Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-02 5 min read


They had been waiting for a long, long time, the good White warriors of Southern Sweden. While the neighbouring B&H province of Denmark had been blessed with four White Power concerts so far this year, the southerners of Sweden had been forced to either go north or westwards to get their share of the White Pride culture. But on Saturday the 28th of August - thanks to the local branch of NSF and B&H Scandinavia - their agony was finally over and the South rose again. To the thunderous roar of Scandinavia's foremost WP bands, playing for National Socialist Front under the banners of B&H Sweden, Denmark and Pommern, the White cultural life of Scania was restored.

It all happened in a grand hall in a village outside the town of Tomelilla. Officially, it was a crawfish party (an old and wet custom in these places), but we saw not a single Red animal - either for eating or for beating. However, we did see quite a few doggies AND a kitten (!). But don't think for a moment that this was a desperate move to boost the attendance numbers. A good +150 people from the South, East and the West of Sweden - plus a strong Danish contingent and the odd Norwegian, Finnish and Slovak B&H guest - had gathered. Not to eat, though there were actually ham'n'cheese rolls offered on the premises. And not (primarily) to drink, though the beer and the booze were in plenty. People were there to attend a WP manifestation of proud and joyous comradeship and to listen to Scandinavia's wildest mob of mean White music men: Danish Chamber 88 and Swedish Hets Mot Folkgrupp (H.M.F.) and Odium. Naturally, they let nobody down.

First to enter the scene, impressively decorated with the banners of Blood & Honour, were Sonny and his bunch of chamber boys. Though only playing three gigs, these Danish rockers of Aryan resistance are an NS blessing to our White ears. Hardline lyrics of the Combat 18 kind, brilliant music and musicians that are active on the frontline of the street fight are a combination impossible to beat! (But I'll soon beat the record men of Ragnarock & Co if they don't put out a CD with these guys NOW!) A special greeting to brother Baldur, who just got out of ZOG's hellhole and shared with us his musical hatred of the Mosaic moneymen.

But just because it's been a bit slow on the concert side in ol' Sweden, you shouldn't think Swedes cannot play White Power rock'NS'roll. On the contrary, Sweden has a long and powerful tradition of WP music. The latest, and by far most radical addition to the long line of Swedish WP bands, is H.M.F. Like their Danish cousins, they too actively take part in the B&H battle. And as for the lyrics, well, just let me say that even No Remorse and Chingford Attack may find new inspiration in their hate attacks against our common zoggish enemy!

And finally, there was Odium. These guys are veterans, with a brilliant, super popular CD, strong Totenkopf connections and a few but masterly gig performances on their rap sheet. This was good old WP and RAC/Oi! of the classic Swedish kind. And the audience just loved it. Especially the contingent of Blood & Honour Gothenburg who had come down in two minibusses to listen to their homegrown band and make BH contacts in the south. Inbetween the rock, the roll, the beer, the jumping and the stomping, Björn Björkqvist (propaganda chief of NSF, nowadays his last name is Östberg) and Erik Blücher of B&H Scandinavia put in some words of radical wisdom. The anti-Semitic semantics of comrade Björn never seize to amaze and inspire! Blücher compared the acceptance of Black anti-White rap with the terror campaign against White Pride music (he had just returned from Stockholm where he had to face ZOG charges of "racial discrimination" for allegedly having assisted in the distribution of one copy of a Landser CD and three copies of an Open Season CD's!!!). He stressed the need for a united B&H; front against our world-wide enemy, quoting No Remorse's classic lyrics (earlier eminently performed by Chamber 88): "The Jews can't do a thing if we stick together!"

For a change, this gig was left totally undisturbed by the ACAB thugs of ZOG. And another nice change was that it actually started quite early, so about 11 o'clock, the Aryan performers had done their job. But many had no interest in trading the White spirits of NS comradeship with the lonely gloom of the Mosaic TV screen. Therefore, several wannabes entered the stage to keep the White noise blasting. Our good Teutonic friend Lau of B&H Pommern finally managed to fulfill his dream of being a "R'n'R star", accompanied on drums by our very own Kathy of B&H Scandinavia. An odd couple for sure, but amazingly enough it sounded goO0ood! (Did we see the li'l man taking a contract out of his pocket?) Others too, gave proof of musical aspirations, though I'd say that the hearts were probably bigger than the talents. Still, we all sat back and let it in (drowning the worst tones with some heavy sips of beer) - till brother Marcel had had enough of the White amateur mistrals and pulled the plug, that's it!

This gig was yet another splendid example of the fruitful and close co-operation between Sweden's one and only NS party, the National Socialist Front, and the Blood & Honour WP movement of Scandinavia. The profits from the concert went to the local NSF branch and the NSF House Fund, making this not only an evening of White entertainment but also an important tool in building the NS movement in Sweden. The presence of both "old" veterans and a large crowd of very young newcomers are proofs of a movement in motion - maybe slowly but certainly steadily and for sure picking up speed - moving towards the destruction of a sick society and the construction of a great New Aryan Order. And having a great time doing it! Join the world of NS!!! It's been proven: Nazis have more fun! And when the curtains go down, we stand alone as the one and only winning team!

White Strength through Aryan joy! Hail NSF! Hail Blood & Honour! 88!

Special thanks: Tobbe for making it all possible, Marcel for making the sound, all the bands for making the music, Mats & Co. for the security, B&H Gothenburg for their massive appearance, Julle of B&H Finland for the vodka (maybe I should have had a bigger share of that bottle...), all the guys and gals with Combat 18 and B&H t-shirts for making my eyes happy, and finally and permanently the li'l Eastern woodpecker...

- Max Hammer

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