We meet the video wizard of the NS movement: Jäsä - much more than a signature!

An interview by Max Hammer from B&H Scandinavia magazine #03

2021-04-04 6 min read

We meet the video wizard of the NS movement: Jäsä - much more than a signature! (from Blood & Honour Scandinavia magazine #3 early 1998)

1. Max Hammer: "Jäsä" is to many of our readers simply a curious signature on a series of superb White Power video productions. What, or rather WHO is hiding behind this nickname? Well, we definitely know, and we certainly want to share some of our knowledge with our video viewing readers. So, Jäsä AinaSkin - who are you and where do you come from?

1. Jäsä: I was born in Finland 25 years (1973) ago. I've always been interested in nationalism and history, and I came in contact with the skinhead scene around 1988-1989. Sweden has been my home for a couple of years now, but I still keep my Finnish citizenship.

2. Max Hammer: Your video productions are no doubt the very best on the WP market; products which the publisher, NS88, takes great pride in. Are you a professional and if - or if not - where did you get your education?

2. Jäsä: No, I'm not a professional in the real sense of the word, as I don't have any papers from a proper video making education, I am more or less self-trained. I started doing videos in 1987. However, I did my first racial videos in 1989. They were based on Skrewdriver songs and were even shown on Finnish TV. I take great pride in the fact that Ian Stuart enjoyed my work. I was able to use a semi-professional editing unit at the local video workshop. They knew what I was doing, but it did not seem to bother them at all. They even gave me a job working there!

3. Max Hammer: Though you are well known for all your concert videos, it is not an understatement to say that your Kriegsberichter series are your most famous/infamous products. Tell a bit about their origin and purpose.

3. Jäsä: Since 1992 I had plans to make a video magazine, but at that time the Finnish scene really wasn't much to make a whole video magazine about. It wasn't until I started to correspond with comrade Marcel in 1993 that this "dream" started to become a reality. Most people found concert videos to be a bit boring in the long run, with just music, so we did interviews with the bands (*for the very first time in 1993 with Swedens' Agent Bulldogg added 2021*) for the first time when Stigger and Squadron toured Sweden in 1995. They were done in Club Valhalla and that was the kick start of the Kriegsberichter video magazine. The purpose is simply to spread our propaganda in a new way. Video means easy access - nearly every household's got a VCR.

4. Max Hammer: You have taken a clear stand against profiteers and pop stars and you're obviously a staunch supporter of the Blood & Honour movement. Please tell us a bit more about your political "history" and present involvement.

4. Jäsä: I've been a supporter of B&H since I first learned about it in 1989. I founded the Finnish chapter of B&H in 1994 with blessing from B&H UK, organised some concerts and released couple of CD's. Today I give all my loyalty to Blood & Honour Scandinavia. I started to do the first Finnish White Power publication - AINASKIN - back in 1991.

5. Max Hammer: Which productions do you personally appreciate the most?

5. Jäsä: As the saying goes, that you should improve with every new task. So is the case for me. I think that Kriegsberichter Volume 4, is my best work yet. But watch out for Volume 5 sometime in 2000!

6. Max Hammer: Which objects of your video lense do you admire the most?

6. Jäsä: Well, I've been filming Ian's photos several times. Need I say more?

7. Max Hammer: We happen to know that your immediate future is clouded by ZOG persecution. Would you like to tell us some more about it?

7. Jäsä: Basically, what happened was that two darkies waved goodbye to their knee-caps (if you look at the cover photo of NS Records production Macht & Ehre/Commando CD you will see a photo from the actual situation). I was the only one arrested for that fight and I was given a sentence that even shocked the state prosecutor: 4 years and 4 months! But luckily, the Talmudic law (which I find to be completely illegal!) shows mercy to first-time offenders in Finland, so I will only have to serve half time. I'm starting my sentence two days after this interview, actually (March 1998). Guess you could call it a little state-paid holiday!

8. Max Hammer: When you are back from ZOG's Gulag, what are your plans?

8. Jäsä: I should be out by Spring year 2000. The very first day I am free I shall spend with the editing unit, carrying on with Kriegsberichter volume 5!

9. Max Hammer: A standard: Any message to our readers?

9: Jäsä: Cheers for the interview. Secondly, support the Blood & Honour movement. It's the Real Thing! Nordic greetings to all readers from

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jäsä AinaSkin, P.O.W.

We thank Jäsä for the interview and wish him the best (if such a word can be applied) on his way to the dungeon. We look forward to having him back, sharing a well-deserved drink of Koskenkorva (or Finlandia, for that matter), enjoying his special sense of humour and -along with the whole White Power movement- benefiting from his unique talent and whole-hearted idealism. Till then, please send the WP jailbird your letter of support and donations. Address them to: B&H Finland.att: Jäsä, PL-24, SF-01451 Vantaa, Finland.

       Filming the 3rd Ian Stuart memorial in The UK


 New Year's party in Denmark 1997, on right Jonas, vocalist of Swedish RAC band 'Nibelüngen'.

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   Max Hammer & Jäsä Helsingborg 2006

With Jocke of Pluton Svea after a street fight in Örebro 2001

                           Jäsä & Ken McLellan 1996

                                      Team AINASKIN 2004

                  Somewhere in Växjö 2003

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