B & H The Way Forward

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-08-12 24 min read

Blood & Honour is a worldwide pan Aryan organization dedicated to the struggle for survival and prosperity of the White Race. Since the Martyr's death of its founder, Ian Stuart, the Movement has experienced a period of turmoil and turbulence. Profiteers and pop stars have - unsuccessfully tried to abuse B&H for their own selfish purposes. ZOG has geared up the campaign of oppression and the media has constantly smeared the national revolutionary forces. Members and supporters all over the White world have often been misinformed through infiltrators or left on their own due to the problems of the main organization. As this book goes to the printers, most of the organizational troubles have luckily been resolved. But there still exist wounds that must be healed and directions that need to be pointed out. Here Max Hammer, a veteran of the White Power movement, gives the national revolutionaries a clear picture of the goals, tactics and strategies of the Blood & Honour. He shows us the possibility of Victory through the principles of Faith & Fury, Comradeship & Loyalty and Brains & Bravery. Blood & Honour - The Way Forward is a book that will mentally prepare the Movement for the next century - the Millenium of total White Power.


Chapter 1: Farewell To The Arguments

Chapter 2:A Movement of Political Soldiers

Chapter 3: Inter-National White Resistance

Chapter 4: Blood & Honour World-Wide

Chapter 5: The Way Forward

Chapter 6: Combat 18

Chapter 7: Victory - How Are The Odds?

Chapter 8: Final Words And The Start Of Action


Blood and Honour - the Way Forward is a very special project to this author. The topic had been on my mind for a long time, working its way outwards but never quite reaching my hand. When it did happen, the circumstances were peculiar and not without significance. The book was written more or less in one day, after a seemingly endless weekend of heavy partying. Now, that doesn't sound very proper or glorious, I know. But it was this very party which made me realize that the job just had to be done - never mind that my hand was shaking. That weekend, far away from the "mainstream" of Europe, in a country where national pride is the order of the day, where the graffiti more often than not display our scarred symbols, where the barbers must have a booming business from the nation's young men, and where a pint of Europe's very best beer will set your back about 3 Op, I spent more than a few quid with a bunch of young men and women who have formed their own branch of Blood & Honour. They had few resources if you only look to their wallets. No 88 glossy pages wrapped in colour here. But when it comes to willpower and determination, the colourful Playboy-patriots of JewSA and Nerdland can eat their hearts out. The zines may have been photocopied, but they were plenty and political. And they were written, published and distributed in a spirit of optimism we Westerners are sadly lacking. Their questions reflected this attitude and their urge for information, contact and co-operation was only surpassed by their extreme hospitality and friendliness.

I not only personally owe a debt hard to pay back to these good comrades. We all the veterans of the Movement owe these young berserkers and valkyries something which we simply must deliver. No longer can we serve them up non-stop stories of intrigue, gossip, splits and accusations, or allow them to repeat the mistakes we have made in the past and paid dearly for. These are our fresh troops and very likely our last resources. They must be sent out to war well-equipped. Relying on our guidance and assistance, they shall have it! I have mentioned one particular country simply because that is where I had my personal experience. But a similar scenario exists in many, many other places (though the power of ZOG may be stronger and the prices of beer higher). With this little book, I hope that I will have contributed at least a bit towards informing and guiding both veterans and the young blood about our Movement and how it should lead its troops into the next century, the millennium of total White power. I dedicate this book to my late and great comrade, IAN STUART for inspiration, and to my good friend KATARINA for taking care of me through the partying and its aftermath.


