Written by: Max Hammer

2021-08-12 80 min read

I dedicate this book to the memory of our martyred heroes George Lincoln Rockwell and Ian Stuart, the prime propagandists and political innovators of the post-war NS era; Erich Gliebe, editor of Resistance who saved a great project and put its priorities straight; and finally to my three very good friends, the unsung champion of propaganda warfare Marcel Schilf, the video virtuoso Marko “Jäsä” Järvinen and the bravest of Swedes, Robert “Info-14” Vesterlund.

Chapter 1: IDEOLOGY





Chapter 6: THE EUTURE


The simple truth is, that despite all the going-on's in and around our so-called Movement, there are, basically, only two real reasons for the existence of that movement: 1. Bringing down the ruling old order of our enemies; 2. Building a new order based on our own principles and ideas. And the sad truth is, that so far we have failed miserably on both accounts. Obviously, no one can expect a slandered and oppressed idea as National Socialism to be back in power within such a relatively short period of time. After all, it took the Christians hundreds of years to win back territory after the murder of their founder by the Zionists of those days. Still, with all the efforts and sacrifices put in over the last 50-r years, one should be allowed to expect a bit more progress on the first account. But the enemy state has rather strengthened its grip than giving in to our demands or collapsing from our resistance. A main reason for our failures and fiascos is that we never really face the problem of power-grasping by getting down to discussing the HOWs. Certainly, a majority of us know WHAT we want and WHY we need it. But when it comes to the crucial question of HOW to go about it, most of the Movement's people (both leaders and followers) retreat to the safe dreams of old and better times, fancy political interpretations, fanatic religious exercises - or simply the cozy warmth of the pub comradeship. I have been attacked as a negative pessimist and down-right anti-intellectual for pointing out the above fact. These accusations are of course pure nonsense, mainly stemming from the very people who were the real targets of my criticism. By all means, we need knowledge and we need arguments. But, as I have pointed out time and time again: the truth will not set you free. It never did to anyone. Freedom, like all other things in life, is won by struggle. Unfortunately, “truth” has now become too relative and is too inflatory to be of any real decisive matter in our battle. Don't get me wrong now. I know we have truth on our side, you know it, and a lot (but still far too few) of other good people know it as well. But then what? It's all well and good to educate our troops. But most of our people have enough basic knowledge, natural instincts, common sense, and healthy aggression to understand what it is all about and why we must fight. And to put it blatantly bluntly: How much do we really need arguments? How often do we get a chance to present them? Certainly, ideally, we should always be prepared to present our case. But is this really the priority

From the offerings of books and magazines within the Movement, one could be led to think that knowing the exact number of jewish commissars in Lenin's first government or what some rock “star” thinks of music, beer and Adolf Hitler are the most vital things for the NS reader. And seeking our roots and rekindling our traditions... For sure! But Aryan brothers and sisters, right this minute, we face physical extinction - both as a movement and as a race. And if I were to be really nasty. I'd say that this cultural hobbyism is a luxury which, at the moment, we simply cannot afford. Well, I'm not really that nasty, but for certain our main priority is to ACT and to know HOW. And the when is NOW. The why's we have been digesting for 55 years. In other words, it's high time for a change of priorities. This book is meant to fill the gap when it comes to actual activist instructions. It is to be read as an in-depth follow-up to my first work, “The Way Forward" . I am happy to state that this little book was positively received in most Movement circles that matter. A few opposed it on sight, which does not surprise me a bit. After all, it was a harsh attack on the laybacks, profiteers, and parasites of the Movement. Some others very discreetly avoided (= boycotted) it, and that has really troubled my mind. Are some of the key figures of Ian Stuart's organization perhaps more prone to rock & roll than rocks and revolt? Well, we shall soon see. ZOG has ways of putting us all to the test. Generally, however, I do believe that “The Way Forward” has taken us some steps ahead on the long and hard road to victory. The fact that by now it has been translated into five languages and appears as Net versions in two languages, proves that its existence is highly justified. If “The Way Forward" covered general principles and purposes, this new book should be used as a full-sized operation manual for the B&H combatant. From words to action. From criticism to destruction. From hopes to visions. From despair to victory. MAX HAMMER.

