Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-05 5 min read


Wednesday at 10.30 in Björnekulla Church, Åstorp (small town outside Helsingborg) our comrade Marcel Schilf was laid to rest. About 150 comrades from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, England, Germany and Slovakia had gathered to pay this hero of National Socialism their last respect.

Hordes of media scum also appeared, as well as about 30 policemen. Except for the stench of the perverted pen-pushers (one manage to stumble over a headstone!) this saddest of occasions was at the same time a glorious memorial to the biggest innovator of National Socialism since the late and great George Lincoln Rockwell.

The priest performed a sombre and respectful ceremony, but in my view, the most overwhelming and lasting impression was the beauty of the countless wreaths and flower bouquets, each and every one of them - German, Swedish, Norwegian, English, American - were stunning proof of the respect and the love every comrade who knew Marcel felt for him. After the sermon, his friend and compatriot Erik Blücher, gave the following speech in honour of our fallen warrior:

" Dear Marcel - my best Friend and our greatest Comrade, So many times in the six years I had the honour of knowing and working with you, you said: Erik, now give them one of those speeches of yours. Today, you have made me do it again - the saddest and most difficult one you ever demanded of me.

It feels so strange and surreal to stand here now, next to your coffin. You, who - despite your frail body - were filled with the energy of men twice your size and twice your number. But like the brave hearts of the past, you chose to spend your life-force for the sake of our ideals. And even though within you knew the fateful consequences, you just carried on - the bravest in battle and the most generous in friendship.

Here lies a hero. Marcel, the deeds you did and the impact it has on all who met you - friends as foes - is of enormous, yes, of mythical proportions. And here lies a martyr, driven to death by forces that feared him so much they could not give him a moment of peace or comfort. Now, even in death, they try to haunt you and perform their last rituals of censorship.

But even though our sense of loss brings so much pain to our hearts and so many tears to our eyes, we have the comfort of knowing that your memory has conquered whatever obstacles and shall live on forever.

Marcel, your honour was loyalty. You stayed true till the end. But heroes never die. You live on among us - your thousands of friends, comrades and admirers from all over the world: In our minds: Guiding us through your countless achievements and innovations. And in our hearts, inspiring us through your friendship and sacrifices. Thank you Marcel, for being our comrade and giving us your all. And now, finally, after your tireless work and your gigantic achievements, rest in peace, my Brother. "

Afterwards, two rolls of e-mails from mourning comrades from all over the White world were handed over to Marcel´s widow, Sandi. Then the coffin was carried to the burial ground by 6 of his closest allies. There he was put to his final rest, and the flowers were then placed on his grave. After an informal gathering in a local restaurant, the comrades returned for a political ceremony. Comrade Pierre from Blood & Honour Sweden, MOB from Blood & Honour Norway and Björn Björkeqvist from NSF gave short and stirring speeches, (carefully monitored by 20 police men) followed by a minute of silence in honour of Marcel. Finally, comrade Blücher informed the gathered mourners that the so-called "democracy" of Sweden allowed us no place to gather for a burial feast. But he advised the comrades to by themselves find places to meet, where they could revive their memories of our fallen hero and discuss plans for the future. Because that was what Marcel´s life was all about: The fight goes on, whatever it takes!

My thoughts today go especially to Marcel´s loving wife, who only a few months ago married him in the very same church. Sandi is a long-time Movement comrade who gave Marcel a remarkable last year of utter happiness. We salute you Sandi, and make it our task of honour to help and protect you in the years to come.

Marcel, our loss is Valhalla´s gain!

Hail Marcel Schilf!

Hail Blood & Honour!

Hail Combat 18!

- Max Hammer

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