B&H marches on!

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-05 2 min read

B&H marches on!

It is a sad fact that after the tragic death of comrade Marcel Schilf, the Blood & Honour movement in Scandinavia (as well as, we dare to proclaim, the whole White world) has suffered considerably in terms of organization and activities.

The brighter are the news of a no-nonsense, straightforward Blood & Honour march through Marcel´s old town Helsingborg on Saturday the 31st of August 2002. Through the narrow streets of the southern part of city, filled with bazaars and blacks, the contingent of about 50 B&H warriors from BH Skåne, Blekinge and Småland proudly marched to the town library park. There one comrade from Klippan made clear to the patriots and all else who dared to listen to the good word of the New Order, that BH would never accept the presence of pathetic pinkos and wayward wimps of the Marxist kind, polluting the beautiful town of Helsingborg. The marchers were not only confronting the Reds with their ridiculous claims of “re”-capturing” a city which they never held in the first place, but also with strength proving those who have claimed BH Sweden to be dead as cowards and liars.

The combatants of Ian's movement had already proven themselves the night before, when they were out to cleanse the town of Red scum. The sorry lot of wanna-be revolutionaries of the lunatic left quickly hid behind the shields of the local police force, who in order to protect the bogus Bolshevik bull-shitters arrested about thirty of our comrades who were not let out till the punks and posers had gone to sleep. Let this be not merely a warning to the traveling gang of Red misfits, but also to all others who for various reasons have ignored the potential of the Swedish BH movement. Blood & Honour, in the spirit of Ian and Marcel, marches on, whatever our enemies think and whatever it takes to build Sweden´s national revolutionary strikeforce.

- Max Hammer