Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-03 4 min read


The name "Klippan" means "The Rock" in Swedish. Although the southern Scanian surroundings by most standards are as flat as a pancake, the name is still quite appropriate. No, I'm not thinking of the Alcatraz prison, though I am sure that one or two of the more desperate mobsters in town hall would have liked to ship a large percentage of the small town's dwindling White population to a similar institution. I am thinking more in terms of rocking ­ rocking the sinking boat of forced multi-culti "harmony" and White Power rock 'ns' roll!

Klippan has - both through the hysteria of Swedish media and the stubbornness and courage of a few good Aryan warriors ­ put itself on the international map as a "Nazi stronghold" hosting the Fortress Ljungbyhed of Blood & Honour Scandinavia activist Marcel Schilf and being the scene of an ongoing race war in miniature. Much to the distress of the local politicos, I might add.

Readers of this page have been following the adventures in Klippan for some time now, but an update is definitely needed. Just a month ago it was in international news that a "Scandinavian Nazi" had been shot in Klippan when a mob of Blacks and Reds tried to attack a private NS get-together. Immediately, rumours of various kinds started erupting from our beloved NS camp. These stories were wilder than the more scarce the printed info was. Some of my best friends in the eastern part of the Aryan realm actually thought that yours truly had been iced by the coppers. I don't know if they started preparing the memorial concerts, but I do know that it took a lot of telephoning to put things right. And the "Finnish B&H leader", as some more detailed press stories revealed, wasn't Jäsä either. It's true that the crazed (and dazed) Klippan cowboy put his gun to Jäsä's head, but just then the Finnish tanks (in the shape of comrade Marcel's rather puny automobile...) came roaring with our good friend Julle of BH Finland at the wheel. Julle managed to make an impact on the muddy crowd before his vehicle was peppered with half a dozen bullets ­ one hitting him in the back. Well now, brother Julle has his own type of bullet-proof vest (the natural kind...) and the bullet, which had already passed through the Ford's metal and the driver's seat, sort of gave up when confronted by stern Finnish lard. So luckily it made little damage. Rather, it clarified a few important matters.

Firstly, if you are involved in real political fights as opposed to the partying of some shameless playmates using our sacred initials for entertainment purposes, you must be prepared to put your life on the line. This is for real ­ not lyrics from a WP song. Secondly, you can expect no sympathy from either media or the police. Instead of arresting the gunman, they hauled Julle off to jail, and the media linked the shooting to "new Nazi crimes"! The fact that they had to release Julle after some days, does not mean that they are not still giving priority to the "ethnic" part of the investigation. In other words, the possibility of horrible crimes committed by Julle's friends, who had apparently said the forbidden words of "Sieg Heil" and held their right arms in a banned angle... All these horrendous crimes against humanity (?) naturally led to raids in both comrade Marcel's Fortress and his girlfriend's flat - while the Red scumbag could go about stuffing his arms and nose with the multi-cultural poison which his exotic friends supply him with. No justice for Nazis and no court case for scumbags. This matter is not over, though. Just the other week, while "further investigating", ZOG used the opportunity to raid yet another "Nazi apartment", finding next to nothing, but still boasting about it to the ever obedient media moles. And the gun-toting Anarcho-Narco still roams about in his dizzy world of speedy anti-fascism. (But for how long? Rumours has it that mean men of no mercy has his address. If they are men in blue or black, I wouldn't say...)

And at the by now legendary B&H Fortress, things are as bright and white as ever. Town hall's desperate bid to buy out comrade Marcel has yet failed, and the B&H crew is very much right there. Plus about 120 BH comrades who on Saturday the 2nd of September enjoyed yet another successful gig with Swedish HMF and German Celtic Moon and Munin. Goes to show you just cannot keep good men and women down. And when these valkyries and warriors fully arise, coppers and council men, Reds and rotters, mud and media, better prepare for the return of ancient Aryan justice. The rocking and reeling in Klippan is just a warm-up to the foreplay. The full impact of the B&H penetration of Swedish society may be a long way off, but we'll enjoy every bit of the bloody rocky and slippery way. And the cleansing explosion it shall ultimately bring about, will be the fireworks of the Millennium.

White Lightning and Hail Victory!

- Max Hammer

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    Below: Julle from B&H Finland (RIP)

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