"But we're in the right! " How long have you heard this statement being proclaimed by young fellow nationalists? From the beginning pronounced in an optimistic, naiveness, later turning into an aggressive proclamation of defiance, to finally becoming a whining phrase of frustration. Sure we are right. But so what? Who thinks he's wrong? Our opponents believe they are "right" too. And the problem is that in a sense both sides are "right". Because what it all boils down to is the matter of values. Take the question of alien immigration from the darker side of the earth to Europe. We know, and it has been proven scientifically as well as statistically, that the flood of coloured "refugees" will not eventually, not final, but very, very soon put the White Europeans in a position of a minority. In other words, we will lose what little control we've had over our very own countries. The mud people will be the new nominal rulers, while the elders of the Orient behind the scene will pull the strings as usual. As for skin pigment, the Cabalistic mafia is colour blind. But it is, of course, easier to deal with IQ bearers of the minimum kind. If nothing extremely radical is not done to solve this dire problem through a final solution of White backlash, the above dark scenario will definitely be our doomed future. We know that for a fact, but so do our enemies, because that is exactly what they have planned for us! And as for the gullible voting cattle who make up the target of our endless pamphleteering and debating, they just don't care! I know you find this hard to believe, just as you are dumbstruck with surprising anger and frustration every time ZOG makes another attack on your supposed civil rights. In spite of the fact that all your very own pamphlets and leaflets will tell you that this is the exact nature of ZOG! The White race, on the other hand, is marked by a belief in fair play and the power of the intellect. While dealing and doing battle with our own kind, these are noble traits. But, like Adolf Hitler before us, we are not confronting people of our own blood and mentality, or powers stemming from our own doings. We face a ruling clique of religious zealots and political mobsters who have thousands of years of practice in the dark art of schemes, plots and conspiracies against their own hosts. And when it comes to our own people, the majority of them are not only looked upon as cattle but also behave like mind-dead creatures, lacking the most basic feelings of racial pride and solidarity, historical roots and cultural traditions. These zombies are either thrown into the capitalist rat-race where all rules of decency and honour are abandoned for the sake of the most extreme egoism, or they are high on Marxist ecstasy which has turned their inherited idealism into a pathetic blabbering in favour of the racial suicide through a multiculti, multi-criminal, one-worldism.

Comrades, don't waste time, energy or efforts on trying to "save" or "convert" these people. First of all, those degenerated whiggers are not worth saving, and secondly, but more importantly, we just have not got the time and our resources are limited. Let the pamphleteers of the anti-immigration societies go on discussing the problems of "too many" immigrants and the "unfairness" of the media's treatment of their organizations. Let the national democrats go on leafleting and gaining a few more (or less) votes in the regular ZOG- rigged elections, while they too moan about their opponents' "unfair" treatment of them. And let the revisionists keep on producing the scientific proofs of the impossibility of the Hollywoodhoax till they realize that neither the Jews nor their allies want the six million back to life and that the young generation of anti-Zionists no longer gives a damn one way or the other. Now, don't get me wrong. Most of the above-mentioned groups and individuals are sincere and good people doing their best. And who am I to say that they will not experience moments of progress and even success? But do you honestly believe that the world rulers would hesitate to use the ultimate arguments of death and destruction to stop this progress when it tends to keep up, or when the success has even the slightest chance of becoming permanent? We can't afford to engage in the game of patriotic masturbation. It is by definition, fruitless. Instead, we have to get a clear picture of the political scenario ahead of us and then get our priorities straight. Do we really believe in the total evilness of ZOG and the coming of a race war? Do we really mean the slogan "Victory or Death"? Or are they just meaningless lyrics from a WP rock CD played at full volume in the company of drunken friends and bottles, a mental relief between the gloomy workdays in a just bearable ZOG society? I do not object to the CDs, and honestly, I don't really mind the bottles either, as long as they are there for mental strength and inspiration to oppose an intolerable situation, rather than as an escape from an unwanted state of mind. Our slogans are not just impressive statements of ideological extremism. They are words of fact and a call to arms. This is IT and those who are not prepared to suffer the ultimate sacrifice to secure the future of our Aryan offspring should quit right here and now! Sure our CD sales would suffer, but that is a small price to pay for ridding the Movement of its pretenders and piss-artists.


Our revolutionary movement should concentrate on recruiting the political soldiers ready to do real battle. I deliberately use the term "recruit" rather than "win over" as these people from the very beginning have possessed the instincts and sentiments of a true NS comrade. Such people do not need "arguments" to know the score. Neither will they expect us to hold any political office. They will, however, want and demand of us a position of strength through willpower, guts and intelligence. These prospects may be ready to die for their beliefs, but they are certainly not nutty suicide candidates. To win the respect of our potential comrades-in-arms, as well as creating true fear among our enemies, we need to build the movement on certain ever-valid principles: Faith and Fury; Comradeship and Loyalty; Brains and Bravery. Until now, one or mostly more, of these demands have been lacking in the post-war nationalist organizations. That is not to say that there have never been or there are no individuals who have lived up to these standards. For the sake of security, I shall mention only a few of our recent martyrs: George Lincoln Rockwell, Bob Matthews, Ian Stuart. Through both their political initiatives, radical actions and ultimate self-sacrifice they gave the present generation of national revolutionaries heroes whose martyrdom ranks with those of the leaders of and soldiers of the past National Socialist era. We cannot allow their great deeds to become all in vain. We have a duty to carry on their fight - and damn the consequences!


