Writte by: Max Hammer

2021-04-02 6 min read

Turn down that White Power CD and lend me your ear for some minutes, mate! `Cause it ain't all rock'ns'roll, you see. Sometimes the dream-like tones from a White Power record have to give way to the harsh sounds of reality. It's not as entertaining, but it sure is far more rough than any lyrics of your record collection.

It could be that our music caught your attention and eventually led you to this paper. Then our purpose is fulfilled. But if you stop reading the zine now, and go back to the stereo, we have failed miserably. If this is indeed the case, we ask you to take your stack of CDs and go somewhere else. We have no use for you, except possibly the money you contribute from buying the music.

This is a Blood & Honour publication, but it's not just a music magazine. It is a political journal published to get you going as National Socialist activists, just like the White Power compact discs! We'll have interviews with White Power rock bands, just as we'll have interviews with political activists. To make you get my drift we'll salute any NS ACTIVIST, whether he listens to music or not. But we'll despise the "NS" person who listens to music and has no time for activism. There is a serious risk that the whole WP compact disc show is turning into a ticket selling circus. Still, profiteers see our scene as a chance of making quick profits, and sure enough - if you don't bother to put any cash back in the movement you peddle your goods to, you're about to make a handsome profit. If you also are careful not to put yourself on the line, you can go on pretty much undisturbed. ZOG will leave you in relative peace, but worse: some "super"-bands and their groupies will buzz around you like flies over a corpse. The word is deliberately chosen, because if we ignore this problem for the sake of some imaginary unity of the most vague kind, our movement risk dying by poison.

Do the bands listen to their own lyrics and do their fans? I suppose so, at least in cases where you can actually hear them. But do they take it seriously - sometimes I wonder? Sure there are bands and artists who do live by the ideology written about in their lyrics, but we need not mention names. And just as surely, there are thousands of CD customers who not only listen, but are also inspired. But how long will they continue to do so if these lyrics have no meaning except to accompany a good tune? It is an insult to the memory of our fallen warrior, Ian Stuart, to avoid combining words and action! Such an attitude would have been totally alien to Ian, and surely he would never have tolerated people who under no circumstances are willing to act out the songs they either listen to, or even worse, sing to hundreds of thousands of young admirers!

Going back to the music front, support the bands who live as they sing - confront those who do not. Explain to them your expectations and the need for action, as well as sound! Hopefully, they will listen. If not, they are not nationalists, but merely entertainers who chose an easy and starved prey. The same goes for the record companies, of course! Support not those who just support your music taste, support those who support our Movement, our people, our nation and our race!

As for life outside the loudspeakers, you should consider this: the old ways of endless arguing - at the best, brilliant to a minimal audience, at the worst pathetic and hysterical to a large audience, supported by a random distribution of some thousand leaflets of more or less intelligent content - failed. They failed at the peak of some organizations "career" and they certainly kept failing after these parties and organizations either died by political "harakiri" or starved to death through lack of funds and enthusiasm. Sure we have made progress in professionalism, the CDs have made their relative success, the magazines are more colourful and the Net has spread our ideology on a new and elevated level. But then what measured by actual political achievement, it's been a journey downhill all the way - even if the vehicle is more flashy!

Those who refuse to accept these facts are either misguided, fools or fakes. As for the first category, it is one of our aims to put these lost comrades back on the right road. When it comes to the second and third category, we ask them to step aside before they either get swallowed by the harsh consequences of their failed "policies" - or we throw them out as rotten eggs in our NS basket before their political salmonella infects the healthy and fresh cadres of the Movement!

Hey, comrades. Don't get me wrong.... most of you out there are good guys and gals - no doubt about it. Or you wouldn't be reading this paper, right? But, we are all under great pressure, and if some "powerful" NS hot-shot turns up saying that you don't really have to risk too much or that "street fighting is for morons and demos for uniform-freaks," then what will people out there think? It's damned easy to dry the blood off your face and throw away that ZOG paper with your pic on the front page - and say: "Hey, what the hell! Music and ideological studies in my cozy sofa sure beats being beaten up." "That guy's got a point. He should be a leader. Yes, let's all follow him to safety and success. Wow, it's like having your cake and still eating it, man!" Of course it is no better when some admired WP rock idol or some glossy, fancy WP rock zine eagerly push the same attitude in order to play in peace and peddle in riches!

My experience is that 88% of the Movement really wants action, and deep inside they want to sacrifice for what occupies their minds most of the time: the achievement of real White power - not just a popular slogan at drunken parties. But there are obstacles, of course. It isn't funny losing your family, your boy- or girlfriend, your job and your apartment. But is it better to lose your soul and self-esteem, not to mention your future and that of your children?

The leadership of our basically great Movement has an obligation. We must be examples and show the way forward. We must assist the street fighters as well as the rock bands, just like the rock bands must never forget the purpose of their involvement. Our martyrs did not sacrifice lives and freedom so that the survivors could just have a "great time". They did it for the Cause, the future of our race. So when the battle cry sounds, be it from a front fighter at the barricades or to the sounds of guitars from a gig scene, when the rock flies from the hand of a street warrior or pulsates from the gig loudspeakers, we ALL heed the call. It's not a plaything. It's for real. We cannot waste anymore time on failed tactics and strategies of the inborn coward. We are in this movement for two things only: smash the enemies of our race and build a New Order of National Socialism through White revolution. So comrade, now you can turn up the music again. And I hope when the CD is through, you go out in that jungle outside your small castle and join the comrades already on the barricades. For that's what our White Power songs are all about! Go get those redvermin cunts and ZOG monsters, comrades. And when it's done, our troubadours can sing a song of praise! Till then, it's the battle anthem that rules! Ian Stuart on our minds and in our hearts!

- Max Hammer

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