Chapter 1: IDEOLOGY

National Socialism is the ideology of the national-revolutionary movement which Blood & Honour represents. There should be neither doubt nor discussion about it. Why? Because this is the only ideology that not only reflects Nature's eternal laws in general and our interests in particular, but also contains the energetic force needed to get its followers, at best, victoriously and, at least, honorably through the battle ahead. Certainly, it arouses hatred and animosity and sparks off a vicious counterattack from our enemies in the Zionist Occupation Government. But ZOG will sabotage and try to wipe out ANY threat to its tyrannical rule, be it overt National Socialism or populist patriotism. Choosing the second alternative, you will for sure rise quicker, but the fall will not only be certain, it will also be much harder, devastating, and dishonorable than whatever will happen to the NS camp. National Socialism is not only the right thing, it's also the only real alternative left that is not doomed to defeat. It causes a tougher match, for sure. But it also attracts tougher combatants. And if you want to avoid hostility, your best choice is to lay down on your back like a good underdog - and peacefully... die. There is a need to define National Socialism, though. We shall avoid the trap of ideological debate. God knows, there are enough of books and articles on that topic. Sufficient to say that we live on the brink of a new Millennium (when typing this, we have actually entered 2000), in times quite different from the 1920s and -30s of Germany and the 1940s of Europe. Though the basic enemy remains, it has changed its appearance as well as tactics. In addition, new threats have emerged and new enemies arose - sometimes replacing others but mostly being the natural result of the old disease. The modern-day “Nazi” must conform to modern times. That word has a bad taste, I know. But it is still the appropriate one to use. Fundamentalists may be respected as loyal legions of faithful followers, but in the real-life of political strife, they risk appearing as ghosts dressed up in the clothing of a sadly far too distant past - as impressive as the feathers of the dodo, and as extinct as that unfortunate bird. All dressed up and nowhere to go, might be a fitting death rune for those who mechanically repeat the tactics and strategies of half a century ago.

I may sound brutally pragmatic, but perhaps I can comfort the fundamentalists by reminding them that Hitler himself had little time for the reactionary nationalists of his time. The remnants of the German Empire were at best a colourful part of the Veterans' Day parade. Politically, they quickly disappeared from the political scene, though certainly, their leaders, like Hindenburg and Ludendorf, had the personal respect of the Fuhrer. All rules have their exceptions. While National Socialism is oppressed all over the world, there is a growing number of countries where our ideology is downright forbidden. This, naturally, causes a dilemma. Should we stick totally to our principles and leave legality for underground political warfare? Or should we act as wolves in sheep's clothing (or devils in disguise, as our enemies would describe it)? Right now there is not much choice. The NS movements in these cursed nations of pseudo-democracy of the more vicious kind, have neither the strength nor the resources needed for an all-out war of violent resistance. There, either infiltration of already existing, legal nationalist groups, or the setting up of new ones, are recommended. Although at first, this may seem like a contradiction to the opening lines of this chapter, the NS influence may actually revitalize those groups and force them forward into the real battleground. Die-hard “Nazis” not comfortable in any watered-down, democratic outfit, still have an option through leaderless resistance and direct action. And if ZOG decides to close down even its democratic opposition, then they leave us with no choice at all. (Manuals on guerilla warfare are in plenty, though...) The organizational aspects will be thoroughly dealt with in the next chapter. As for a conclusion to this one, I can only say that our creed is National Socialism. It is a living and developing the breed in our hearts and in our minds - although it cannot always be in our political manifestos.


This is no doubt the most important chapter in this book, and also the most difficult to write. Not only because the topic has been so neglected, but also because the content may be so decisive. We should first deal with our own “mother” organization, namely Ian Stuart's Blood & Honour movement. It now has branches - or divisions, if you like - in most White countries. In some nations it is strong, in others, it's little more than a PO Box and a couple of brave hearts. In a few countries, it is more or less banned, and in at least two states it has split into opposing sections (one for mainly political reasons and the other for mainly personal reasons). As a rule, the Blood & Honour movement is organized as a network which activities, to a large extent, are based on leaderless resistance. (The exception is Germany, where - probably for ethnic and cultural reasons - the BH comrades have chosen the classic and traditional organizational structure with officials and membership.) This loose form of organization is both B&H's strength and weakness. While it ensures individual initiative and makes any crack-down by ZOG difficult, it can also easily cause conflicts and confusion. Its founder, Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver fame, was a natural-born leader. But he led the movement more through his personal charisma and idealism than through paragraphs and orders. When he died (most likely assassinated by ZOG) no one could really match his style. Ideological as well as personal strife was the result. It did not make things better than pop “stars” and profiteers used the organizations for their own sleazy purposes. Today, Britain has two opposing B&H groups, both claiming to represent the political heritage of Ian Stuart. Although the split certainly involves personal disagreements, it is basically a political one. The “moderates” see B&H as a mere music organization assisting populist-nationalist parties, while the radicals - linked to Combat 18 - stress the political profile of B&H itself as a National Socialist organization. Certainly, there are many famous WP rock groups linked to the moderate faction and in numbers - at least for the moment - it seems to have the upper hand. However, numbers in the region of hundreds matter little and rock stars come and go. More important is the political influence and the quality of the manpower. The radicals have a strong base in Scandinavia, as well as all over Eastern Europe, while the moderates have a working relationship with the Germans (who are not against the radicals per se) and the remnants of a Swedish splinter group.