It is vital that the Movement operates on an international scale. Our enemies work worldwide and it's essential that we are organized at least on a pan-European level, though the ideal is naturally a pan-Aryan army with divisions wherever White people dwell. By now, no real racial nationalist will oppose this idea. The days of pure patriotic xenophobia and imperialism are over. They have spilt enough Aryan blood to the joy of the Messianic merchants of war and destruction. The term "No more brother wars" can only be achieved through international co-operation and understanding between White people, based on a common racial history and destiny while respecting each people's and nation's right to self-determination. Big words? Perhaps. Impossible to achieve? I trust not. But if it proves to be just that, I'd rather scrap the whole idea of nationalism for the sake of White racialism. Hopefully, it will not come as far as this, and looking on the bright side (if that word can be used at all) the wars in Northern Ireland and former Yugoslavia at least prove that there still exists an aggressive feeling of national pride and true fighting spirit among certain European peoples. As far as those of us who are not directly involved in these conflicts, we should study them closely and learn from the tactics of the warring parties. And when it comes to the ethnic cleansing of Islam from the Croat and Serb districts of the countries (NOT country!) of Bosnia & Herzegovina, we are certainly not seeing a case of brother wars. On the contrary, this is our civilization's foremost bastion against Asian infiltration and a beacon of European life force.

The Reds had and have an international central which - at least nominally used to be based in Moscow. The reason why communism, after years of enormous expansion, eventually lost to its cosmopolitan twin-sister capitalism, is that while both were and are materialistic ideas, the Reds failed to recognize the most basic nature of man and his society. Class struggle was only an efficient weapon as long as real poverty existed, and it still was deep down an alien creed even to the poorest of White workers. The capitalists, on the other hand, have based their ideology on some of the most deep-rooted instincts and laws of nature. But they have degenerated the thesis "Survival of the fittest" into an economic, ego-centric rat-race, leaving the individuals as efficient robots fuelled by an extreme egoism, lacking the social sentiments which also are parts of natural behaviour patterns. National Socialism accepts both the needs of the individual folk member as well as the goods of the folk community. It also recognizes Nature's eternal laws, which every human being and human society must obey to survive. And through its racial idealism, it gave the peoples of Europe a higher purpose of existence and a strong feeling of solidarity. Certainly, it started off as a generally German phenomenon, but it found its greatest fulfilment in the pan- Aryan fighting force of the Waffen SS. The concept of the Waffen SS contains all the aforesaid principles, as well as the true spirit of our creed in its purest form. It is from this unique creation we must gather inspiration to organize a new legion of Aryan gladiators. Nothing less is acceptable in this hour of destiny for the future of our race.


In my mind, there exists only one organization that has any possibility of successfully dealing with this enormous task. It is called BLOOD & HONOUR. It was founded by our comrade and martyr Ian Stuart and quite appropriately took its name from the battle cry of the Hitler Youth - the new generation of NS warriors. No White organization has gained such respect among our comrades from every corner of Europe as well as South Africa, Australia and the USA. It is a national revolutionary movement based on the ideas of Adolf Hitler. Blood & Honour has branches in most White countries and its HQ functions as a coordinator of the worldwide White resistance struggle. Although the goals and purpose of the Blood & Honour movement should be clear to all, it will not hurt to repeat them. It is a pan- Aryan movement of White resistance against the oppressive forces of the Zionist Occupation Governments. It is basically, though certainly not entirely, a youth movement. (Ian would by now have turned 40, and many of the "founding fathers" are of the same generation.) Its main propaganda weapon has always been that of music - White Power rock. Ian himself was the creator of this unique and striking blend of rock and WP lyrics. He was also its best performer. But unlike certain "follow-ups" his band Skrewdriver has had to it more than just a political profile. It was a virtual propaganda machine and Ian Stuart an active NS politician - not a seeker of fame and fortune through pop stardom like some creepy copycats who have tried to ride on his great- ness. He created Blood & Honour as a political fighting force using music as a mighty propaganda weapon to influence the youth, inspire our comrades and raise funds for the Movement. It was not a rock 'n' roll fan club for the promotion of stardom and easy earnings, as the profiteers and piss- artists like to see.

