N.S.F and Blood & Honour organize Sweden's first WP show 1999

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-01 4 min read

200 Scandinavians defy ZOG under the banner of White Power:

N.S.F and Blood & Honour organize Sweden's first WP show 1999!

Imagine traveling with ten people, a music PA and 15 cases of beer for 6 hours and then being redirected for another 10 hours! That's what happened to the Swedish WP band HETS MOT FOLKGRUPP and the leadership of Blood & Honour Scandinavia on their way to this year's first WP gig in Sweden.

The event, celebrating the NSDAP takeover in Germany on the 30th of January 1933, was organized by the Närke branch of National Socialistisk Front in close co-operation with B&H Scandinavia and was to take place in the town of Örebro, situated about 200 km west of Stockholm. However, the police - working hand-in-hand with the media - did everything possible (and supposedly impossible) to hinder any sort of White Pride manifestation in their local occupation zone. The pigs used the media moles to ask citizens to inform on any "nazi" activity and to owners of concert halls to cancel anything that could be suspected of having a WP touch. The result was cancellations and refusals galore and the gathering of ZOG forces from far away to "combat" the invasion of Swedish NS troops.

However, ZOG fails again and again to realize that once the real NS resistance makes its mind up to meet, they do meet! The gig was moved to the scenic but oh so far away and COLD woods surrounding the town of Ludvika - another 200 km northwards. Finally reaching the last bit of the journey, deep into the forest about 11pm at night, what await the bold NS gatherers but 50 policemen doing a "traffic control"!!! Despite the desperation and pathetic hysteria of it all, the ZOG show went relatively smoothly and finally the concert could start around midnight! And just let me say: this show was worth any mileage and gallons of petrol. The atmosphere was superb, the bands - Hets Mot Folkgrupp and Odium - were both powerful and entertaining to the extreme, and NSF chairman Anders Högström and Blood & Honour Scandinavia representative Max Hammer gave short but fiery speeches enthusiastically received by the nearly 200 comrades strong audience. They were followed by comrade Morten of the Norwegian chapter of Blood & Honour, who proudly announced the soon to be B&H concert in Norway.

Hets Mot Folkgrupp has quickly established themselves as Sweden's most radical WP band and they play with a rough enthusiasm that is matched by few WP bands in Europe. Old favourites like 'Blut Muss Fliessen' and 'Land of Ice' were followed by a string of new, explosive WP songs. A CD from these wild White rebels is now not only a welcome addition but a pure White MUST!!

Odium, whose CD 'Hårt Mot Hårt' stands out as a Swedish WP classic, were a sound for sore ears. It's truly great to see these professional and creative WP rockers back on the scene doing their old goodies, but personally their cover of White Wolfs classic 'When The Ropes Stretch Tight' was the musical highlight of the show. If that didn't get the hatred burning, the feet moving and the right arm stretching, nothing will do the trick music-wise!

As for the ideological dose which is an integrated part of all B&H and NSF happenings, both Högström and Blücher stressed the need for the total destruction of today's sick and anti-white society and urged our comrades to take inspiration from the sacrifices and victories of national socialists of the past. NSF is for Sweden of today what NSDAP was for the Germans of the twenties and B&H are the new stormtroopers of the movement: rough and rowdy but rebellious and brave. There is no doubt in my mind that both NSF and Blood & Honour have gained substantial new ground and many, many new followers from the audience where old veterans were mixed with young blood attending their very first White Power manifestation.

Especially pleasing was the presence of the leadership of both the Danish and Norwegian Blood & Honour, old friends from the Norwegian nationalist magazine Fritt Forum and Oslo Boot Boys and our good friends of Blood & Honour Pommern from Germany. It was also a pleasant surprise to see several band members from ol´ Svastika enjoying this NSF/B&H; do. A good sign for things to come: a united movement under the banners of National Socialistisk Front, aided and supported by the world-wide Blood & Honour movement.

In the dark and cold forests of Sweden the torch of White resistance was lit by a gathering of determined Nordic resistance fighters - a torch which one day shall turn the power structure of ZOG into ashes from which a Phoenix of White Power shall rise, creating a New Order of Aryan Pride.

Death to ZOG! Hail NSF! Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Combat 18! HAIL VICTORY!

Special thanks: Concert creators Karolina Bengtsson  & Jonas Persson - Marcel, the magnificent motorist - the jolly lads of H.M.F. and B&H Pommern - and finally the Sweet Terror of the Mummin Valley!


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