Despite a lot of good people - for not so good reasons - gather in the safe comfort of the music mania of the moderates, I have little time for their entertainment business. They may think themselves lucky in the calm back-waters of nationalist politics, but when ZOG decides to rock the boat - as they have in countries like Sweden and the Czech Republic - the majority of their performers and audience will reel from fear and roll away quicker than the speed of pop sound. The purpose of the Blood & Honour movement must be to attract and activate young Whites through White Power music and other White Pride cultural activities, along with National Socialist political guidelines. These followers should then be led into existing political parties/organizations of the NS kind. Where no such groups exist, the B&H should either create its own or continue working solely through the B&H apparatus. Despite its flaws, the network model is still the best and proven alternative. No self-styled “leaders”, no membership cards; guided forward by an elite of active idealists and united by a common bond of purpose and goal. National Socialist organizations We have touched on the organizational questions briefly in the first chapter on ideology. Here, we further develop the theme. While B&H is primarily a fighting unit of youth, the NS organization to which the B&H division is bonded, must cater for all ages and concentrate on traditional political work: education, propaganda, building national and local chapters, and engaging in the general political life and strife of “our” society. These types of organizations have been around since the end of WW2 but have seen little or no progress. How come? The main reason for the lack of progress among overt NS organizations and parties is their naïve trust in their own righteousness. Despite their hatred towards democracy, they still believe in its opportunities and possibilities. And when the inevitable happens: ZOG strikes back, the groups meet the State terror with impotent indignation and pathetic moaning and groaning. Losers do not attract winners. And ZOG runs a fixed, no-win game. When this fact dawns on the NS parties, they either fall apart in frustration or try to distance themselves from their own ideas, betraying their ideals for a few blessings from the demonic democracy. Naturally, it is all in vain. People are not that stupid. If they fail to support an honest National Socialist, they are not more likely to embrace a dishonest one. And if, against all odds, they were about to, then ZOG's media moles will make damn sure that their background and cheating ways are thoroughly exposed to the masses to which the diluted “NS” group tries to cater. A National Socialist organization must avoid the lure and entrapment of democracy. As National Socialists, we must know that today's so-called democracy does not work and never was intended to work in the first place.

It's a ZOG thing. We are neither invited nor welcome. And even if we were allowed to join the masonic/Mosaic tribe of demonic mobsters, we have a custom-written “history” as well as all the weapons of political terror ZOG could ever muster against us. We don't stand a chance. At best, we lose all our resources in a futile and damned effort to “win” a handful of votes. At worst, we lose both credibility and honour in a fatal bid to trick the eternal trickster. Either way, we not only lose - we are lost, and our race with us. Our organizations should concentrate on quite other things than playing by the Talmudic book of the democrats. Our tasks are enormous and our resources limited. Again, getting our priorities right is of the utmost importance In the “old” days (1945-1975) NS and Fascist organizations were exclusive places (unfortunately in numbers and not funds...) where newcomers were looked at with skepticism and distrust. The fear of Secret Service or Red infiltration kept the recruitment on a low level and the political “incest” degenerated these organizations and “parties”. Obsession with enemy persecution and own perfection (sounds rather Jewish...) were the order of the day. And when they didn't dry out due to lack of funds, die out due to the death of leaders, or were banned due to either acts of frustrated violence or use of forbidden symbols, they are still around as private clubs for aging and bitter men of the past. This was all to change with the populist progress of the British National Front, from which both WP rock and B&H were spin-offs. Now anyone (and anything) were invited to join. Little education and even less discipline. This was the numbers game. But easy comes easy goes. Following internal quarrels, both due to lack of ideological orientation and private feuds over funds and power, the NF collapsed. A “new” party was launched (the BNP) with same troubles to follow. In Sweden, an openly National Socialist organization, the National Socialist Front (NSF), has experienced the same symptoms. The NSF is undoubtedly the most successful NS organization in the world since the assassination of the American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell. Recruitment among youngsters was legion and at the various meetings and concerts (arranged by B&H) between 100 and 200 supporters between the age of 15 and 25 were sure to turn out - despite internal secrecy and external police harassment. A steady flow of new young and expectant faces could be seen.

