Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-04 7 min read


All over the world of White warriors, comrades have been following the latest dramatic events in Sweden. This includes the killing of two policemen by three National Socialists and the bombing of a notorious AFA "journalist". Many questions have been raised, but few answers presented. Thanks to our comrades in Sweden's best NS zine, info-14!, we can now give you an insight into the radical backlash taking place in the otherwise so oppressed and depressing Swedish ZOG society.

The shootout between "National Socialist bank fund liberators" and ZOG's troopers is seen by many radicals in Sweden as just revenge and rough justice for the police murder of the patriot Martin Krusell, 23, who was liquidated by a "copper" in Malmö on the 29th of November 1991. (The blue pig claimed to aim at the legs of a person coming towards him. It was found that Martin was brought down with a shot in the back of his neck! Despite tireless efforts by the Krusell family to have the murderer brought to proper justice, he got away with killing Martin Krusell - "just a nazi")

As for the bombing of the Antifa journalist Anders Carlqvist ("Peter Karlsson"), this was an act of not only justified self-defense but also a natural consequence of his lying and criminal activity. As info-14! so rightly points out: "If you play with fire, you will eventually get burnt!" Ander Carlqvist was, with his fat, ugly red-head common-law wife Anna-Lena Dunger ("Katarina Larsson"), the imposters who, by pretending to represent Sweden's government, fooled the anti-communist regime in Taiwan (Nationalist China) to ban the production of Swedish patriotic CDs. He is also the pathetic coward who constantly refused to personally confront yours truly. Despite endless media columns, he never dared to ask me one single question. He was - quite understandably considering his criminal activities - afraid to get beaten up. Instead, he got blown up by a person, or persons, less peaceful than this writer!

Speaking of CDs, In a desperate bid to justify costs of millions of Swedish crowns in a mega-investigation by the Swedish Secret Service against Ragnarock Records, NS88 / NS Records, comrades Erik Blücher, Hans Himmler Petterson and Marcel Schilf have been charged with "racial hatred". The charges arise from an alleged distribution of 3 CDs and a number of videos. Despite the fact that all CDs are too old to prosecute and that the videos were not sold in Sweden, the moronic Chancellor of Injustice decided to be "politically correct" and do the dirty work for world cosmopolitism. Proof of their desperation: one of the CDs which was considered spreading "racial hatred" was a documentary disc containing old German marches that are sold all over the world. On top of that, the ZOG translators didn't even know German well enough to translate the essential lyrics correctly We'll keep you informed about the development of this CD circus when the ZOG clowns make their next judicial stunt. Anyway, neither the charged comrades nor the NS companies will ever give in to the terror of the Zionist opinion monopoly. On the contrary, history as well as very recent events show that the terror of the established power clique will only result in an escalation of patriotic anti-terror!

Slay the beast! Happy hunting! Hail Combat 18!


In a shootout after a bank robbery, patriot Andreas Axelsson was wounded and two policemen died. Right now, the following are in jail and will be charged with bank robbery, attempted murder and murder: Andreas Axelsson, Tony Olsson and Jackie Arklöf. All are considered National Socialists and two have ties to Sweden's foremost NS party, National Socialist Front. Many comrades have been disturbed by the fact that one of the robbers is a Mulatto. Jackie Arklöf, who served as a volunteer in the Croat forces and was sentenced to 13 years in prison for alleged torture of Muslim prisoners (but released in a prison exchange and sent home to Sweden) claims to support National Socialism. People ask how this is possible? Well, lots of "Whites" live and act as Blacks. More important is this: Was it right of the two White comrades to bring along a coloured on their mission? Many say "No" but close their eyes to reality. This was an act motivated by the need to liberate the people's capital. It is the result that counts. A bank robbery can not be classified as a political action, even though it is politically motivated. Our position is clear. We find it correct to use Arklöf as a "working partner". And considering what sort of work they were engaged in, other candidates might be hard to find. As long as a person is not prepared to take Arklöf's place, this person should not criticize the decision to bring him along.

So what about the fact that two Swedish policemen died? Here too, our position is clear. These men did not die as fathers, they were nobody's children; they were not innocent. They made their choice, just like the men who entered the bank in Kisa. They wore the State's uniform to uphold its criminal laws. They took order from the Jewish chief of Police and the Soviet minister of justice, and they worked to arrest Swedish youth who dare to have their own opinions. Their goal was to put Swedish youth in jail just because they wanted to use their own traditional symbols. People who engage in this kind of terror, deserve no mercy. No innocents died - policemen died. Policemen who have chosen to turn against their own people in the service of the occupation regime. For sure, they may have been nice persons who even may have been disgusted with their own activities. Still, they chose to work on and for this there is no excuse.

Who is really guilty? Look at the murder of Mikael Krusell. Look at the sadistic police goons who attacked patriots in Brottby. There are endless cases of police violence and abuse of power. Enough is enough. It is highly understandable that Swedish patriots rise up and fight back.

Our hearts are with our comrades. Justice for the POWs!


The violent, criminal anarchist who is now described as a "serious journalist", "Peter Karlsson", was a victim of a car bomb on Monday the 28th of June.. He entered his car with his son to go to the beach when the car exploded. A car bomb had been placed under the vehicle. The media are moaning over the deed but the truth is rather different from that presented by the "journalists" employers.

"Peter Karlsson" and his common-law wife "Katarina Larsson" are some of the worst liars within the anti-fascist camp in Sweden today. They have sold endless garbage "info" to the media, but despite this, Mr. "Karlsson" declares no income - Just as false are their names. In reality, they are ANDERS CARLQVIST and ANNA-LENA DUNGER. Both have criminal records. Naturally, they have close links to the anarchist hooligans in the Antifa. They are also believed to exchange information with the Swedish secret police (especially instructing the morons at the office of the Chancellor of Justice to act on "undesirable" CDs.).

They order passport photos of nationalist and register all those arrested by the police after different NS demos and WP concerts. The material they sell to the gutter press.

But while eager to expose others they work in secret, exchanging info with the police in order to get special protection and secret identities. But the hand of fate still caught up with them one Summer day. They were exposed with a bang! Carlqvist's legs and back were severely hit by the blast - but he will survive. His son got away with a few cuts. The ugly bitch Dunger rushed out to find her lover lying in his own blood. It's amazing that people who live by sabotage, lies and terror really think they can carry on spreading their evil without any reaction!

Info-14! regrets the fact that a child was wounded in this war which initially was declared by the State against Swedish patriots, just as we are appalled by the fact that these people hide behind their brainwashed children. Apart from this, no regrets! Some were surprised by the violent counter-attack! But why? Those who play with fire will get burnt!

The media claim the act was proof of the lack of arguments among nationalists! What hypocrisy! The fact is that we are denied by law to express our opinions. They even plan to make it illegal to declare oneself a national socialist! However, when the day of the total ban comes, the State has created a new freedom movement.In case you wonder about its nature, you should look to the IRA and similar groups. When all other means of opposition are denied us, there is only one way to go!

The choice is the State's. The duty is ours. Support the REAL opposition!

- Max Hammer