Marcel Schilf Memorial in The UK 2001

Written by: Max Hammer


2021-04-05 2 min read

Marcel Schilf Memorial in The UK 2001

After a highly successful memorial concert in Denmark, it was time for the British Blood & Honour/Combat 18 crew to honour our late comrade Marcel Schilf. And this gig, too, was a great success and show of respect for a man who in such a short lifetime created so much in the name of White Pride and Revolution.

Proud B&H comrades from 5 to 70 and from all over Europe gathered in the Coventry area, representing B&H branches and C18 units from England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany as well as our good friends of "White Pride" hoolies in Denmark.

The first band to enter the stage was Blackshirts from England. And what a beginning! Here were no compromises, just Terrormachine Combat 18. The crowd was cheering, stomping, and hailing. Blackshirts, one of our Movements finest, played old favorites as well as new material and Skrewdriver covers. It all strengthened our will to continue the fight against ZOG. Next to enter were our German friends from Oidoxie. Who would have believed they just finished a twelve-hour journey? The audience was presented with a great mixture of own material and No Remorse & Skrewdriver covers. Just dynamic! The vocalist dedicated the song "Terrormachine" to our fallen comrade Marcel: "White men stick together, we must fight our fight. Stick to your guns in the dark of the night. Fight against the fucking traitors scum. Fight for Combat 18! Terrormachine C18! Hail Combat 18!"

Then it was time for Germany's No 1 favorite political band: Hate Society. The message was one of urgency: " Why do we fight eachother, we are all Blood & Honour!" We salute you, Hate Society, for keeping up the steam and giving the crowd 188% of WP heat! The Swastika flag will fly again!!

The time just flew away and at 10 o clock Andy from Razors Edge held a short and powerful speech in honour of Marcel Schilf. One minute of silence was followed by just the opposite: Chingford Attack! A tight and powerful sound of love for our race and hatred towards our enemies. For sure, the Reds will run away when these lads are on the prowl. Chingford Attack must know that they have a duty to carry this powerful sound to every corner of the White Pride community!!!

The final treat in this mighty show of political White Power (instead of profiteering White Shame) was the symbol of unselfish and genuine White Rock: Razors Edge. Whatever it takes. As usual, Andy, Sid and the rest of the boys gave us an incredible performance of musical resistance. Hate, hate, hate is our answer to ZOG! With "guest artists" from the other bands this was indeed a massive manifestation of Strength through Blood!!!

So, after 5 hours of non-stop White Power it was time to give ears and throats a rest. Let us just thank the comrades of the real Blood & Honour and of the C18 for a spectacular show, masterful music, superb organization and true comradeship.

Hail Marcel Shilf! Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Combat 18!

 - Max Hammer