Written by: Max Hammer.

2021-04-01 7 min read


B&H Denmark enforce White Pride again!

That the Blood & Honour movement has come to stay in Denmark, nobody can doubt after the great manifestation of White Pride in honour of Ian Stuart that took place outside Köge on the 25th of September. And that the message of White revolution and modern-day National Socialism is spreading like wildfire in a ZOGgish fireworks storehouse, is now becoming just as clear - to our supporters as well as the helpless and hapless latter-day Marxists and media moles. When Blood & Honour feels like partying, when we feel like manifesting our views and our music, when we feel like honouring our Heroes - we bloody well do it!

As we did in that li'l sleepy village which woke up with a bang to the reality of White Power Rock'NS'Roll on a full Autumn moon Saturday night in the last year of a tired century waiting to turn the time over to the coming Millennium of Aryan Might. Where in Wotan's name do our organizers find these places? Do they have maps not available to the public? For sure the Reds were bewildered. Promising to stop any Nazi concert, they gathered like flies around the town of Köge. Do these pathetic jesters of the ZOG court really believe that a bunch of old and young hippies puffed up by a variety of illegal medicaments can do anything at all to stop the tidal wave of National Revolution? Anyhow, their absence was monumental and their foul presence missed only by the more violence prone of our lads!

Worse was that our own troops strayed from the path! Many a telephone call from the lost legions of the lost highway were needed to guide the Aryan masses to the hall of White pride. But telephone bills and petrol money were quickly forgotten when the White weary wanderers finally reached their Aryan oasis! There, in the middle of nowhere (getting to be a Scandinavian tradition!) 200 B&H comrades from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Slovakia gathered to enjoy the White sound of German SPERRFEUER, Danish CHAMBER 88 and English bands CHINGFORD ATTACK & BLACKSHIRTS. There could be no finer celebration of Ian's memory!

Alas, the bums in blue had also found a place to spend their traditional Saturday night of harassment. The hysterical owner of the concert hall did not quite agree with the White Noise and tried to get the blue brigade to bully us out. No way! We were there to stay. After what seemed like a scene from an old 1st WW film with both sides dug in and waiting for attack, the whole thing ended in a compromise. No running about (which suited our security just fine) and all windows shut (which suited our beer selling beauties but hardly our WP suits). Anyway, for the police's information, buildings do have back sides and those open gates to the crispy night breeze cooled us down (but not out!) when things - as they tend to do - got just a bit too hot!

After the crowd had a shopping spree, choosing from a vast variety of non-censored WP discs plus Lonsdale sweaters, Ben Sherman shirts, Fred Perry jackets (on the light side) and brutal t-shirts sold by the Yellow Cross in order to raise funds for our POWs, our German comrades of Sperrfeuer cut through the mumble of the shoppers and the swallowing sound of Danish beer and toasts. I praised these Teutonic knights of hard-core NS rock on the Rudolf Hess gig. And I'll gladly do it again. Classic Skrewdriver hits were mixed with the bands own mighty material. Two hours of pure White delight!

Inbetween, comrade Casper of B&H; Denmark gave a vivid and radical report on the work and progress of Denmark's only active NS organization. He told the cheering crowd the terrific truth: B&H; is going from strength to strength, unbeatable, unstoppable and VICTORIOUS!

After Sperrfeuer, comrade MOB of B&H; Norway could tell a similar tale of glory. The Norwegian section is growing while under constant attack from the mouldy mafia of Reds and Zionists. Apparently some attacks have gone the other way too in that wild western part of Vikingland. Several immigrant kebab kiosks accused of being centrals for drug distribution have over-heated. The media scream about barbecues in Oslo!

After his Norwegian news, MOB handed the mike to Erik Blücher of B&H Scandinavia. He reminded the crowd of the reason for our get-together. Ian Stuart made it all possible. And for certain his spirit was present and felt in both heart and ears of everyone there! Comrade Blücher went on to praise the bands of the radical B&H; camp. These people serve the cause of national revolution, not their own pop careers. And they bring a message of revolution to the WP scene where too many others are taking an easy ride on the memory of Ian while filling their egos and their pockets. And what more was there to say? The bands spoke for themselves and Erik gladly passed the mike on to comrade Sonny of Chamber 88, who put music to the words of revolution and proved Blücher right!

Chamber 88 is quickly getting to be a regular in our circles. But no way have they become tired or indifferent. The rough edge and strong sound are as present as ever. When, when, WHEN can we buy their CD?? That question goes to Sweden's Hets Mot Folkgrupp (HMF) too! The lads are soon to go wide west for great performances in the land of fish, chips and Skrewdriver. Therefore, only the vocalist had a chance to enjoy this Danish night of White might. But true to character, our good Swedish pal couldn't let the microphone alone, and helped out on several songs during the gig. A real treat!!

Before the evening's main dish, a German comrade from B&H Brandenburg gave a short but intense speech and asked for one minute's silence in memory of our fallen comrade: Ian Stuart Donaldson, the visionary founder of Blood & Honour who was murdered by the hidden hand of ZOG. Hearts were full and hands were raised as two hundred of Ian's followers honoured one of this race war's greatest heroes and martyrs.

And then, true to Ian's ideals, the show went on! And what could be more appropriate than an alliance of two of the most uncompromising, radical and stirring WP bands around? Chingford Attack & Blackshirts (splendidly helped out by Razors Edge's drummer, our ol' friend Sid) gave a performance that rocked and rolled minds and bodies to a White frenzy! There were ziggers and barbecues mixed with their own mega-radical music. Who the F*ck said Combat 18 was dead? Well, the message of the Chingford attackers in black was loud and clear: White Revolution is the one and only solution - whatever it takes and whoever it breaks!!

And that, my friends, is also the message of the B&H Denmark IAN STUART MEMORIAL CONCERT! We have come with a bang, we are here to stay and the Reds better run when we are on the attack - as every other damn colour shade too! WHITE MIGHT THROUGH ARYAN JOY!

Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Combat 18! HAIL IAN STUART!


SPECIAL THANKS: Marcel & Kathy for endless preparations and massive boarding, Thomas & co. for grand organizing; Frank for being out; Kim Powerwheels for being there; the lovely bar ladies for quenching our thirst; Lau das Tier for superb sound and jolly friendship; White Warriors for preparing a come-back; MOB for not driving first; Ronald - long time, no see; Franz for his POW work; the Twins and B&H Jönköping, B&H Gothenburg, NSF of Örebro, Klippan & Tommelilla; Ruben for vocal assistance; THE BANDS and finally the great Little One for bringing me safely home! NO THANKS: The Norwegian and the Danish Nerd who had misplaced themselves (thank your Yahwe that the War is cold and that C18 was in a party mood!), the silver-coloured car with Red interior for not waiting when we ran to smash it, the coppers who wanted a hard blow-job (learn language and the law!) and finally the filthy ferry firm for stinking service - more power to the HH line!!

Skrewdriver at the Main Event II, 1989.

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  Max Hammer (on right) with Danish B&H members.

                       Chingford Attack with Slaz as 2nd vocalist, on drums Sid from Razors Edge.


   Blackshirts from The UK