Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-03 6 min read


Like a lone castle of old, Fortress Ljungbyhed towers over the alien multi-culturalism of Zionist occupied Sweden. Just four days ago, the local ACAB brigade ­ armed to their teeth and 20 coppers strong ­ invaded the BH Burg, in a pathetic PR show for the benefit of the local media and political mobsters in town hall. After three hours they left, more or less empty-handed (a surveillance camera and their own case of empty mineral water bottles were all they carried out...), but surely satisfied that they had shown initiative and courage (sic) in the mighty battle against the local evil dwelling amongst them. But ZOGs delight lasted only until Midsummer Day. On the eve of the 24th of June, the soldiers of Blood & Honour gathered to celebrate Summer Solstice and enforce White Power in ZOG zone Klippan. Where just a few days before the boys in blue had soiled our ground, now boots of White resistance firmly tread. And it was a sight for sore blue eyes, I can tell you.

White warriors from all over Sweden plus Norway, Denmark, Finland, England and Germany gathered around the impressive maypole to listen to some of the finest representatives of radical and uncompromising White Power rock & roll. First out was a new German C18 band, Weisse Wölfe, among whom we recognized some of our good comrades from another great Teutonic music corps, Oidoxie. Weisse Wölfe may be new to the WP scene, but I am certain they will eventually grow old on that very scene too. Our political soldiers just loved the hard-core message of brutal White might, Combat 18-style! Inspired by the sound of White Resistance rock, geared up with Nordic ale and warmed by the comradeship of common blood, our people then defied the water bombs of ZOG's rain gods and performed a moving and thrilling ceremony of homage to our own gods of Summer. Our good friend Stefan from Germany was the master of the ceremony, graciously helped out by comrades Sandy & Marcel, Sarah & Virus, Denise & Johnny and Sarah & Pierre. There was a solemn silence among the on-lookers as these ancient Aryan rites once again found their rightful place in the fields of Scandinavia and in the hearts of White women and men. Let this be a tradition that shall be repeated every Midsummer from now on and till eternity, and may it grow in numbers and places but never losing that pure and simple spark of Aryan will and pride that lit up the Celtic cross as well as our hopes and dreams on this majestic evening. Once again, it seems, it took a Germanic cousin to rekindle the spirit of Aryanism among us Nordics, and we are forever grateful to comrade Stefan for doing so.

Then there was music! Where the air just a few minutes before was filled with joy and bliss, the sound of aggressive and hateful White rage now roared from the scene and echoed from the famous fence like a Teutonic thunderstorm. Hate Society had invaded our ears and captured our minds with their brilliant and ever so powerful sound of White revolution. Music master and BH activist Pernod's performance (helped out by our own HMF bassist Johnny and old Albionic pal and music mercenary Sid on the drums) was simply a musical kick of the most forceful kind, leaving you breathless but filled with that ancient Germanic rage that our alien enemies have feared for many a millennium. The crowd just went berserker! Due to the explicit of Hate Society's lyrics it may prove hard to get hold of their two brilliant CD production, but don't give up the quest! The sound of this society is worth nearly any sacrifice.

True to tradition B&H never leaves out the overt political element and changing places with Pernod & Co were comrades MOB of B&H Norway and Erik Blücher of B&H Scandinavia. MOB had already welcomed the audience and kept them informed of events as the evening went on. Now he pointed out the unity and brotherhood (and sisterhood!) of our great Blood & Honour movement. "Why are we fighting each other? We're all Blood & Honour," to quote hate socialite Pernod. And our Norwegian friend assured us that those days are in the past ­ at least within the real Blood & Honour which gathered tonight under the banners of unconditional White revolution. Taking over the microphone comrade Blücher welcomed the organizations present: the various Blood & Honour units, Boot Boys from Norway, NSF (naturally) and (not anymore likely to forget!) our good comrades-in-arms Stolta Skins (Proud Skins) from Stockholm. As MOB had done before him, Erik too stressed the importance of unity and held out as an example our last concert in Klippan. 200 young people from seven nations ­ no conflicts, no fights, just unity and comradeship. We are the only United Nations that matters, Blücher roared. The Aryan Nation, represented by Blood & Honour and defended and enforced by today's gladiators, Combat 18. And if the cellar-Nazis of old, the not-wanna-do's of the collapsed Music Machine had dared to set their timid feet there that night, they would be shocked to find the White hordes of C18 alive and well, ready to kick both red, black and lily-white arses! Then there was music ­ again! Hets Mot Folkgrupp (HMF) has been a staunch supporter of B&H;'s White radicalism from the very beginning. The loss of their former vocalist has not affected the band's performance ­ at least not in a negative way! Comrades Björn, Johnny, Martin and Simon keep the flame of revolution burning on the scene of White Power rock in Sweden, where so many others have failed to live up to their very own words. We salute them and thank them for their music. They never let us down, and their raw and bloody sound rings in our ears like a great bell of radical retribution and Aryan revolution.

Andy had already been up there on the stage with his pal Pernod, as they joined together in their new and exciting project Strength Through Blood, giving us brilliant Skrewdriver covers as well as fiery new songs. Now it was time for his own oldies, but goodies. And once again the audience left their sausages, their beer bottles and cola cans to go wild in the country. Razor's Edge really live up to their name and cut like a knife through the rainy clouds over Klippan, bringing a brilliant ray of hope and passion to the wet but happy revolutionaries dancing away in the rain and mud. Alas, the sound that jolted the audience, virtually killed the PA. After a quarter of rocking and rolling, the sound equipment gave out some mournful and highly disturbing sounds of pain, definitely not part of the Razor's Edge repertoire. As time had passed the Midsummer dateline, the rain was pouring and people were tired (and emotional...) (especially the Swedes, who now had performed two days of wet summer celebrations), it was time to call it a day. And what a day it had all been. Another success for Blood & Honour Scandinavia, another great event at Marcel Schilf's Fortress Ljungbyhed and yet another proof that we just won't go away. The politicos in Klippan town hall can pull their hair and cry out for more police (who actually were nearly invisible that evening...) and the papers can continue their whining and moaning. We don't give a toss. We are here to make ourselves heard, mark our territory and fight on for White survival and National Revolution! The willpower of comrades like Marcel, Jäsä, Pierre, Virus, Sandy, Johnny and all the other comrades who made this great event possible, the mighty sound of revolutionary rockers Weisse Wölfe, HMF, Hate Society and Razors Edge, and finally the presence of 200 modern-day White warriors ­ that is our proof of continued struggle and guarantee for final victory!

Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Combat 18!

- Max Hammer

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