However, apart from the more ritual-like gatherings and WP concerts, little was offered to the individual member. Now, this boy or girl would most likely be under constant attack from parents, companions, workmates, or whatever, due to his/her political involvement. Such people need a sound fundament for their belief, which on a political level means ideological education and on a personal level the comradeship of brothers- and sisters-in-arms. It is a fact that most recruits were won to the movement rather through influence from friends than from a thorough political stand. Here lies the risk of a domino effect. If the friend decided, for one reason or another, to revoke his or her membership, then there was a big risk that he or she did not leave alone. Unfortunately, except for the regular fiery speeches at the regular memorials, there was and still is no organized ideological and political training. And the social bonds needed to keep the comrades together were (and are) mainly consisting of private parties and pub rounds. And it takes only the fall-out of one central figure in these private do's to leave the flock in the wilderness as easy prey for angry parents, negative boy- or girlfriends, and non-political friends. Lately, the Swedish ZOG papers have run a series of hateful articles in a campaign to crush the growing tide of National Socialism in Sweden by trying to socially stigmatize NS activists. It has resulted in unlawful sackings, expulsions from unions, and down-right violence against the “exposed” “Nazis”. In such times, a strong belief and the support of fellow National Socialists are essential. If the NSF survives this ordeal, they must learn their lesson for the future. And all other NS organizations should study the case carefully. Because it clearly shows the need for a combination of the togetherness and ideological awareness of the old-time NS organizations and the active recruitment strategies of the modern-day NS movement. One without the other just doesn't work - at least not in the long run. And our battle for final victory will not only be a hard one, but just as certainly a very long one. Social activities, such as concerts and parties, must be organized on a regular basis to keep the comrades within the flock, so to speak. Such activities do not only minimize the lure of the “outside world”, it also attract new recruits. But these, as well as the “old guard”, need more than just fun and games and pompous memorial rituals. Education through ideological courses, as well as battle assignments in the form of demos, marches etc are not only needed for the sake of the organization as such. It is vital in forming the individual member into a real political soldier. Building an organization is one thing. Knowing what to do with it, is another. We have made it quite clear that the purpose of an NS organization is not to play the house of parliament with the “democratic” bunch. That would be both futile and self-destructive. Then what exactly are we to engage in? The primary task of an NS organization right now, would be to recruit, keep and activate those National Socialists who already exist in their nation. Of course, figures may vary from country to country, but they can certainly be counted in the thousands even in the more “under-developed” countries.

Many have found their faith through their own efforts - loners waiting for a serious alternative. I have let others down by barely existing or folded NS outfits - disappointed comrades who have retreated to (at best) leaderless resistance or (at worst) the ordinary, defeatist life of the common man. These people can only be won over by strength and professionalism. But when they do find their way back, they make up a strong backbone of experience and willpower. Young and arrogant attitudes towards these people as losers and quitters are understandable but often both extremely unfair as well as signs of utmost hypocrisy. Many loudmouthed “Nazi” youngsters in leading positions have run off like rats when the going got tough - most of them never to be seen again, if not in the gossip pages of ZOGN media. Building a new NS organization from scratch is not an easy task. But it is often preferable to trying to breathe new life into a stale and half-dead outfit. This “party” may already have driven people away or alienated others through its inactivity (or, unfortunately, stupidity) and has for certain a mummified leadership not willing to make any changes that might involve either lack of own power or the risk of actually doing something real. However, in some cases, there is already an existing and relatively well-functioning group that deserves support and has a potential for the future. Both to assure the influx of new and “old” recruits and to keep them there, building the infrastructure of the organization is just as important as the external activities of meetings, marches, demos, paper sales, leafleting, etc. Getting an own HQ, printing press and so forth saves the movement from boycotts - be it printing of propaganda or renting a meeting hall - and ensures a smooth operation relatively independent from any sources that may be influenced by ZOG pressure. Unfortunately, few organizations take the “business” part of the operation seriously. This has opened the way for profiteering parasites who are motivated by greed and not burdened with the political work or “Nazi” stigma. Naturally, it is important to rid the Movement of such leeches, but in all honesty, it must be said that often the Movement itself opens up to these gold-diggers and fortune seekers by its own lack of interest or capability in money matters. In some cases, it might be wise to seek an alliance with the more honest entrepreneurs where both sides may profit. The products of the private initiative are mostly of a high standard and of a certain propaganda value. There is no denying this. On the other hand, these businessmen live both on and from the supporters of the Movement. That goes for both security at their lucrative concerts as well as the consumers of their “Nazi” goods. It is only fair that a part of these funds finds it way back to the Movement. In the mobster vocabulary, it may be described as protection money, in religious circles as blessed offerings... Anyway, there is no stopping the NS Movement from producing their own merchandise.

