Max Hammer interview!

Conducted by B&H Serbia

2021-04-06 15 min read

1. Hello Mr. Max Hammer, could you start by introducing yourself?

1: I'm really just what you call a “regular guy” but that might actually be a bit “irregular” among our lot… ;) Seriously speaking, I'm now what some in our movement would describe as an “oldie”. Personally, I cant help enjoying the title “veteran”. Age-wise I'm the same generation as Ian Stuart. I started taking an active interest in politics during my school days, writing all sort of (at that time) chocking articles of “right-wing extremism” (neo-nazism was not as usual a slur as today) in the school paper, and even got myself interviewed in the local daily. Later I went and did the usual organizational mistakes, believing in established parties and the possibility to influence them in a right direction. From some I was expelled, others I left in disgust. After years of various activism I ended up in Blood & Honour Scandinavia. On the private side I have produced a son and lived with more or less supportive women, finally ending up with a great young valkyrie that I hope and trust will assist me in my life struggle till Valhalla calls.

2. What is different between the time when you join to NS movement and now days?

2: On the positive sides you have the numbers of course. Few, actually extremely few, were organized in nationalist or NS organizations when I “ joined ” . I myself got the word through secret whispers on campus. Neither were there any girls or women engaged in the struggle at that time, partly because of the generally microscopic memberships, but also because reactionary views on women's involvement flourished (if you can use that word about such small numbers!). Today, nationalist/WP or NS organizations in several countries can muster hundreds, yes thousands, to their demos, gigs and marches, a fairly large size being of the female sex. That is good. On the other hand, I think that the intellectual level on average was higher, which points to a problem of today and the future which just has to be solved. Education and studies in the art of both ideology and politics in general. But when that is said, I also have to stress that the amount of guts and muscles of today's movement (again we speak of the average level) far exceeds that of the old days.

3. Were you active in any other group before you joined the B&H movement? Have you co-operated with Colin Jordan, Matt Koehl, Dr. Pierce in the past?

3: I had a fairly long and good relation to Matt Koehl and his NS White People's Party. Unfortunately comrade Koehl has isolated himself politically by giving our ideology an in my view totally unrealistic religious character, instead of the fighting vehicle Rockwell's movement once used to be. As for George Lincoln Rockwell himself, I was quite a young chap when he tragically and untimely was gunned down. But I do remember the newspapers writing about it and the sadness I felt at that time. I never had any special dealings with Colin Jordan, but I have read some of his excellent writings. Same goes for Dr. Pierce.

4. When and how you joined to B&H Scandinavia?

4: I helped initiate and thereafter joined BH Scandinavia in 1996/97. We created it after close contacts with the radicals in Britain and as a protest against the musical domination of the emerging WP movement at that time.

5. Since the death of Marcel Schilf, B&H Scandinavians activity went down a bit. What is the situation now?

5: The loss of Marcel Schilf, an unique innovator of nationalism and my close associate and great friend, was a tragedy to the movement in general and to BH Scandinavia in particular. I have to say that the BH Scandinavia has not been the same since this enormous loss. It will take tremendous will-power and a lot of time, along with tough activism and careful planning only to survive such a blow. But survive we must, one way or the other. That is our duty both to Marcel and to our people.

6. How do you look on the internal B&H/C18 conflict? They say about us that we are police informers, Hollywood Nazis and we won't to split up and smash the scene.

6: For me C18 means that you distance yourself from the pop groupies, the playboys, the profiteers and all those who are more interested in having a swinging time with the “mates” rather than engaging themselves in the sometimes tedious and sometimes dangerous, but all the time vital political activism. People who support radicalism will always be the targets of both ZOG and the cowards within our “own” ranks.

7. In the past I remember the big conflict between B&H/C18 and Nordland? How is now the situation with that conflict? What happened with Nordland? What happened with Pajen?

