Rudolf Hess honoured and celebrated again!

Written by: Max Hammer (1998)

2021-03-31 5 min read

A special report by MAX HAMMER:

Nearly sixty years ago there was a man who held the position of deputy leader of a world-power. His career was at it's peak. The future for his nation, for him and his millions of supporters, looked glorious. This man gave up everything: his position, his family and eventually even his life trying to save Europe from a devastating brother's war. In a "sane society," such a man would be considered the hero of his century and be awarded the Nobel peace price along with utmost praise and admiration. But, we do not live in such a sane world, we live in a grotesque and twisted society under the awesome iron heel of world Zionism. In such a hellish place where all values have been turned upside down, a messenger of peace between Aryan people is condemned as a criminal war monger and awarded with 46 years in prison before being murdered by the hidden hand of the Allies' secret service.

This was the fate of Rudolf Hess, one of Europe's greatest sons, a staunch National Socialist until the end, a peace martyr and an immortal hero of the Aryan race. It was this man, a small but determined group of White Resistance fighters set out to honour on the 15th of August 1998. The Rudolf Hess march was organized by Denmark's National Socialist Movement and assisted by Blood & Honour Scandinavia. It was officially supported by Norway's National Socialist Movement and Sweden's National Socialist Front, as well as Blood & Honour divisions and independent National Socialist cadres from all over Europe and the NSDAP-AO in USA. It was, naturally, opposed by the combined cosmopolitan forces of World Zionism, international capitalism, communism and anarchism. But despite enormous international pressure on the Danish state from both local and foreign agents of World Zionism, and despite the violent threats from the lunatic left which vowed to stop the march at any price, the 132 comrades gathered at the headquarters of the DNSB Saturday morning on August 15th went ahead and at 7.30 AM marched to the centre of Greve. There, Jonny Hansen of the DNSB, Friedhelm Busse of the now banned FAP, Jonas Nyberg of NSF and comrade Terje of NNSB gave speeches in honour of the peace martyr Rudolf Hess, surrounded by the flags of the 3rd Reich, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, plus a multitude of NS party banners. Thereafter, to the chanting of National Socialist slogans in honour of Rudolf Hess and against ZOG, this spearhead of European national revolutionary resistance marched the 2,5 km back to the DNSB HQ.

Once again the DNSB and its allies had snatched victory away from the forces of zoggery, which could do little more than have their freak shows in Greve - where a bunch of lesbians, queers and a sordid alliance of old and young commies were met by a deserving (but far too weak) dose of gas from the police - and at a safe distance in Copenhagen where a bunch of exotic Zionist zealots and about 2,000 brain-washed goyims were imitating the daily routine of the wailing wall (while probably at the same time celebrating the successful blackmail of Switzerland, which has resulted in a two billion DM pay-off by the Swiss banks to the Zionists).

Naturally, the media was furious. Not only had the hated "Nazis" had their march, but they had even managed to have it without the media moles being there. What impertinence! All the TV and newspaper weasels got were two buckets of oil and urine on their heads when they were acting out their frustration in front of the DNSB house! And while the scum got gassed and the Zionist race-haters moaned in Copenhagen, the 132 national revolutionaries from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland and Poland had a well-deserved barbecue lasting into the early hours of the 16th. During the day they had been joined by about 15 more Swedish comrades from NSF Skaraborg, Trelleborg and Gothenburg, a young, intense Norwegian comrade, (all arriving before the original assembly time), plus five comrades from Blood & Honour Denmark who had either been at work or had been detained by the cops. Missed were the many comrades from Germany, France and Italy who were stopped by the Bundes-STASI and comrade Affe of NSF, who was one of the very few the "Swedish" branch of ZOG managed to stop.

To the uninformed, 132 participants may seem "few", but we should bear in mind that occupied Germany had acted to stop all "National Socialist looking" people from joining the march with the promised assistance of Danish and Swedish border police. At least 200 European comrades were forcefully turned back by ZOG, and countless other comrades found it futile to even try. In addition, key figures in the German NS movement were given "house arrest" to restrain them from even trying to get to Denmark. Those are the methods the European "democrats" use when their interests are threatened. But their efforts are still in vain. They can NEVER successfully repress the right of the European peoples to honour their heroes and martyrs, just as they shall never manage to crush the freedom fighters of the New Order. On the contrary, one day Rudolf Hess, like his fellow National Socialist martyrs of the 3rd Reich, will once again be freely and duly celebrated by the nations of Europe. And the enemies of our civilization will feel the wrath of a race liberated after so many years of shameful oppression.

Before closing this report, the author would like to specially thank the following: Jonny, Espen, Nils and Gofy of DNSB; Friedhelm Busse of ex-FAP; Marcel, Katy, Erik, Ronnie and Frank of B&H; Scandinavia; Thomas, Lars, Jack, Baldur, Martin and Mini of B&H; Denmark; Hasse,  and Mia of B&H; Sweden; Julle and Heidi of B&H; Finland; Katja of B&H; Germany; Jonas, Mats, Glenn and the Klippan & Malmö bunch of NSF; Robban of info-14! Plus all the Norwegian friends.

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