Hess March 2001 Denmark

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-05 4 min read

Hess March 2001

It is now thoroughly institutionalised, the RUDOLF HESS MEMORIAL MARCH of Blood & Honour Scandinavia. Again, as kind of a rule, the main march took place in Denmark and organized by our Danish section. And again it ran smoothly and successfully, with hardly any incidents.

This year's march was held on the 4th of August in the town of Hilleröd, not far from the capital of Copenhagen. About 200 B&H comrades from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Flanders, Poland and Spain took part. The marchers assembled at a car park outside town and then marched into the town centre. There they gathered in the scenic castle park where speeches were held by a comrade from Denmark and Stefan from Germany, saluting the peace mission and sacrifice of martyred NS hero Rudolf Hess, firmly denouncing present-day "democracy" and attempts by the eternal imperialists to again bring war and disaster to the peoples of Europe.

By the end of the speech, a bunch of coppers in riot-gear popped up and escorted the marchers on their return route. A couple of comrades were detained but later set free. There was no sign of any Red scum and the Commie vermin's just have to accept that the Rudolf Hess marches in Denmark are here to stay, just like the Blood & Honour itself - growing in numbers and strengthening its impact on both friends and foes.

After the march the B&H Denmark arranged a highly successful and pleasant barbecue on a beach not far from Helsingör, attended by 100 comrades, enjoying the memories of a great and important day, as well as the food and fluid of the Danish kitchen.

Sadly missed at the march was comrade Jäsä, who unfortunately was hospitalised at the time of the march. At his request and to give those who had not the possibility to be present at the Hess march of 2001, we publish Jäsä´s planned speech and assure you that our video master is up and about again, more fit for fight than ever!

" Hail Comrades of Blood & Honour!

We are again gathered in Denmark to honour the murdered peace martyr Rudolf Hess. Again solemn columns of European patriots march under the banners of the National Resistance to show the world - friends and foes of Europe - that the message and the memory of Rudolf Hess both are alive and more important to us than ever.

Hess gave up his political power and position in the 3rd Reich in an attempt to make real peace in Europe. The real warmongers who caused the war of Hess time, and again bring bombs and destruction to proud Europeans today - rewarded him with a life in prison. Then, after 46 years, they cowardly murdered him to cover up their own crimes against humanity.

Hess endured half a million hours of solitary imprisonment. His followers today endure a life of constant persecution, prosecution and downright terror from the ruling beast of cosmopolitanism. Why? Because, like Hess, we can endure the terror campaigns against ourselves but never the terror and extermination of Europe's people which we see today! How? Because National Socialism gives us, like Rudolf Hess, the ideals, the will and the strength to carry on for Mother Europe's sake. Whatever it takes, whatever it brings, whoever it breaks!

They killed Rudolf Hess, but they can never kill the force of his memory and Rudolf Hess's message to us, to you and to the world. Europe shall rise again, free from the curse of alien imperialism. And we add: the day of Liberty will be the Day of the Sword. Death to the imperialists! "

- Max Hammer