7: Pajen still runs a smooth business machine. But he avoids conflicts and helps out generally. Our strife with him was related to his own quarrels with British comrades and his role in Nordland. These things are now history. The Nordland magazine was disbanded, their CD stock sold to Resistance and they now operate as a political publishing company. We might say we “won” that battle, but let us instead just conclude that music has been put into its right perspective by more or less all Scandinavian activists today, which of course is a good thing. Some people thought we enjoyed the bitter feuds and in-fightings. On the contrary, we fought back after being boycotted and smeared by the music machine. We were proven right and “the wrong ones” have disappeared from the scene.

8. Matti from Svastika and Nitton from Midgårds Söner are out of movement. Matti is in “ exit ” program and Nitton works with our enemy. What do you think about that?

8: I guess my answer to the last question pretty well sums it up, don't you agree?

9. What is your opinion about Charlie Sargent and Martin Cross and what do you think about that case? Do you know them personally?

9: I knew Charlie as a jovial and a bit primitive English bullyboy and entrepreneur. It is a sad case with many lessons to learn. But do not forget that it was C18 itself which cleaned up its own house, with lethal consequences. Chris Castle rest in peace!

10. What is your opinion about the case with Daren Wells? Do you know him? Can you expect that he is ZOG agent?

10: I knew him and he gave a very serious and sympathetic impression. (Nearly too good to be true!) I think Darren was distressed by his own problems and depressed by the troubles within the movement. He took a chance to “escape” and at the same time make some money. Unfortunately, a typical story within our circles, where private and political pressure can be too much for more than just the weak-hearted.

11. What is your opinion about Milosevic? I saw on your webpage words “ Heil Milosevic! ” Can you explain us that? What is your opinion about Haag tribunal and Milosevics trial there?

11: I have great respect for Milosovic. Of course, I cannot really comment in detail on his doings in Serbia, but too me it is obvious that he is a fighter for Serb nationalism and the ethnic and cultural interests of the Serbian people. Some have questioned his motivations, but I think his brave and extremely competent stand during the Haag “tribunal” proves him to be a mighty warrior and opponent of the New World Order that created the partial and pathetic tribunal in the first place. Times are changing, and yesterday's so-called “foes” might prove today's allies and tomorrow's friends. To be a bit provocative: who threatens our existence, our national freedom and the existence of our peoples the most, USA and their western hang-round's, or so-called “evil” nations such as Iraq and North Korea?

12. In the beginning of the war Serbia against Croatia lot of comrade believed in Croatian state. Propaganda and Jewish TV news lied that Croatia fight against Serbian Communist for freedom of Croatia. Combat 18 in that time started to be first on Serbian side and after them a lot of another comrades also joined Serbian side. How you see that war Serbia vs. Croatia?

12: From my youngest days I was a staunch but very lonely supporter of Croatian independence, and I know many who joined the military international brigades in the conflict with Serbia. However, the Croat state has done little to award their old friends and allies, and has proved itself as yet another puppet of the cosmopolitan EU lobby. The Serbs, on the other hand, both nationalists and government, proved themselves as the strongest (and in many cases) only opposition to the New World Order.

13. Do you have problems in your country because you write articles about NATO?

13: Not really. Anti-NATO writings, sentiments and activism has long been established, unfortunately nearly 100% by the left, which in reality would like to see our armies being swallowed by an even bigger entity, namely the UN. But, as I said before, “times they are a changing” and in practice NATO constitutes a bigger threat against our liberties than the UN at this time.

14. What is your opinion about European union, International Monetary Fund and his army called NATO?

14: Again, I think I answered quicker than you ask. (LOL) As for the EU, it has tragically enough become a harsh reality. Most European nations will soon be members, either by deception, by threats or by force, and we have to deal with the EU as something which we simply cannot just ignore or wish it would go away. Probably the best thing now, is to support the anti-federation forces, the nationalist parties and the skeptics in general, in order to try to change the character of the EU from the inside, rather than dreaming up fancy revolts that practically never (or at least not for many, many years) will come true.

15. You wrote two books. Are you satisfied with both books? What is reaction from other comrades? One of the books will soon come out in Serbia!

15: I am quite satisfied with both, I must admit, without sounding too sure of myself. I think they are unique in the sense that they rather give answers to the HOW's than the standard WHO's of our political struggle. We like to discuss theories and history and ideology, but when it comes to practical work and how to reach our goals, we tend to either stay silent or come up with some wild fantasies.

