The Valkyria - An unexploited resource in the White Resistance Movement

Written by: Max Hammer


The Valkyria - An unexploited resource in the White Resistance Movement

The very survival of the Aryan race is threatened. The cosmopolitan forces of Zionism, Marxism and capitalism use every method possible to weaken our chance of a future. All our basic instincts have been deliberately weakened to a minimum, while our traditions and our norms have been ridiculed and degraded. At the same time there is a small but growing movement of resistance among Whites. But the odds are not good and the prospect is a bloody, up-hill battle against a tyranny so evil and total that the weaker-hearted among us simply will not cope. It is in these desperate and fateful times man needs inspiration and assistance from the very forces of Life. But sadly enough, within our Movement there is a tendency to forget, ignore or down-right avoid one of the strongest sources of fighting force available to the Aryan warrior. Namely our women - the keepers of our hearts, mothers of our children.

All through Aryan history the women have played a major role in our civilization, enjoying a position of freedom and respect, as opposed to the down-throdden and abused females of the coloured races. While the vikings (or Romans or Teutonics or ancient Greeks for that matter) went into battle the women ruled over the homes and thus laying the foundation of the viking society. But some, like the Shield Maidens, went into battle - not only inspiring the men to action but themselves taking active part in the fierce fighting. And when the soldiers fell they were brought up to Asgard by the Valkyries. This view of womanhood is directly opposed to the degrading and perverted view you´ll find in the Semitic books of the Old Testament and the Koran. Unfortunately, through 2000 years of crypto-Semitic brainwashing and the recent influence of the Islamic religion through the alien mass immigration to Western Europe - along with the endless scheming and plotting of the eternal Hebrews, our people how forgotten both the myths of our ancestors and the chivalry of our forefathers. Where once there was respect and decency there is now degradation and degeneracy. And at the same time the Mosaic manipulators have played on the Aryan female´s natural instinct for freedom and true equality, perverting it into an anti-male attitude. So where there was once harmony and mutual respect we find the battle of the sexes, with hostility, divorces, abortion and ultimately homosexuality as the tragic result.

Too many of our own comrades, mostly being males, have suffered the pains of having to choose between family life and carrying on the battle. Most have taken the easy way, which of course to some extent is understandable. Some, however, have refused to give in, and have paid with a loss of family. To many this naturally creates an attitude of bitterness towards the opposite sex. Other comrades have grown up in an environment where the position of women is weak, to say the least. The life of skinheads & bikers is a predominantly male thing - even if there are a few good exeptions. Yet others are guided by a basically good-natured feeling of protectiveness, believing that women are somehow incapable of doing any real work and definitely unsuited for danger. All these comrades should read their own history and ask themselves if we at this time of emergency can afford to exclude half of our race!

Our female comrades are a great resource which should not be left unexploited. As a matter of fact there already exist a few White women´s nationalist organisations, and the number of girls and women who have joined the Movement has grown radically the last 5-10 years. Except for street fighting (although some rough and rowdy gals will disagree with me there!) nationalist women can take part in our resistance struggle on fully equal terms with the men. Certain male elements who hold a rather Turkish attitude towards our feminine comrades should wise up and think Nordic, while - in all fairness - certain female elements should seize behaving like mindless groupies and start doing political excerises instead!

Berserkers and valkyries - the gladiators of our White race - that is the combination, the Aryan alliance, we need to fight out the end-battle against the dark forces of ZOG. Together, as brothers and sisters in arms we make an unbeatable combination!

_ Max Hammer