Rudolf Hess remembered Helsingör 29th July 2000, Denmark

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-03 3 min read

Rudolf Hess remembered Helsingör 29th July 2000, Denmark.

Every Saturday the picturesque Danish border town of Helsingör is invaded by hordes of Swedes taking the opportunity to do some beverage bargains in Denmark, where prices of alcohol are a bit more humane than back in their own monopoly shops. On this particular Saturday, however, the Swedish and Danish shoppers got more than they bargained for. Stunned by surprise, amazement, fury or joy (take your pick!) they witnessed this year's B&H march in honour of Europe's foremost peace martyr, Rudolf Hess.

About 100 comrades from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany staunchly marched through the whole town centre, proudly displaying their nation's colours as well as the Swastika flag and a huge banner reading "Rudolf Hess ­ A Martyr for Peace", along with the Triskelion symbol of Blood & Honour. Next to the harbour the marchers then made a halt and listened to speeches by Norwegian BH comrade MOB and comrade Robban of Swedish info-14. MOB stressed the fact that Blood & Honour will march, wherever and whenever they wish to do so, while Robban paid homage to the peace martyrdom of Rudolf Hess. Adolf Hitler's deputy leader sacrificed his career, spent 46 years in prison and then was murdered by the hidden hand of Zion for trying to stop a brother's war and bring peace and real unity to Europe.

The march then continued back to the ferry and railway station, from where we made the voyage to Sweden. While Danish police kept an extremely low profile, neither provoking nor bothering anyone, the Swedish coppers "greeted" us at the harbour of Swedish border town Helsingborg. With a police helicopter nervously buzzing over the city, the majority of "Nazi invaders" were searched and registered. The ZOG lackeys in blue were worried that a similar march would take place in Helsingborg too. But while no such thing was planned, there will be a big meeting and celebration of Rudolf Hess at Festung Ljungbyhed in Klippan outside Helsingborg ­ a feast I attend to join as soon as I have finished this blitz report!

Blood & Honour conquered the town of Helsingör today. We made quite clear that nothing is going to stop us from expressing our views and paying homage to our heroes. While Rudolf Hess was a harbinger of peace, we are the messengers of war. Rudolf Hess died for a Europe of peace, prosperity and unity. We of Blood & Honour are living for it, carrying on his immortal work.

PS. It's twelve o'clock, and I just got back from Fort Ljungbyhed where I enjoyed the great company of 50 jolly BH soldiers and one great German balladeer named Munin, and where I and 3 friendly passengers had to endure two police cars with coppers who in the middle of the night on the lonely highway checked our identities in the name of ZOG and for lack of more meaningful police work on a Saturday night. Anyway, it was good fun and a splendid ending to a great day and the celebration of a great man with a great mission. Rudolf Hess - present forever in our hearts!

Hail Blood & Honour, the spearhead of national revolution and European survival.

Hail Rudolf Hess, the martyr of peace and eternal European hero!

- Max Hammer

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