Written by Max Hammer

2021-04-04 3 min read


On Saturday the 23rd of September Blood & Honour Scandinavia organized the Millennium's first Ian Stuart Memorial concert in Fortress Ljungbyhed in the outskirts of battle-zone Klippan, Sweden. It was a short do, to say the least. (At least the official part.) The B&H; Ian Stuart Memorial was interrupted by ZOG after only a quarter of a hour's great WP music from German hardliners in Oidoxie & Weisse Wölfe and legendary Finnish Mistreat. In the musicians´ eyes it was hardly more than a soundcheck, but to the audience it will still linger as a precious memory and the highlight of a great evening of Aryan comradeship that toured ZOG sour.

The police used a technicality to interrupt the Memorial. The unfortunate fact that the time and place had been advertized on Internet, made the concert "legally" a public gathering, where the police can claim access and enforce their anti-Aryan paragraphs of Mosaic law. They gave us a "choice": either accept the presence of the police and bow to their censorship and probable mass-arrests, or close the concert. B&H is not a kamikaze organization, and neither do we mingle with zoggy gatecrashers. Therefore, it was decided to "cancel" the concert part and continue the party in a more quiet and intimate manner. It was a great shame but there were comforts: meeting up with so many great guys and gals, not only from Sweden, but also from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, USA and Poland. And not exclusively B&H both good Norse friends in Boot Boys and Teutonics of various independent but pro-C18 circles found comradeship, beer and barbecue in our midst. AND: in a way the do did go on. The vocalists of Weisse Wölfe and Muke of Mistreat kept the late-night audience mesmerized with a hour balladeering. More White Power to you, Bros!

Blood & Honour Scandinavia honours Ian Stuart by staying true to his political heritage. Unlike the playmates who, like pop parasites, exploit his name and degrade his organization by abusing politics for entertainment purposes, we use entertainment for political purposes. Neither are we bound by the ZOG-drawn borders that separate our Aryan brothers and sisters. On the contrary, we are bound only by the common blood that unites us. Blood & Honour is the Hitler-Jugend of the new Millennium and its C18 cadres the gladiators of our race. We represent the idea of a reborn Aryan army of political soldiers in the spirit of the Waffen SS. For this we can thank Ian Stuart, and therefore we celebrate him and shall continue to honour Ian Stuart right through the coming Ragnarok and all the way up to Valhalla!

To sum it up: A few lessons which I personally thought we'd already studied, were learnt (this time hopefully for good). You can trust ZOG - to act like ZOG. Therefore, the need to be on guard, use one's head and constantly out-think the enemy is ever present. Carelessness through the comfort of a long line of successful activities, is a vice we simply cannot afford. On the brighter side: more than hundred comrades of the very best NS kind showed up to honour our fallen hero, many travelling for more than 12 hours to pay homage and enjoy the sound of B&H.; This includes our very special American friends Liza and Bart Simpson and ol´ Red-Eye Trapper, the virituose of the virtual waves (miceCrap Steve Wiegand), plus a Vandal valkyria of jäsäic bliss from Polenland. All this and Oidoxie/Weisse Wölfe and Mistreat too! That saves any day - no matter how much ZOG pisses on our parade!

Stay vigilant! Stay true!

Hail Ian Stuart!

- Max Hammer

PS. Thingies to think about: The Reds knew of the Memorial. They could muster zero opposition. Just a couple of fat hogs masquerading as ”journalists” and hiding behind the back of the licensed pigs in blue. One of those uniformed beasts, by the way, was probing the depths of the IQ scale when asking: ” Is that your real name? ” after handing back the driving license of a prominent BH supporter...

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