Written by: Max Hammer

2021-03-31 3 min read


On May 29, 1999, the forces of revolutionary Danish National Socialism once again manifested their White determination. Initially, it was supposed to be a small private sort of party for Danish B&H; pals. But when the organizers stumbled over the perfect concert hall, (about an hour's drive from Copenhagen) they expanded their intentions. It turned out to be a full-scale gig with B&H; comrades not only from Denmark but also Sweden, Norway, Germany, Slovakia and the USA! Admittedly, the turn-out was a still kind of "party size" (about 75), but what was lacking in numbers was made up for in musical quality and enthusiasm of the crowd.

Playing were German rockers and balladeers of Wolfsrudel and Celtic Moon, Swedish hate'n'roll band Hets Mot Folkgrupp (HMF=Racial Hatred) AND the first ever Danish White Power band CHAMBER 88! The gig was opened by comrade Achim, whose program of German and English ballads were a sound for sore ears. Here we have a German version of Stigger, whose talent is bound to make a great impact on the European B&H scene. He was then backed by the local musicians in some great rock´n´roll tracks which forced the crowd up from their chairs and on to the stomping ground!

In the right mood for radicalism, comrade MOB of B&H Norway gave a brief info speech on the state of affairs in the nation of Norsemen. Norway has seen a revival of NS activism thanks to the Blood & Honour chapter and the tireless work of MOB and his BH crew. Then the mike was handed over to B&H; Scandinavia representative Erik Blücher, who delivered an all-out attack on those reactionaries who still mislead and passify the young fighters with notions of democratic victories. Democracy is a blind-alley of doom for our movement, Blücher roared, and urged the crowd to read the captions of their own t-shirt and take that message of revolutionary anti-terror to the streets. The response was clear, as the comrades greeted him with a massive cry of Hail Victory. This was, by the way, veteran Blücher´s birthday, and being slightly older than the majority of the young warrior bunch, the question of age frequently popped up. Comrade Erik answered by saying that the only number that counts for him, from the day of birth till the journey to Valhalla, is 88!

With bellies filled with great Danish beer plus tasty B&H toasts, and minds filled with revolutionary spirit, the audience greeted the musical pride of Denmark, WP RnR pioneers Chamber 88. And let me tell you: both this reporter and everyone there that night, were stunned by the powerful impact of this band! Their musical molotov cocktail of Skrewdriver hits and own songs of Aryan wreath struck like White lightning! My girlfriend asked if she could buy their CD, and she was dumbfounded by my reply: This is their first appearance ever! Bang & Olufsen and Danish bacon are nothing compared to this new export product from Denmark, because - and make no mistake about it: These guys SHALL have a CD (and many more!) and their message will be heeded by White rock enthusiasts all over the Aryan world!

A fitting follow-up was the pride of Swedish hatred: Hets Mot Folkgrupp. From their very "own" Blut Muss Fliessen (original by German Tonstörung) to Ian's 'Land of Ice' (and a string of "unmentionable" tunes of terror in between) these guys rocked and rolled the crowd to a White Might frenzy. They never let us down and their loyalty to the B&H cause sets an example for all WP bands everywhere! The show was concluded by yet another great performance from Celtic Moon and Wolfsrudel, and at 12 o´clock this 4th Blood & Honour White Power show glided into history, while the comrades - richer in spirits and musical fulfillment - worked their way home, prepared for the victorious future and whatever it takes!


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