Max Hammers tribute to Ian Stuart (2003)

Skrewdriver, yesterday, today & tomorrow.

2021-04-22 5 min read

It is a sad but unfortunately proven fact, that to be really appreciated by the White nationalist movement, it seems that you first have to take your place in Valhalla . And even among those who gave their lives for our Cause, very few contemporary ”Nazis” have made the epitaph of legend. And some who have, have gained this adjective more because of their notoriety than for what they actually achieved in practical politics.

Among the heroes of our post-war Movement a few do stand out, however, for both their idealism and their concrete achievements.

On this day, it is more than obvious that I shall here be referring to Ian Stuart, creator of the legendary band Skrewdriver and the unique organization for pan-Aryanism, Blood & Honour.

10 years ago, while sitting working on a new musical project that very well could be said to be a result of the inspiration given and foundation laid by Ian Stuart, I received the message of his death. As all horrible news that effect you on a personal level, I first refused to believe it was true. The Movement has, I am said to say, always been soiled by rumour spreaders and gossip mongers. But soon it was obvious that it was the truth, and I like thousands and thousands of nationalists all over the White world were forced to accept that one of our ideological and organisational leaders – no, even more: THE source of inspiration and guidance, had been brutally taken away from us. Ian Stuart died in a car crash that had all the secret signs of the hidden hand of ZOG, though nothing was ever proven, as it never is in cases such as this and others, like the faked suicide of another hero of our time and civilization, Rudolf Hess.

Sorrow and sadness were mixed with feelings of utter loss and actual desperation. A friend had been taken away at the height of his life-force. It was a personal tragedy. A political comrade in the centre of the re-vitalization of White fighting youth was gone. It was a political catastrophe.

The sorrow was very real, and personally I dealt with it by writing the song “Ode to Ian”, which, performed by Swedish Bärsärkarna and released on the Ragnarock Record label, was the first of a series of musical tributes to the man who more than anyone else coined the phrase White Power Rock & Roll.

But the fears that threatened to paralyze us all, were in the end proven unfounded!

The Movement lived on – even without Ian Stuart. But at the same time very much with him. It was the new sense of unity and comradeship and forged will to continue his work, created by the very death of our “founding father”, that kept the Blood & Honour going and growing. From a largely skinhead-oriented British phenomenon to a world-wide movement of White radical youth.

Now 10 years after we lost Ian, his organization is thoroughly established. And the followers are legion. Despite the sadness it is still a time to rejoice. Ian did not live in vain and he did not give his life for nothing. To honour his work and his ultimate sacrifice we spend this day in his memory, some of us that knew him recalling fond memories, and all of us listening to his immortal musical gift to his fellow White men. Strengthened by his sacrifice and inspired by his heritage.

And to keep honouring Ian we leave the mourning behind and go on fighting - tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and forever into the future. Forgetting petty strife and personal differences, pushing aside the eternal profiteers, fakes and miserable “pop stars” who have tried and always will try to abuse his name and goodwill for their own pathetic sake, and at the same time staying true to the radical message that Ian Stuart Donaldson gave us and new true heroes carry with them:

Hail Victory – whatever it takes!

- Max Hammer

Ode to Ian

In a land that was once was great and strong,

In a country which Empire now is gone,

Where all music, was left to the black and the queer,

Nothing British and decent you could hear,

But up stood a man,

Who sang about his land,

Who never would part,

From his Aryan heart,

And his name was Ian Stuart!

He was not afraid to sing about his race,

While society thought it was a disgrace,

What is good for the Black man and the (((joo))),

Is not allowed for me and for you.

But Skrewdriver thought,

That Albion's country can't be bought,

By the crooked with no heart,

From our nation they're apart.

And they all hated the guts of Ian Stuart!

Yes, they travelled all across their land,

Ian Stuart and his Skrewdriver band,

But one night after playing to their friends, (factual error from Max Hammer)

Two great patriots life came to an end.

Comrade Ian is not gone,

His spirit will live on,

It will guide Whites to start,

To follow their hearts,

Yes, we shall all remember Ian Stuart!

But searchlight will now gloat and will cheer,

Thinking no more White music they will hear,

But one thing they forgot in their society of rot,

That like Stuart we all have got true hearts.

One thing they'll learn,

When their society shall burn,

In their shivering hearts,

the cosmopolitans will start,

Yes, they too shall remember the name of Ian Stuart!

When their ruins crumble and burn,

In their shivering fear,

The racetraitors will stare,

at the name of a true heart,

Yes, the world will remember the name of Ian Stuart!