Getting this into focus, the question of the organization's present status inevitably arises. A great responsibility rests on the shoulders of those who now represent the Blood & Honour movement. Since the death of comrade Ian, it has certainly had both its ups and downs. (There is no point in denying the problems, as we then have no chance of correcting them. This book is not meant as some propaganda blah-blah for the uninitiated. Its purpose is to give our comrades an idea of what has happened, is happening and will happen within and to our Movement, so that they can act accordingly.) The internal conflicts must be solved one way or the other and then seized permanently. But bear in mind that by "internal" I certainly do not mean the cleansing of the profiteers and the parasites who have infiltrated the outskirts of the Movement through rock 'n' roll super sales. The golden handshake of the Nordland-Resistance merchants of music has no place in the Blood & Honour. And they were never really there, so anyone who sees this as "internal affairs" should get his or facts right. God knows there is enough documentation on the ratsisting, nerdlandish character of the shady stereo speculators around to see through their slimy-green Cash Curtain There are meaningless personal and organizational strifes, though. Most of them due to misunderstandings stemming from a non-stop bullshit campaign to deliberately put people and organizations against each other. These quarrels must be overcome and the development of ties to our political allies - as well as potential allies- must be geared up. Some of these organizations around the White world were for a long time in the dark about what was really going on. And in some cases they were easy prey for scheming individuals wanting to abuse the resources of these good but mis- or disinformed people. Our current leaders must recognize this and not blame the victims as well as the perpetrators! Due to a new positive editorial staff of the Blood & Honour zine and the Blood & Honour Scandinavia mag, plus several other pro-B&H papers, the situation is gradually being corrected. But still, there are wounds that have to be healed. Just as we can only get out recruits by winning their respect, we must concentrate on "getting back" any "lost" divisions through positive action.

Certainly, well-documented information was and is necessary and has, as pointed out, already done a lot of good. But still, I feel that a relationship purely built on words and arguments is by nature fragile. The whole Blood & Honour movement needs to show strength - to prove ourselves to both friend and foe. The magazines must be professionally produced and come out on a regular basis. We do not need the glossy colour-fetishism of certain "competitors" for whom looks and size seems to be everything. Though, however "small", the readers/subscriber should get it regularly! Here many independent, but pro-B&H zines from all over Europe have shown the way. As a next step, the ISD record company must be re-vitalized. Its directors have suffered in ZOG dungeons but are now back on the battle field to continue the work this with this unique creation. With ISD (Ian Stuart Donaldson) Records the British NS movement for the first time had its own CD company, shaping their own future without having to rely on foreign money-makers with little or mostly no interest in political affairs. The organizers put in hard times and big efforts and in the beginning, the WP artists backed them up. Then greed and aspirations of stardom came creeping in. Certain bands wanted to "do their own thing" and not being "exploited". All fancy words for making a few quid more. THEY were getting their fair royalties. When did the volunteer political workers and authors of our magazines and newspapers ever get "royalties" from their work? THEY got free (or often paid) trips around Britain, Europe and the USA doing what they enjoyed the most to an enthusiastic audience.

When did our street fighters and other activists experience the same? Those who say that the Movement is using rock artists should quietly and quickly pack their bags for Graceland or Nordland. Honestly, some of these so-called rock stars would never have had a chance of the smallest audience in the poorest of pubs if it were not for their nationalist lyrics attracting patriotic listeners. Too many pop "stars" have used the Movement to advance their own careers and egos. THAT is the truth. But this being said, I must stress that though they seem to be many, these "stars" are fortunately in a minority, despite their loud noises and wild actions. The "loss" of such phono parasites is the Blood & Honour's gain! With true idealists like Razors Edge, Chingford Attack, the Blackshirts - just to name a few of the British B&H bands - the Movement's got what it takes. Proof of this is certainly the latest real Ian Stuart Memorial concert, which had an audience twice the size of a later "competing" one arranged by the Music for Money Movement. Assisted by Sweden's foremost nationalist record company Ragnarock and the Danish-German music blitz NS Records, the ISD is again back in business, both wiser and wilder, and with plenty of represses as well as new releases on the agenda.


