Interview with Swedish RAC band, Nibelüngen.

By Jäsä (from a prison cell in 1998)

2021-04-20 4 min read

Nibelüngen are a part of the emerging new blood inspiring the Swedish White Pride movement to grow to new lengths, hailing from Southern part of the country. Let's find out what they are all about. Questions answered by Jonas, the band's vocalist. (That is what I wrote back in 1998 from my prison cell when this interview was conducted via letters for the Finnish B&H magazine "Veri Ja Kunnia".) The band has been off the road for a number of years now. They are probably best known for their fantastic tribute to Rudolf Hess entitled "In Our Minds", which I also used on Kriegsberichter 4 for the Hess Rally segment. Without further babble, read on...

Jäsä: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us the background of Nibelüngen ?

Jonas: My name is Jonas and I'm the singer in the Swedish band Nibelüngen. Nibelüngen was formed in Helsingborg back in 1995. I was living in Haninge (Stockholm) and was singing in another band called “Order 88”. I knew some guys from Helsingborg and they heard my voice and liked it so I started to sing with them and Nibelüngen was formed. We played for like one - two months before we recorded our first demo with two songs “Seger var hälsad” and “In our minds”. We played the demo to Marcel and Erik, they liked it and set up our first gig and hen we had ourselves a name in the WP music.

Jäsä: You are very active politically as you belong to NSF. Can you tell us about this organization ?

Jonas: Nationalsocialistisk Front (NSF) is the biggest and only NS organization in Sweden. NSF was formed in Karlskrona in summer 1994. At the end of 1995 and beginning of 1996 the chapters in Trelleborg (Skåne) and Haninge (Stockholm) started, since then more than 15 chapters have started. Our leader is Anders Högström and its five members in the committee, and I'm one of them.

Jäsä: Nibelüngen has been on and off the road for a number of years now. How come you haven't released anything (except the odd track on some compilations) and when can we expect a debut CD from you ?

Jonas: Yes, we have had some problems with the band members so we split up in 1996. We didn't have any time to record more than three songs for CD before we split up. But now we are back with some new members, rougher sound and this time we going to make you move. Our debut CD should be at your service in less than a year.

Jäsä: How is Nibelüngens´ concert front looking like ?

Jonas: We've played like eight concerts since we started, five of those since the reunion this spring. One of them was in England on Ian Stuart memorial gig 26th of September (1998) and we are going to play there again in December (White Xmas gig) and that I look forward to. After that I don't know. But look out one day we maybe play in your town.*

Jäsä: Swedish NS scene has had its ups and downs during the last five years, how do you feel about the current state of NS movement in Sweden ?

Jonas: I think it's good that it has been up and down, because then we had time to understand the weight of activism and the meaning of sacrifice. We have learned to handle things better than before. And the up and down thing had to sort out a lot of people who only were in the movement for fun or something like that, a lot of fucking traitors and all kinds of garbages.

Jäsä: Seems like the only “activity” to a high number of NS supporters is to attend “White Power concerts”, what would you like to say to this sort of people who aren't politically active ?

Jonas: If you don't understand the importance of the struggle, the ideals of National Socialism and the weight of activism, then bug off and let the real, strong and political elite make the way.

Jäsä: In your opinion, what is THE worst place to live in Sweden today ?

Jonas: I really don't know, because everywhere you live there are lowlifes and cowards. And everywhere in Sweden the sick democracy is poisoning our great beautiful country.

Jäsä: Final words of wisdom to the readers of Veri & Kunnia ?

Jonas: Try to understand the weight of activism before it's too late. It's not important to have a lot of CD's, a lot of beer because you can't be a soldier if you don't act as one. You can't be a soldier if you just sit at home and listen to music drinking beer (Ok, it's nice to have a beer and music time sometime) thinking you do something for your people and are a political soldier. Be one of the ones who TAKE back our countries. As someone once said “Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. See you, Victory or Valhalla!