLKGRUPP (HMF = Race Haters) and Danish CHAMBER 88, making this one of the shortest concerts in the history of B&H Scandinavia. However, we still had most of our comrades, spirits were high from the successful stand against Red intimidation and Danish sausages and beer were in plenty. In other words, everyone had a great time: renewing old friendships, making new contacts, exchanging views and experiences, eating, drinking, listening to WP CDs and speeches of the more rabid kind by comrades MOB from B&H Norway and Max Hammer from B&H Scandinavia!

But just when we thought it was safe on Langeland (1.30 AM!) ZOG´s blue mobsters struck again! This time it was pure harassment, spiced with a bit of sickening terror. Ruben, the vocalist of HMF, was severely beaten by a pig, but we managed to take a mugshot of the bastard in blue and one fine day I hope that Aryan justice will be handed out.

The cops left just as our jailed comrades returned, raising the spirits once again. However, it was more than late and the political soldiers got a few hours of well-deserved sleep before heading back to new missions in their various towns and nations.

Three representatives of B&H Scandinavia were interviewed by Danish television, and all national and local papers were filled with reports and pictures from the battle of Langeland. (Followed by other Scandinavian newspapers.) Our mission was to defend our HQs, whatever it takes. That's what we did, while having fun and games too.

The spirit of AH is alive and kicking! Hail Comrade Frank! Hail Blood & Honour!

- Max Hammer

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The late & great Marcel Schilf, Erik Blücher aka Max Hammer Derek O'Connor (former Skrewdriver Security member)

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