If I were to close this essay now, someone would surely, and rightfully so, ask: yes, it's all very well, but then what? Organizing, coordinating, gigging, performing, and publishing are all nice words. But where do we go from there? Is it not a risk that we just develop into an anti-establishment sub-culture, just to bordering on the underground - hatred by the government, persecuted by the police, smeared by the media and feared by common people? If we fail to make the necessary break through now, this might very well be the case. For the real die-hards of the Movement this can, of course, be described as the White man's "last resort", but the risk of the whole thing degenerating into a sort of Nazi MC club is real. However, unlike those people, we are not in this to satisfy our own extreme needs. We see the Movement as a tool to change society rather than hide away from society Therefore the old business saying "Expand or die" is valid even for our venture. To expand in a climate of progressing oppression is not an easy task. In some countries, things are better - especially in Eastern Europe - while other societies like Germany have laws and police actions that should make retired STASI and KGB officers green with envy. The latest from the Bundesdiktatur of pseudo-Deutschland is that the mere possession of hundreds of different CDs (including historical documents with Germany's own march music!) is now forbidden and can get you into serious trouble with the Ministry of Injustice. Hundreds of thousands of CDs have been the victim of the modern-day, real book-burners, and recently the police arrested everyone at a German gig wearing patches with the English words " Blood & Honour", re- warding the bearers with fines up to 1 500DM. We could go on and on about "German" and other "European" ZOG persecution forever, but I think all my readers get the ugly picture clear enough.

I've already said good-bye to the arguing, pamphleteering and copying of the old parties' ZOG-sanctioned getting-nowhere-routine. So where does this lead us and leave us? It leads us on to the path of revolution and leaves us with little or no choice but "illegal", direct action. Before you get an impression of some starry-eyed, wild west, political cowboy dressed up in Nazi gear and armed to his teeth, let me remind you of a few things. The term "illegal" today - in many countries - apply to most of our beliefs, arguments, symbols and activities. In certain particularly vile societies it applies to our very existence. Therefore, the term has lost any real meaning to us. It is our enemies through ZOG who have branded us outlaws. The position is not of our choice. Because, no matter how much the media, the Zionists and the Reds love to portray us as violent thugs incapable of civilized behaviour, we are NOT by nature or will seeking violent confrontation. When the anti-NS forces were still divided and weak, Adolf Hitler managed to get into power by legal, democratic means. That is all history now. When his enemies saw his success, they forced him into war. That part of history will surely repeat itself. That is why we must be prepared for personal sacrifices due to police persecution and state persecution. We must also be ready to put force behind our propaganda actions - be it demonstrations, marches or WP rock concerts. The police will NOT protect us from the Red-Black scum ZOG uses as its deranged bully boys. It does not matter how much we are in the right according to democracy's own rules and regulations. In practice, they simply do not apply to us. We can only rely on ourselves, and that's why we have to have a security guard of the meanest and the toughest of our kind to help uphold our natural rights and to protect our followers.

Chapter 6: COMBAT 18

The British National Party had a brigade of fearless stormtroopers guarding its meetings and demonstrations. They called themselves Combat 1 8 after our leader, Adolf Hitler. Now, the BNP is lead by an honest man of great integrity with more than a lifetime of nationalist activities behind him. But he, or at least his associates, are content with playing the game of democracy where the odds of winning are worse than the mafia's crooked number racket. So when Cl 8 had some ideas of their own, they were promptly given the boot. But the letter-number combination wouldn't go away. It reappeared, and now it had its own life, more vital, nasty, and hungry for the blood of traitors, Reds and zoggies than ever. Many were the bloody battles Combat 18 were engaged in, and many were the super-radical magazines they produced. The price has been long prison sentences for many of these brave comrades. The name of the organization brought fear far into corridors of the establishment and even causing a few sweaty shivers and among the weaker elements of the nationalist camp. Such a fighting force would inevitably be the main target of our enemies. How the organization handled this situation is open to discussion. Quarrels, infiltration and splits seriously damaged both its strength and reputation. But to their defence, it must be said that the pressure on this particular organization was more than the average patriotic group would even dare to imagine. Anyway, a few hungry White wolves are still prepared to continue the battle under the banner of Combat 1 8, and it is its very name that is its greatest asset. And the name C 1 8 still has an aura of fear to it that must and will be exploited. We've had enough of the easy way out through name-changing, which presents "new" and "improved" "movements" - where the only changes consist of a few good comrades leaving and a new PO. Box appearing... For all its problems and few faults, we should stick by Cl 8. They have, like the American Order, brought the struggle beyond the pathetic paper routines, the hysterical rocking and rolling and the general political apathy of modern-day patriotism. To those who scorn Combat 18 1 will ask: Where is your alternative? Why do you condemn violence, terrorism and revolution while at the same time praising and even glorifying the Order? All from the cosy safety of our living room or ZOG-sanctioned secret address, I might add.