Blood & Honour Scandinavia controls both printing companies, publishing houses, record companies, and mail order outlets. These have come to good use in assisting organizations like the aforesaid N.S.F. In its latest glory days, the British division launched both its own political organization (the National Socialist Alliance) and the first British-owned and politically controlled record company (I.S.D.). Due to the “English disease” of gossip, intrigues, and internal warfare, the NSA collapsed. The ISD, which launched artists like Warlord, Ken + Stigger and Squadron, was sabotaged by the greed of certain wannabe pop stars who rather toned down their messages to enjoy the slick covers and the fat royalties of more commercial firms. With the British WP scene back where it started (in the hands of German entrepreneurs) the Scandinavian B&H division is assisting the radical faction of the British B&H in reconstructing the ISD. A telling tale of the ugly conflict between personal greed and political amateurism. In several countries, the Blood & Honour movement has come a long way in building a commercial service. This is quite natural, as the B&HN main target is youth and its main activities revolve around the White Power music scene. This should not be seen as a conflict of interest. On the contrary, the main object of the B&H is to assist the NS organizations, and a strong and vital B&H division is a great asset to that country's NS party. Not everyone sees it that way, however. A tragic tale of broken ties between the party and the B&H comes from Denmark.

Here, the local chapter of Blood & Honour actively supported and assisted Denmark's National Socialist Movement (DNSB). The Rudolf Hess marches in Koge and Greve 1997 and 1998 could not have taken place without the manpower from B&H (both Danish and Swedish). In totally unfounded fear of the B&H “taking over” the DNSB, its leader, Jonny Hansen, demanded that B&H Denmark should disband. When this did not happen, he expelled members connected to the B&H and stopped all further contact with the B&H leadership - including comrades who had worked and sacrificed for Hansen and his organization for years. The result was that the B&H quickly emerged as the only active and growing NS group in Denmark, while the DNSB dwindled into a dwarf-like existence of pathetic inactivity. In 1999 the B&H held its own successful Rudolf Hess march, while the DNSB was forced to cancel all plans due to a total absence of marchers. Aware of this, the Reds decided to make an all-out attack on the DNSB HQ in Greve. True to their cowardly nature they had saved their strength till the House was virtually emptied of NS activists. Spotting a brigade of armed terrorists preparing to storm the house after unsuccessfully trying to poison the guard dog, Jonny Hansen himself was forced to literally drive the Red mobsters off the area. Four communist footsoldiers were severely injured when Hansen in a tank-like attack drove straight into the Red mob with his private car! Now he is charged with attempted murder and might be locked up for years. His “crime” was defending his property, but he can expect little understanding and even less mercy from ZOG's legal eagles. The moral of this sad story is clear. If DNSB had not foolishly broken ties with their friends, they would still have enjoyed the manpower needed not only for demos and marches but also for guarding the party's HQ. As it turned out, Hansen was forced into a lonely existence and the burden of defense was put on the Leader's own shoulders. An unacceptable situation with tragic consequences. We hold no grudges and our sympathy and solidarity go, comrade Hansen. But we cannot help wondering if Jonny in his cell-bound solitude does not miss the legions of C18 gladiators, B&H skinheads, and patriotic hooligans whom he himself denied the chance to give their muscle and time to the DNSB... Organizational structures Network, leaderless resistance, education, social activities. These are really all pretty abstract terms. When you get down to the day-to-day running of an organization - be it Blood & Honour or an NS party - you need structures as well as ideals, ideas, strategies, and tactics.

At the beginning of the post-war era, there were mainly two kinds of organizational structures. The intellectuals, the social clubs, and the PO Box organizations mostly had a sort of board of directors with a “leader” more acting like a toastmaster than a classic Fascist Fuhrer. Sometimes his (seldom, if ever, her) credentials were some academic title, other times it would be his bank book. Many small operations, mostly on the cellar or brain level, were actually financed by the leader himself. (One notable case which rose above the average flops was Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement - thanks to both to his bravery, charisma and experience as well as his social position and private wealth.) Then there was the so-called “lunatic-fringe” with self-styled, tin-pot “Führers” who appeared, caused shock waves and then disappeared - either back to the safety of ordinary life, custody of the prison system (and sometimes actually lunatic asylums!) or the underworld of KGB, CIA and MOSS AD. There are, of course, some important exceptions. One being George Lincoln Rockwell's Amercian Nazi Party, and another being the Swedish Nordic Reich's Party (NRP) led by the faithful and staunch National Socialist Goran Assar Oredsson. Anyway, both categories failed to make real headways, though organizations like the ANP, the Union Movement, and the NRP certainly have made an imprint on NS history and served as a recruiter of today's NS veterans. The notion of a Führer was last time tried out in Sweden, by the NSF. The efforts to create a cult around the young “Nazi” Anders Högström failed, partly because Swedes are not the Führer-kind-of-people but mostly because Hogstrom was sort of “chosen” as Führer, rather than actually getting to this unique position through his own credentials and ambitions. It all collapsed when the “Führer” was exposed in a massive newspaper campaign against Swedish National Socialists. Despite former bravery, Högström made a dishonorable retreat, and the NSF is now led by a committee of proven activists - sadder but wiser. Organizing an NS movement of the year 2000 around an all-ruling leader is not recommended. Our people neither hold the qualities of a real Führer nor the mentality and acceptance of such an absolute ruler. While the Blood & Honour by its very character and activity is best suited for an extremely loose form of organization, the NS party must be organized along traditional lines - at least as long as it can operate on a legal basis. While I personally don't find the Führer-style of leadership suited for today's NS organization, there is no need to go to the opposite extreme. Unfortunately, our kind of people tends to be some of the worst fuss-making grumblers around once the democracy bug gets a foothold.

