BIGGEST NS MANIFESTATION IN STOCKHOLM: More than 1000 nationalists march to honour fallen comrade

Written by: Max Hammer


2021-04-04 5 min read

BIGGEST NS MANIFESTATION IN STOCKHOLM: More than 1000 nationalists march to honour fallen comrade

Despite the harassment, despite the oppression, despite the terror and murders, Swedish National Socialism lives - filled with rage and determination to carry on the fight for a reborn Sweden. This was surely the conclusion of the biggest post-war NS manifestation ever in the country's capital, when more than 1000 patriots marched in honour of Daniel Wretström, the 17-year-old National Socialist who was ritually murdered by a gang of sub-human thugs on the 9th of December.

In sombre silence the torch-bearing mourners marched from Rönninge train station to the place in Salem where Daniel one week before was set upon by a 15 strong gang of alien ghetto creatures which beat him unconscious with a plank and then cut his throat.

At the spot where Daniel Wretström was slaughtered, a wooden life rune had been raised and was gradually covered with flowers and wraths from his friends, comrades and other mourners. After two ballads were performed by fellow patriotic musicians (Daniel was drummer of the new WP band White Legion) and a close friend of his had given the eulogy, representatives of the leading Swedish NS organizations gave speeches in honour of Daniel. They were comrades Erik H. of Svenska Motstandsrörelsen, Bosse N. of NSF and Jäsä of Blood & Honour Scandinavia (whose speech we publish below). Head of this massive gathering, was Robert Westerlund of Info-14. Without his fearless actions and constructive initiatives, this historic manifestation of NS unity and solidarity would never have taken place.

The police, most likely overwhelmed by the size, seriousness and determination of the march, kept a low and proper profile. This caused the Zionist-owned rag Expressen to moan and groan over the cops´ "passiveness". According to the fat Shabnaz Goy journalist Fredrik Sjöshult , the mourners were the real criminals and hardly a word was mentioned about the hideous crime committed by the Immigrant gang against the lone Swedish patriot. Another newspaper owned by the same Zionists, Dagens Nyheter, had the audacity to claim that Daniel's mother refused to attend the ceremony due to his son's views. The truth is that a deranged copper from Västerås had phoned Mrs Wretström and threatened her with "full responsibility" if she joined the mourning marchers.

The crime against Daniel Wretström was one of unspeakable bestiality. It was an outburst of the most brutal excesses of the most primitive nature, previously only to be experienced in the darkest of continents. These alien beasts have now been let loose in Sweden. How long shall Swedes endure this horrendous burden on their society, this cancerous rot on their civilization?

Daniel Wretström did not die in vain. His death has united the forces of Swedish regeneration. It is indeed sad that it took such an extreme sacrifice to bring us all together, but the more important it is that we now not only leave the pathetic bickering and the destructive in-fighting behind, but that out of this new-forged unity we go from reaction to action. May the next nationalist demonstration be one against those really responsible for both Daniel's death and the dying of our beloved nations: the cosmopolitan beast that threatens to devour us all. Swedes arise! Avenge the murder of our fallen comrade and crush the sinister and alien evils of the multi-ethnic hellhole! Go forth in united force, create a united battle front and fight together till the chains of cosmopolitanism have been broken, victory is won and our beloved North is again a place to be proud of!

Hail Daniel Wretström! Hail Victory!

- Max Hammer

JÄSÄ´S SPEECH (spoken in Swedish):


We are gathered here today to honour the memory of a young Swedish patriot who was murdered by the very evil he had committed his life to fight against. Daniel Wretström was ritually slaughtered by a 15 strong gang of alien monsters. Why? Simply because he was White, Swedish and proud of it. Driven into a frenzy by the media's campaigns of hatred against patriots, and feeling secure in their belief that the police are more interested in harassing skinheads and other patriots than dealing with the real crimes of the ghetto thugs, they carried out a crime so horrendous and primitive that it should have brought down the wrath of the whole nation and its media. But the media - usually screaming about racism - now only whisper and cover up the gruesome details and background of this ritual slaughter. And the Swedes themselves? Will they passively look while their society turns into a crime-infested, multi-ethnic hellhole? I never knew Daniel personally, but I did have the pleasure of sharing Blood & Honour's Midsummer Feast in Skåne with him. And this much I know: We owe it to Daniel to carry on his fight! His sacrifice must not be in vain. Today we bow our heads in mourning. We share the grief and horrible sense of loss with his family, his friends and his comrades. Tomorrow we arise and carry on Daniel's mission as proud patriots fighting for a healthy society where such beastly crimes are just a warning memory of a sick past. And where Daniel takes his rightful place among the true martyrs of Sweden. Daniel Wretström, rest in peace and assurance that the fight goes on - whatever it takes!

See you in Valhalla, Brother!


Muslim Khaled Odeh has been arrested for murdering Daniel Wretström. He has admitted to thrusting the knife into Daniel's throat, but claims he had no intent to murder! Apparently Odeh, who is said to be a professional Karate artist, was led on by three Swedish scumbag whores. This proves that the future cleansing of Sweden certainly will involve more so-called Swedish subjects than actual immigrants. Where the process of multi-culti rot has gone too far, there can be no cure!