These "proper" and "serious" patriots are nothing but hypocrites. Or pardon me, there are many more descriptions fitting. . . ! We need an organization like Combat 18, and Cl 8 is already there. It is as simple as that. And we need it not only for protection and safeguarding. C 1 8 must act as the armed wing of the Blood & Honour movement. By "armed" I do not necessarily mean piling up heaps of guns and grenades. Some people are into this, and I would be a liar if I told you that I'd cry if some obnoxious ZOG creature got a metallic addition between his or her big ears. But more often than not, the collection, or rather the possession, of firearms, just brings about trouble. That's because most of these "collectors" until now have appeared to be more interested in talking about their guns than actually firing them. But sure thing, there are exceptions and the world is getting to be a more violent place to live and fight in for every day a new ZOG law is passed by the zoggies and the zombies. Anyway, eventually, the choice of action is YOURS! Personally, with "armed wing" I rather had in mind the ARMY of the Blood & Honour. There are many ways of spreading fear and terror among the enemy. Intimidation, threats, and beatings have worked well for the Red bastards for years and years. Don't you think its pay back time is long overdue? Civil servants, politicians, and journalists are just people, mostly without any real interest in "fascism". When they sabotage us, they do it because they hope that it will make them popular with their masters. It's just an ordinary day's work in the big ZOG machinery. But how much fun is this work when there are dark, sinister and severely unpleasant consequences attached to it? And soon, of course, the going will get really rough. Then I think quite a few patriots will beg and pray for those "mindless brutes" who are not afraid of risk either comfort or life to put the boot in, or - when the time comes - release the full strike-force of the White power terror machine. OK, so many of them get their training through hooliganism or their aggression out by queer and paki bashing. It's our job to channel this raw force and fury into constructive Aryan militancy. If you simply choose to shun them, I suggest you seek your White gladiators somewhere else. Certainly, there are those not tainted by such violent activities, but just as sure, they are few and far.


Now, for one particular question, anyone engaged in a battle for survival at one point will ask: What are your chances? Of course, we may hail victory till we run out of breath or the cramp gets our right arm. Belief is good and necessary, but alone, it is of no more help than just kneeling down to pray. The old saying "God helps those who help themselves" is just as valid for us as it once was for the crusaders of the church. No doubt the odds are against us, and a bookmaker would probably not touch us unless someone put a gun to his head. How can we succeed where the drilled divisions of Europe's best fighting youth, led by a person whose brilliant political visions and leadership the world has never before experienced, were beaten by the Zionist-led legions of the hellish mud people? I know it is an unnerving question, but unfortunately, it is one that just has to be asked. We must be realists. This is totally for real and not a cyber-space game of thrills and suspense. First of all, we simply cannot afford not to be victorious. The alternatives are at best extinction and at worst extermination. Like choosing between the plague and cholera. Remember this when those sneaky thoughts we all suffer sometimes tell you that perhaps, just maybe, the risks are too many and the sacrifices too big. Well, so ZOG won't get you. But what about your comrades and, more importantly, what about your sons and daughters? Will you allow them to grow up and be soiled by the maniac monster of Multiracialism? MTV was only the beginning. The end is just that: the end of our White race and civilization as we know it. For us, it may be "Victory or Valhalla!". But while we celebrate our (lost) battles among valkyries and Vikings, our race as a whole end up in the underworld of the dead, in Hifelheim - just a page in the future encyclopedias under "extinct species". Reading this I realize that it's nice rhetoric and nothing more. Simply an intellectual variety of the old hailing and chanting game. Knowing the alternatives to victory will obviously strengthen our will to win. But again, without forceful action to back it up, it will get us nowhere - except maybe to prison for violating some of the million and one anti-NS thought crime laws ZOG has cultivated in the dark and moist cellars of STASI, KGB and MOSSAD. I have already dealt with the argument "We are right". As a way of recruiting our White warriors, it is pretty futile. But it does give us a glimmer of hope. Because we are definitely right in a broader sense of the word, too. Multiracialism will not work without the most extreme and obviously grotesque measures. "Black Power", or any other coloured "power" for that matter, is nothing but a morbid, bloody joke. If you don't believe me, take a trip to Rwanda, Burundi or Haiti. In other words, a normal society will only function as long as there are enough White people ready and willing to work to keep the wheels running. Now, the question is: When comes the breaking point? When will enough White people simply quite working for the Masonic-Mosaic Man and drop out of Zion's society? The sooner it happens, the better are our chances of victory. As warriors of the political underground, we shall thrive on anarchy and chaos! If anybody reading this still believes in the phrase of "law and order, ", they have understood absolutely nothing and are of absolutely no value to us or our race. The "law" is the Talmudic law and the "order" is the order of ZOG's zombies - a state of total control through total mind death.

