Creating an atmosphere of anti-terror ... C18

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-03 5 min read

Creating an atmosphere of anti-terror

Combat 18 - just the name brings out sweaty emotions of fear and hatred among both internationalists AND so-called "nationalists". Feared by most, hated by many, admired by some, and acknowledged by few. No debate in NS circles can take place without the initial-number combination popping up. In theory, the organization is very much alive? How is the reality? In this article we shall discuss both the existence (or non-existence) of C18 and the purpose - the concept - of such an organization.

Combat 18 was formed by a radical section of the British National Party and had its roots in Blood & Honour. It was used by the BNP as bodyguards and stewards at party meetings. But when the organization developed its own life, acted on its own, and acted radically and violently, the BNP had enough. C18 was no-longer useful to the basically conservative and definitely (in several meanings of the word) traditional BNP. The about 100 men strong strikeforce was kicked out. Forgotten was the fact that the leadership of the BNP themselves had a past as members of Rockwell's higly extreme NS movement. The C-eighteeners were not "respectable" and their violent image was a blemish on the party's respectable facade.

However, the C18 continued its activities, now as a totally separate entity, bound by no party rules or ZOG laws, and responsible to nothing but the ideals of national revolution. And on that road the organization travelled, being met with resistance from both a shocked and at times numbed ZOG machinery, but - alas - also the wimps, nerds and cowards using the NS movement as a means of entertainment or ideological masturbation. Rumours were spread, indignation and poison poured from the mouthpieces of cellar-nazis, disco warriors and profiteers who by no means wanted a situation of violent radical confrontation with the authorities. Shamelessly, they dressed their greedy interests and personal cowardice in "intellectual" arguments and put them in glossy, fancy zines. Naturally, such a smear campaign had its effect, mostly on young uninformed comrades, but also among those who were blinded by the flashy glossiness of the rock`ns´roll papers.

Combat 18, being attacked on all fronts and never properly prepared for the position it ended up in - created as a party security force and through treason and cowardice from those they were set to secure, rapidly transforming into a regular NS "terror machine" - suffered major internal splits caused by infiltrators as well as its own band of profiteers. When the C18 in usual dramatic and uncompromising style kicked out the unsavoury characters, a minor but brutal "civil war" broke out causing the death of comrade Chris Castle - and two former activists, one of which turned to MI5 for dosh and protection, were sentenced to prison for life.

Since then there have been rumours that the organization is disbanded, or at least dormant. Strangely enough, the gossipmongers who like to spread these stories are the same who always whine about "unity" made impossible by the hateful Combat 18 members!

So what is the situation? Does Combat 18 still exist? Does it have its place in the Movement? Make no mistake about it, the C18 and its inner circle of loyal cadres are still there. They may be lying low and gathering strength while the ZOG heat is at its worst. On the other hand, the concept of C18 has spread to many White nations, influencing and thereby radicalizing large sections of the world-wide B&H movement!

Some smart-ass "patriot" recently described today's Combat 18 as a "t-shirt movement", arguing that the only "activists" of the C18 are those who carry clothing with its initials on - a mere fashion thing. Well, it is true that in a country like Sweden, the most popular NS t-shirt ever is the classic "Terror Machine - Combat 18" shirt, which originated in Britain and later made its way through the European NS movement. But what does this really mean? Why is such a garment so popular? Because there is a genuine craving for a genuinely revolutionary alternative to the endless pamphleteering and babble of the old days, methods that might have been thought to be potentially successful at one time but which today, by constant trial and error, have shown themselves to be just a waste of time.

That was the reason why people buy a t-shirt with a radical motive and the controversial letter-number combination attached to it. As for those who produce them, ignoring the economical aspect which in these circles are bound to return to the Movement anyway, we find a deeper purpose and a greater effect of these t-shirts than merely money making for the cause. It creates an acceptance of a violent and revolutionary alternative to the oppressors´ state terrorism. OK, so it is from the beginning on a very "easy" level, but so are the CDs everyone wants to promote, or rather sell! These t-shirts are like walking advertising poles for an extreme solution to an extreme problem. They are beacons of light in Zion's night! Apart from the ideological difference you can compare them with the anti-war clothing in USA during the Vietnam conflict, or the pro-IRA slogans of Britains reds. It does make an effect, cause by both fashion and by music you promote a message. That of the C18 clothes imprints a feeling of radicalism, a feeling of uniqueness and a feeling of proud hatred against those who are destroying our culture and race. One creates an atmosphere of radical force, an atmosphere of resistance against ZOG´s terror, spreading terror to ZOG itself. The same effect does the real NS CDs of real NS record companies have. WHATEVER IT TAKES, as Razor's Edge says.

The greatest asset of Combat 18 is its notoriety, its reputation as an organization of violent terror and utter radicalism. The job for now, whatever activities the organization may get involved in, is to cultivate this reputation to influence the youth AND the NS/WP/BH organizations and chapters in a radical direction. We want only uncompromising, valiant cadres who are not afraid to lose their jobs or families, and don´t fear the thought of getting arrested, put in jail, wounded or killed in the struggle. And we want both our people and our enemies to see that this is a LIFE AND DEATH STRUGGLE. We will never give up. If we fail, then we will go down as martyrs of our cause, inspiring the next generation of White warriors and we shall take with us as many of our enemies as possible in the fall. If we win, which we, or our future followers for certain will, then we'll need the radicalism and determination to enforce the ideology of National Socialism and to mercilessly root out the eternal enemies of our Aryan folk!

Hail Combat 18! Hail the National Revolution and its White solution!

In other words: HAIL VICTORY!!!

- Max Hammer

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