Written by: Max Hammer (in the late 1990's)

2021-04-17 5 min read

This question is of course a rhetoric one. Every person with his senses still intact knows that this is - definitely! - not the case. However, the question is not an irrelevant one. The fact is that a tiny minority of conspirators, political wheeler-dealers and schemers constantly push the thesis, or rather MYTH, that the (((joows))) are somehow the nobility of mankind. Or to put it religiously: "god's chosen people." and as such they have some sort of divine "right" to steal a piece of land from those poor people who have inhabited it for thousands of years, never mind the fact that 99% of the new occupants have little or no blood relationship to those judaic tribes who once - a very, very long time ago - ravished the unfortunate earth of Palestine. And there's more. The occupant "state" of izreal is for most (((joows))) not a particularly pleasant place to live. Much more preferable are countries like USA or the - in theory - hated state of Germany. And as eternal plotters they have through their zionist schemes and control over finance and media gained total power over the natives, described by these religious race-haters as Goyim, or cattle, to put it in plain English.

One of their most efficient weapons against any opposition to the zioni$t iron heel is the story of "Holobollox" (or as revisionists describe it: "Ho(yhoax"). We are constantly "reminded" of the 6 million (((joows))) supposed to have been gassed by the evil Nazis. And "strangely" enough, the more distant this questionable part of historical tradition gets, the more young Aryans are forced to read and "learn" about it. It is like the (((joows))) have a sort of monopoly on suffering and genocide. The Turks killed a million Armenians in the beginning of last century. How much do we hear about this atrocity these days? The Kalmuck (((joows))) Lenin and the Georgian Stalin with their (((joowish))) helpers Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kaminsky, Kaganovich, Beria etc. etc. not only slaughtered the Aryan Tsar family but also tens of millions of other Russians, White Russians, Ukrainians and others in the name of the ideology created by yet another (((joow))) , Karl Marx. Do we have any charges of "crimes against humanity" directed against the thousands of murderers in the service of world communism still living and often still spreading their evil poison? Of course not and in Cambodia the madman, and communist, Pol Pot slaughtered a million of his own people. A lot of crocodile tears in the media, but the fact is that Mr. Pot was free to run around in the jungle causing more suffering to this poor people. And Mao´s mass murder of Chinese "class enemies" is now more or less forgotten. And just a couple of decades ago the Hutus in the African countries of Rwanda and Burundi killed a million of their Tutsi enemies. In fact, the slaughter still goes on and on. And who cares? A few Red Cross assistants at most.

Why didn't Göran Persson, nominal prime minister of the ZOG province of Sweden in the 1990's, initiate campaigns against communist mass murder, zioni$t terror against Palestinians, American aggression against Iraqi women and children, or the real h0l0caust happening right now in Africa? The truth is that the zioni$t$ are in power and can hand out rewards to their obedient servants - pathetic and very much so real cattle like Persson, Kohl, Blair and Clinton. To the zioni$t the racial hatred of their cabalistic religion is the guideline: The (((joows))) ARE worth more than the non-(((joows))). Therefore, their suffering, real or imaginary, must have priority, and the lackeys of the Western democracies oblige them time and time again.

Any honest observer knows that the zioni$ts are in power in most "White" countries and more or less totally dominate the news flow of the "free" world. They will also have to agree on the fact that zioni$m is an ideology of racial hatred, as the UN appropriately described it back in the 1970's. Still, we are told that the only possible "race haters" are the Whites, and anyone daring to oppose this thesis are quickly condemned as an "evil Nazi just waiting for an opportunity to slaughter the poor and innocent (((joows)))".

But the zioni$t$ are playing a very dangerous game indeed. The fact is that the young generations - be they White, coloured or black - are less and less interested in the zionist$´ tear-jerking tales. Partly because they see the real sufferings of the victims of the racist, zioni$t occupants in Palestine, and partly because they by natural instinct are emotionally attracted to present day atrocities - not the exclusive killings of one part in a war fought more than half a century ago, where (many more) millions of Germans and Russians died too. But there is another, and for the eternal conspirators, more sinister and dangerous reason which they do well to observe: by the Zionists very own garbage culture, spewed out through the sewer channels of ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, BBC,CNN, Hollywood, Fleet Street and all other propaganda vehicles the youthful generation has been thoroughly "de-humanized". They have become brutalized and disrespectful towards all authority - a word which in the "civilized" world today is synonymous with zioni$t rule. The Man and Woman of tomorrow simply do not give a damn about the (((joowsh))) tales of misfortune. Most don't care one way or the other, and when they realize that they have not only been had but that it has cost them their political influence, the right to their own destiny and countries, as well as billions of dollars in "retribution" taxes, they can get very mean indeed.

An Englishman and gentleman once put it like this: "How odd of God, to choose the (((joows))) ." The Aryan berserkers and gladiators of the coming Millenium may put it far more bluntly. The (((joows))) do well to rid themselves of their zioni$t representatives who through their power arrogance and racial hatred will lead their people to certain disaster.

. Max Hammer (written in late 1990's)