This the old-style right-wingers will not understand until they find themselves the victims of the law and silenced by the order. The new means of communication are also working for us. The Internet has done more to unite our kind than any pamphlet ever printed. Your brothers-in-arms are just a click away! The other day - far, far from home - 1 met with a comrade who had just been chatting with one of my best friends who lives just a block away from me, but whom I haven't seen for a week due to my long and far away excursion. On the Net ideas, articles, artwork, addresses, of individuals, magazines and organizations are constantly being exchanged. Though ZOG desperately tries to grab at the invisible empire of the Nazi Network, there's little they can do to stop it. Germany, typically, has "banned" the activity and even forbidden certain active comrades to possess a computer! But still, the old Vaterland is blitzed by the Nazi waves. And then, of course, we have the CDs of White Power rock, which rightly exploited are a big fund-raiser for the Movement and a source of inspiration and influence to the youth. All over the world ZOG forces are doing everything to stop the production, pressing and distribution of these CDs. Enormous quantities have been grabbed by the music inquisitors of ZOG. But the Nazi discs just keep popping up, getting more and more radical with every new production. But most important: a minority with a majority or willpower and determination can win over a dumb and soft majority. That is one lesson history surely has taught us. If we are able to achieve this, the odds will definitely turn in our favour. So, although the situation is indeed desperate, we are not without chances. We must simply work on, seizing every opportunity to under mind, sabotage and destroy the anti-White forces while recruiting, organizing and training our comrades of all ages White nations for the coming conflicts. WE must be brave, use our brains and be prepared for anything and everything, trusting the just truth and vital necessity for our cause. Still, all is not lost. And history sometimes has a surprise up its sleeve. Ask the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Slovaks, the Croats and the Serbs! Lenin lost in the end, and the Hlinka Guard and the Ustaša are back in town.


I have tried to explain the nature of the Blood & Honour movement and to give ideas for its future progress. You may have your doubts and disagreements. That is only natural. You may also feel free to argue your point in any relevant publication. Only make sure that the criticism is constructive and not just an excuse for further in-activity. The time for talking is really over now. We've reached a stage where ANY action is preferred to no action. But if by reading this little book you have gained a new sense of orientation and optimism which will lead you to the state of intelligence resistance under the leadership of a vital and united pan- Aryan Blood & Honour movement, neither your nor my time was wasted. So let us leave our desks and go out, wasting the multiculti, multi-criminal ZOG inferno. There are comrades out there right now in Britain and Ireland, in Germany and Poland, in Slovakia and Hungary, in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, in Croatia and Serbia, in Denmark and Sweden, in Norway and Finland, in America and Australia - giving their everything so that our Aryan race will live on. Let's give them a resolute, hard-hitting, helping hand in our common battle for a Whiter and brighter world - WHATEVER IT TAKES AND WHOMEVER IT BREAKS!!!!

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