16. How you see today our B&H/C18 movement? How you see our future and what we can do to make the future better?

16: Hmm, that question calls for a new book… The BH is not at its best and definitely not at its peak today. There is, of course, the ongoing cleansing of groupies and wannabe pop stars disguising themselves as “politicians” and thereby giving the BH a ridiculous name and castrating it as a fighting organization. Then there is the repression of ZOG in what seems damn near everywhere. We have a lot against us, but at the same time we have the greatest potential of any post-war nationalist movement. An organization that is nationalist in its ideology and internationalist in its structure, and both radical and youthful. It should be a given success. But it is not, partly due to ZOG, but also due to B&H´s own lack of seriousness and organizational capabilities. I have always stressed the two factors: guts and brains. They are both as essential. Do not engage in a maniac activity that lack all hope of success and which at most times only discredits us. If you cannot take the heat, don't light a fire. On the other hand, do not use the oppression and the bans as excuses for inactivity. Too many so-called “radicals” and “revolutionaries” (who are not downright provocateurs, that is) like to present today's situation as “hopeless”, legal organizations as “waste of time” and then stress the so-called “need” to “lie low” and “wait for the right time”. The time is NOW and the right thing to do, is to DO something!

17. Marcel Schilf was your best friend. He was a great man and BH leader and activist. Tell to our readers more about Marcel. How you remember him?

17: I have never met anyone similar to Marcel. He was, despite or maybe because of his fatal illness, a dynamite stick of energy. He never showed any fear, he hardly showed any despair, and he always showed total commitment to the cause and comradeship to his followers (I use that word because he was indeed a leader!). He initiated/created the famous Swedish Club Valhalla, Club 28, Blood & Honour Scandinavia and the “Fortress Ljungbyhed”. He really gave his life to and for the White race and national revolution. He must be remembered among the great heroes and martyrs of post-war radical nationalism, along with George Lincoln Rockwell and Ian Stuart Donaldson.

18. Is it hard for NS comrades to live in Scandinavia today? Do you have lot of problems with ZOG? They still follow you, control you and listen phones?

18: We have problems due to repressive laws limiting our right to free speech. We feel their heavy burden but know that some other European countries are much worse off.

19. Who are your political and ideological teachers and influences?

19: I think that is pretty obvious as for heroes of old… As for today, obviously a political scholar and idealist such as Dr Pierce have meant a lot. But I cannot totally pinpoint one person or group. It is a synthesis of various brands of racially aware nationalism and their representatives. Plus a few others at that!

20. What are your favorite books? Do you read something today? What?

20: I used to read just about everything of racialism and nationalism that I could get my hands on (even though in the beginning it was hard to find literature, indeed) but now there is just not enough time. Internet is great in many ways, but it has seriously damaged people's ability and possibility to enjoy good old fashioned paper books.

21. What is your opinion about religion? Do you believe in god? What do you think about Christianity, Odinism, COTC … etc.

21: I think I should say I am an agnostic. Christianity is under heavy attack from many sincere comrades, but do not forget that whatever its source and its credibility, it has still expressed Aryan literature, architecture and cultural in general for 2000 years. Sure, our glory might perhaps have been even greater under another more Aryanized faith, but you cannot just erase those two thousand years from the history of White creativity. I see Odinism as an expression of our ancient and original character, rather than a religious belief. But I respect both Aryan Christians as well as “heathen” Odinists. The important battle is fought right here and now, not in a future paradise or Valhalla.

22. We all heard about death of young skinhead Daniel Wretström who was killed by gang of Arabs. Sweden has problems with black immigration? How you see that?