Admittedly, this is mostly a plague infecting the non-NS populist style patriotic parties, but nevertheless one should be on the guard. A drop of healthy Aryan democracy is more than sufficient. We don't need to make a parody out of an already tragi-comical system. It is beyond the purpose of this book to analyze and work out the exact balance between authority and democracy. Each organization should work on this, taking all aspects - tradition, situation, the character of membership as well as leadership, local laws - into consideration, with efficiency and strength being the key-words. The years ahead If consolidating our positions by recruitment of already existing National Socialists and building a modern infrastructure are the tasks of today, what's to be done in the future? Well, the whole idea of running a National Socialist organization - Blood & Honor or an NS party - is to gain influence and eventually total power for our Movement and its ideology. Not exactly an easy job and definitely not one which is over in the foreseeable future. Any dreams of quick success - be it through the ballot box or the barrel of a gun - are as false as they are dangerous. Hoping to win people by easy solutions (= illusions) might gain you popularity in the very short run, but soon people will either see through your fantasies or leave in disappointment and frustration over lack of significant progress. As National Socialists, we must face the reality and learn to live with it. We have a long, long way to go. And we better have the right footwear from the start, and that means boots rather than loafers! There is no telling for certain if we win or lose. That's the sad fact. The only comforts are that whatever happens, we have done our duty, and if we fail, then the whole world will lose. There is no way the Zionists can run a world without the civilizing and stabilizing effect of the Aryan race. The Chosen ones too will drown in mud. And the earth will be inherited by a dying breed of sub-sapiens, ridden by disease, stunned by the awesome burden of a crippled civilization and challenged by the return of jungle power. But we still have a chance of winning. We have the remedy for the earth's disorders. If we can find the recipe for progress and power-grabbing, then it's just a matter of holding out until the final battle. Whether the NS movement will act as an inspirator, a catalyst, a spearhead, or as the main force behind a national revolution, is impossible to say. Just as there is no certainty as to where this revolution first will break out.

No matter what, each White nation's NS movement has a duty to carry on its work, and while seeking support from and sharing knowledge with other countries' national revolutionary forces, concentrate on building its own movement and creating a strategy that fits its own home scenario. Religious/cultural organizations There are many of these around, both of the “heathen” and the “Christian” variety. Mostly and for obvious reasons, they do not work very well together. However, you find supporters of both camps united in political organizations and parties. I am myself perhaps what you may describe as an agnostic and it is fortunately not the purpose of this book to dwell on religious matters. In the USA, there is a long tradition of Christian Aryanism as well as a popular trend towards modern-day Odinism. Though the first category may be politically stronger and more active, the second is of a higher cultural value to our cause, rekindling our old instincts and values and leading our people back to their roots. Some of the very best NS zines are devoted to various aspects of religious or cultural “Wotanism” (the term used very loosely, I must point out). This being said, I shall not minimize the important role groups like the Identity Christian Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan have played in uniting White activists from all over America as well as many Europeans. These religious and cultural organizations both play an important role in the overall NS battle. However, neither religious fanaticism and fantasies nor historical obsessions and cultural myths should take our eyes away from the very essence of our struggle, namely the political fight to secure the existence of our White race. Non-NS organizations There are basically four ways for National Socialists and national revolutionaries to deal with non- National Socialist patriotic or nationalist organizations: 1 . Ignore it. 2. Oppose it. 3. Work with it. 4. Join it. The choice depends on the politics in your country. Are NS organizations legal or banned? Is there a successful non-NS organization operating that is of any interest to us? Is it friendly or hostile towards us/our ideology? Is it merely populist, is it strongly patriotic or is it in fact nationalist? If NS organizations are still legal, I would strongly suggest that the NS movement concentrates on its own activities and ignores the non-NS “alternative”. Mostly because all manpower and concentration are needed in one's own camp. But also because the NS organization is most likely much smaller than the System-approved patriotic party, and too much attention on it, might actually lead weaker souls away and into the bigger and more “glamorous” and definitely more safe alternative - despite all NS arguments against it.

