Kill your fear!

Written by: Max Hammer



 "Kill your fear, open the gate to victory. Act with all your might.  No remorse! Kill your fear! Even the death isn´t so horrible as the pain, that tortures my heart, so much blood was shed, The judgement day is coming ... Freedom, freedom. I see the flame of desire in your eyes ... This is the way to freedom, hands raise to the sky, The flying banner, maybe you´ll die...

Kill your fear!" - Attack: Kill Your Fear

 The lyrics above are from a brilliant CD by the Czech WP band Attack. Not only is the music damn good, but the lyrics are both intelligent and thought-provoking. The title track inspired me to put together this article, touching upon a serious matter which for many is an untouchable topic, yes, a real taboo among too many of our nationalist comrades.

Fear - have we not all felt it? When confronted by the Red hordes, when harassed by the police, when awaiting ZOG´s judgement, when presented with the media´s hysterical and hateful headlines? What keeps us from total commitment and constant revolutionary activity? More than lack of enthusiasm and belief in our ideals it is the creeping, paralyzing fear of the consequences: The fear of losing your job, of losing your family, of losing your health, - and of, eventually, losing your life.

While discussing the Movement and our struggle with former comrades who have left the battle field for an easier life, you are most likely to hear a twisted rationalizing of the ex-comrade´s own fear. "There´s no point - We´re not getting anywhere - The enemy is too powerful..." And so on in so many varities. A lot of the time you´ll find that these people still hold on to their beliefs but they are not willing to sacrifice in order to promote these ideas. For them the price is too high, the fear of losing respectability and the "good" life has overcome them. You may, of course, hold them in contempt and scorn these drop-outs. But in all honesty, the truth is that most of us suffer from the effect of fear; there is simply only different degrees of this traumatic emotion.

How to overcome fear? First of all, you should think of the consequences of NOT standing up for your beliefs. Even if you "survive" the real holocaust against our race and culture, your off-spring might not be so lucky. And how do you feel being constantly confronted with attacks on both your sanity, your people and your very way of life without having the mental satisfaction of fighting back? If you are true to your ideals but stay passive, you may keep your job, your family and a generally comfortable life, but in the process you will lose your soul and maybe even your mind.

Surely, no-one enjoys serving time, nobody likes to put himself or herself in a situation of physical danger, but does this mean that such will never take place? A true believer in National Socialism knows that there is a high possibility of these things happening. He or she will also understand that the price you pay for resistance and final victory can never be too high. Your own belief is your best way to overcome fear. And our fallen heroes, from Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess to George Lincoln Rockwell, Robert Mathews and Ian Stuart - plus hundreds of thousands more, killed on the battle field or in Zionist torture chambers for standing up for the Aryan race - have made the ultimate sacrifice. They overcame their fear - if indeed they had any, and they gave their all so that we still can stand as proud and valiant White warriors, inspired by our political ancestors and with a greater purpose, a real meaning of life: the Survival of the Aryan race through White victory!

Are we to give up where the legions of Aryan soldiers gave their lives in the same battle? No, comrades! If we are to be worthy of their cause we must overcome our petty problems and hesitations. Kill the fear within you and go out and do battle!

We are the warrior breed. Let your blood take control and our glorious ideals lead you on to total war and final victory!

- Max Hammer


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