22: This was a tragic but unfortunately not very surprising consequence of the mass import of alien peoples and cultures - immigrants who share nearly nothing with our Nordic people, and as aliens who are spoilt by a treacherous anti-Nordic regime, they take out their aggression against the host people on “easy prey” such as patriots and skinheads. Daniel Wretström was a member of B&H, an active patriot, and a skinhead. For this, he was murdered by savages who got hardly any punishment for their bestial crime. All Scandinavian countries (except Finland) are burdened with mass invasion of racial aliens. In Norway and Denmark populist opposition is growing. In Sweden, there are no established party that dears to even mention the problem. Therefore, the Swedish Democrats are rapidly growing, but I think their possibilities are limited and their popular attraction even smaller. All over Scandinavia B&H is needed, as you can see. So there is definitely a lot to do, both within these B&H branches as outside in “normal” political life.

23. Why the leader of DNSB, Jonni Hansen, don't want to have anything with skinheads? What do you think about that?

23: It is based on the totally false notion that B&H somehow wants to “steal” his movement (or rather grouplet). Marcel was one of the biggest supporters of DNSB - both economically and actively. He was rewarded with a kick. Jonni has done a lot of good things, but this is not one of them. For the sake of old respect, I leave it at that for now.

25. What is your opinion about blind Chauvinism when white comrades hate each other, like some Germans hate Poland?

25: If European nationalists cannot unite, it will be left to quasi-European cosmopolitans to “unite” us. If we do not hang together, we shall hang separately. That goes both for nationalist individuals and European ethnic groups.

24. C18 is much more stronger and have bigger support in east countries (Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Slovakia). On the west Combat 18 is not so strong like on the east. What is reason for that? How you see that?

24: East Europeans generally are a more radical lot, both by ethnic character and experiences of old communist repression and new capitalist exploitation.

26. Do you have problems in Scandinavia with communists, anarchist scum and antifa?

26: The old communists faded away with the collapse of the Soviet Union. All over Scandinavia, we have, however, a roaming band of wannabe anarchists who cause a lot of damage and aggro. Till recently they were sanctioned by ZOG as the ruling elite's dirty “hitmen”. Then they turned against ZOG's own, namely police, bureaucrats and the whole “EU” scam. That lost them their special protection status. At the same time nationalists started to hit - and hit hard - back. So in a country like Sweden, Antifa is like a pink shadow of its former bloody red mob machine. In Norway, where radical nationalism is weak due to strong populist/patriotic parties, the red gangsters still soil the nation's life.

27. What you think about : 1) Arkan 2) Radovan Karadzic 3) Ian Stuart 4) Saga 5) Valkyria 6) David Myatt

27: 1) A Serb warrior 2) A Serb leader 3) One of post-war's greatest White heroes who has inspired me as well as thousands upon thousands of White patriots. 4) A pretty girl with a good voice, a great choice of music and hopefully a sincere sense of politics. Whatever, she has inspired a lot of young lads out there! 5) Apart from the obvious, that is some Swedish band, isn't it? Do not know them, I'm afraid. 6) I've heard bad things about him and read good things by him.

28. How do you see future of white race and Europe?

28: I fear it will get much worse before it might get better. It is all up to our people themselves. We cannot whine and moan about what others are doing to us. It never helped anybody. Either we die out like weaklings, or we fight like the braves we like to portrait ourselves as. Then, whatever happens, we have proved ourselves and we are worthy of, at “worst”, a proud afterlife in Valhalla or, hopefully, a new and glorious era for our European peoples. We cannot do much more.

29. What you think about politics like Le Pen, J. Haider, Vojislav Seselj in Serbia?

29: Le Pen is definitely a nationalist. OK, so he doesn't “go all the way”, but he has for certain gone much further than any of us have when it comes to political influence. I am sometimes very skeptical about Haider, but his visit to Saddam Hussein was really giving the finger to the world powers and absolutely not an act of an opportunist. Bravo! Seselj is no racial nationalist but indeed a radical patriot. And the presidential choice of Milosovic. More power to him.

30. Say something for the end to our readers.

30: I trust that this interview has not just been a light entertainment for you. Please read it again, analyze it, and feel free to criticize it. But always remember that the answers are based on decades of political activism and a will to secure the interests of our European folk. It is my hope that it can guide you and inspire you to similar acts of nationalist opposition. Then you have lived a meaningful life in the true sense of the words “White Pride”. And you'll have a great time living it. Believe me, I was and I am there!!