What is said here, mostly applies to the many populist parties around in both West and East Europe. There might be exceptions, though. If the non-NS group is (openly or secretly) friendly towards our own group, some sort of co-operation should be established. Most likely it would be a very discreet one, as any non-NS patriotic party would seriously damage their “image” in the eyes of democracy by flirting with the “evil Nazis”. The National Socialists should also be wary. Too intimate relations could, as suggested above, lead more opportunist elements away from National Socialism and into the warmth of democratic society. The most well-known examples of parties that might fall into this category are the British NF and BNP, the French NF, and the German NPD and Volksunion(?). If the non-NS organization is obviously not only not National Socialist, but in fact actively opposed to that ideology and riding on a wave of pseudo-Nationalism, it goes without saying that an active stand against such a party is of paramount importance. The more successful it is, the more necessary it is to expose it for what it is: a political hoax led by political bootleggers and conmen. The party of Austria's Jörg Haider is such an example. From the start, he cleverly abused Nationalist sentiments and arguments, but when he rose to a powerful position, Haider quickly sold out. Before exposing himself totally, he actually fooled plenty of honest Nationalists - both of the NS and the non-NS variation. There may come a time when total collaboration is inevitable. If National Socialism is banned and there are no other - more underground-like - options, actually joining a non-NS organization may be acceptable.

There is of course the possibility of creating one's own alternative organization - bordering on National Socialism. But running such an outfit may prove difficult. You lose the unique attraction and inspiration of the NS factor and the possibility of new bans is always there. ZOG may “define” National Socialism more or less as they choose. Additional notes Just a few more words on structural matters. “Democratic” parties love to split up their organizations according to age and sex. In theory, youth divisions and women's groups should not only concentrate on these specific groups but also act as special recruitment vehicles. Personally, I feel that such segregation rather tend to separate the youngsters and the females from the main organization and thereby also from the more important political activities and decisions. In the B&H movement a separate youth organization would simply be impossible. The great majority of its supporters are young in the first place, and the small minority of veterans - despite their youthful surroundings and perhaps their own “young” character as well - would not be suited to run the daily operations of an organization like Blood & Honour. Should there be a special women's group? At this stage, I think not. We have a lack of educated and professional leadership, among men as well as women. There is always the risk that people who are really needed in the central organization are commissioned to lead a women's organization - or a youth front for that matter. Especially the women's group will need a lot of hard and frustrating work due to the sadly low numbers of girls and ladies within or attracted to our Movement at this point. Actually, the mingling of the sexes is desirable, both because we need all the manpower (regardless of sex) we can get and also due to the undeniable recruitment power of the feminine element.

Forgive me for sounding “sexist”, but what kind of people want to join an all-male outfit...? There is also the danger of putting an active girl as head of a miniature “Female Front” and thereby not merely losing a great asset for the main organization, but also risking a “burn-out” from working overtime to build something which has proven to be fairly futile at this stage. Aryan men and Aryan women compliment each other and should work side by side. But there are cases when the men have made few efforts and women have taken the initiative. Such organizations naturally have the right to exist and have also proved to be of great use in the overall struggle of the Movement. Admittedly, they are few and far, but I would like to mention the network around the excellent magazine “Sigrdrifa” and the WAU (Women for Aryan Unity) with divisions in several countries, as shining examples of Valkyrian power. It is true that the NSDAP did indeed have several youth groups and women's organizations. But here we are talking about a phenomenon that appeared fairly late in that party's development from a 7-man strong grouplet to a mass movement that eventually seized total and absolute power over the German society and people. When the day comes when a new NS party reaches just a fraction of that sort of power, we can bring up the question again. Till then we should all stand and act united in one tightly-knit Movement, regardless of sex and age, united solely by our will and ability to do battle. On the other hand, for a non-NS party engaged in normal parliamentary activities, there might be advantages from such separate entities. But these must appear when there is a genuine need for this kind of party structure - not merely because it looks impressive on paper.


