Neither ZOG nor Reds could stop the...BLOOD & HONOUR NORWAY WHITE POWER CONCERT!

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-03-31 4 min read

Neither ZOG nor Reds could stop the...


The pessimists and pretenders of our Movement said it couldn't be done, the ZOG and its media lackeys wrote it shouldn't be done and the Redscum screamed it must not be done - but the brave hearts of the Blood and Honour Norway just went ahead and did it: Norway's first Blood & Honour concert - and according to the audience - the best Norwegian White Power gig for years - was held on the 20th of February 1999 about 60 km outside the capital Oslo with 200 NS comrades attending. Playing were Norway's White pride SÖNNER AV NORGE and Germany's finest KRAFTSCHLAG with a much appreciated guest appearance by VIDKUN'S VENNER.

For days the media had gone on about Blood & Honour Scandinavia establishing a branch in Norway and organizing a concert. The Red wankers acted in the usual, pavlovian manner, quickly making pathetic statements about "Neo nazis in Norway" and to secure this, organizing a massive red jerk-off in Oslo. However, despite all their big words, there was not a single red swine present and neither any blue pigs when the WP show started at 8pm. Just national socialist brothers and sisters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria, representing B&H Norway, B&H Sweden, B&H Denmark, Bootboys Oslo, Viking (doing a great job with external security!), Bootboys Records, Fritt Forum, Nasjonalungdommen, NNSB, Sweden's NSF and Combat 18.

To uncountable bottles of Norwegian beer, unspeakable Norwegian White lightning, the odd coke can and great sandwiches Sönner av Norge delivered a hard-hitting performance - despite little chance of rehearsing before the gig. The sons of Norway are soon releasing a maxi-CD on Bootboy Records named 'Blood on the Boots' which hopefully will be available soon.

After this great WP started, comrade Max Hammer of BH Scandinavia was introduced. He is a veteran of the Norwegian nationalist movement and recent target of massive attacks by media for "returning" on the Norwegian scene. He started his speech by thanking comrades MOB and Svein for their tireless work in preparing this smashing gig, and went on to explain the role of the B&H as a vitalizer, co-ordinator and supporter of the NS movement in general. He also stressed its character as a true revolutionary force as opposed to the state financed professional "revolutionaries" of the Left who are never the victims of state terror as we national revolutionaries have been, are and will be till we finally put an end to the ZOG monster. Max Hammer was followed by a representative of the Danish BH division who described the activities and vast progress of our comrades in Denmark, wishing the Norwegian B&H all the best of luck as members of the B&H Scandinavia family. And the presence of the several Danish partners-in-revolution was undoubtedly much appreciated by the Norwegian hosts.

Thereafter the main-attraction of the gig entered the scene. And never have I witnessed Jens and his Kraftschlag brothers in better spirits. It was a true super-show of old and new KS favourites. With no German to handle the drums, the drummer of Sönner av Norge stepped in and gave a magnificent performance. The crowd went literally wild and the massive security force in BH Security shirts had a tough job controlling the dancing, bumping and stomping fans.

While Kraftschlag took a well-deserved pause comrade MOB addressed the crowd, promising them that the Zionist oppressors and their Red henchmen will never stop anything decided and arranged by our Movement. We are in this for keeps and for ultimate victory, he stressed. The crowd responded with massive shouts of White Power - Blitz slaughter (referring to the state-subsidized anarchist house of horror in Oslo, from which a bunch of crazed drug-addicts, misfits and lunatics operate their terror attacks against Norwegian patriots and all others not fitting into the Blitz degeneracy and political perversion).

Before Kraftschlag re-entered the scene, the audience experienced a pleasant surprise by the appearance of veteran vocalist of Norway's first WP band, our good comrade Ole K. Backed by the musicians of SaN he got the crowd going again with two of VV's best songs: 'Pedofile faen' and 'Vi er nazister'. Rumours have it that Vidkun's Venner are working on a new album, and we can only wish them Odinspeed in their great work. Kraftschlag's final session of Skrewdriver classics mixed with German NS songs of old kept the crowd in a WP frenzy till the last shout of Hail Victory echoed in the concert hall. Around 1am most comrades had left for home, but the four remaining to clean up were arrested and fined by the pathetic "Johnny-come-lately" of the police and secret service, who were followed by a tail of miserable media moles. As for Redscum, they were apparently roaming the streets of a town about two hours away! Bruised bodies, sore throats, worn-out right arms and most likely a few hang-overs were nothing compared to the smiles on our people's faces and re-kindled spirits in their hearts. The Norwegian nationalist movement is on its way back from splits and set-backs and strides valiantly and determined forward towards the day of reckoning, when once again we can freely express our love for our race and nation, a day when "Blitz" is just a burnt-out ruin and the enemies of Norway are no more.

Hail Blood & Honour! NORWEGIAN FRONT!

- Max Hammer

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