Propaganda is necessary to get new people interested in our cause. But it is also necessary to show fellow National Socialists the level of activity and professionalism which your organization has reached. Remember, at this stage that might prove more important than reaching the elusive and at times mythical “masses”. There are most likely more unorganized, “veteran” National Socialist around than there are “new” potential National Socialists. Therefore, a lot of our propaganda should be directed to our own brand of people. This is a must for Blood & Honour, which operates mostly within an environment that is already more or less National Socialist. At this stage, the same goes for most NS organizations around. They need to recruit among their own kind and build a platform on those who are already hardened (but perhaps not organized) national revolutionaries. As for non-NS nationalist or populist parties, the bulk of propaganda should be aimed at the general population in order to gain not only members but also sympathizers and voters. (I have not included educational material such as courses and books in this chapter. Certainly, our enemies brand these as “propaganda”, but they are not - neither by semantic definition nor by character.) Propaganda is defined by type and content. There are many forms of propaganda, but they should all present the National Socialist idea - on whatever topic and in whatever style. Here is a list of the most common propaganda tools: 1 . Leaflets and posters 2. Newspapers, magazines, zines 3. CDs 4. Videos 5. Internet 6. Concerts 7. Meetings/demos/marches 8. Radio/TV 9. Regalia (t-shirts, pins, patches, flags, scarfs, etc) Let's just quickly go through the list. Leaflets and posters are, to a large extent, tools of the past. Newspapers and magazines are still influential, but they have lost substantial ground to the Internet. According to a Zionist source, there is a 20% chance of ending up on a “Nazi” web page if you search on the word “Holocaust”! CDs, of course, are the thing of the present. There surely must be more than thousand different White Pride/White Power/Rock Against Communism/Viking rock titles around, totaling at least two million CD copies - plus, of course, all the copies on cassettes, burned CDs, and mp3 versions.

Videos have not reached those staggering figures, but companies like NS88, Warrior Videos and AINASKIN have released more than a hundred titles, ranging from old 3'^‘‘ Reich propaganda newsreels to the latest concert videos. Plus the legendary Kriegsberichter series of “MTV” style WP propaganda. Political meetings are - unfortunately losing out to the many WP concerts. It is necessary, as the Scandinavian B&H branches do, to combine the ideological element of the political meeting with the stronger propaganda effect of the rock concerts. Due to lack of manpower demos are not as frequent as they ought to be, and marches are even more scarce. Combining these important shows of activism and strength with an attractive recruitment incitement such as a concert has proved fairly efficient. NS radio stations do exist but are few and far apart. The most famous. Radio Oasen, broadcasts from the HQs of the Danish National Socialist Movement. There are also radio stations with a more or less NS profile scattered around the States. Still, they reach relatively few and are by far overrated as propaganda vehicles. As for TV, you have the excellent “Race and Reason” on American cable television. But worldwide, TV is near to non-existent as an NS propaganda tool. And if a radio is overrated, then the value of T-shirts, pins, patches, etc. is definitely underrated. Here we have the “fashion world” of “Nazis”, forming the youngsters and giving blunt but clear messages to the people on the street. Some propaganda tools need further comments. “Distributing propaganda” was in older days more or less synonymous with handing out leaflets. Grand campaigns covering cities and suburbs with propaganda sheets used to be the true sign of an efficient movement And if In addition, you managed to cover some walls and windows with your (mostly provocative) posters, you were in real business!

Unfortunately, the total effect of these labor-costly and expensive operations was minimal. At least if they were the efforts of an NS group. It takes more than a leaflet - often poorly printed at that - to counter the daily mass propaganda of ZOG's newspapers. And the chance of finding not only a “Nazi” but also one that would actually be moved into action through these leaflets was, and still is, microscopic. For a non-NS party, engaged in an election, the mass distribution of leaflets prior to an election still makes sense, but for the NS Movement, other tools should have priority - both on the financial and the activist level. Carefully planned blitz attacks where leaflets are distributed in limited areas can be useful, though. Especially around some big event that might be anything from a football match to the visit of some undesirable in your local area. You need not work yourself out by distributing such leaflets by the millions. Hitting the right target nearly always results in big media coverage. Now, mostly the person who runs to the press with a copy of your printed message will be of the negative type. That does not really matter too much, as long as the leaflet is well written on a popular or, for that matter, controversial theme and is professionally produced. A good idea is to have the address of your organization printed in bold lettering on the top of the leaflet rather than the usual text on the bottom of the back page. Thereby you have a good chance of getting your address as well as your message printed in your local daily. That means free advertising read by far more people than you could ever hope to reach through your own distribution. Certainly, it will be distorted in one way or the other. Journalists and editors are no friends of patriotism and National Socialism. Still, those who already have leanings in our direction will see through most, if not all, the garbage journalism. And by appearing in the papers, you show yourself to both friends and foes as an active unit. Posters work rather in the same way. You don't really need to plaster the whole town (though the sight would be great!). A few strategic ones mostly do the trick. Fortunately, as posters are expensive to print and easy targets of Red nails (and I don't think of elegant ladies...). If you apply the old trick of mixing the glue with tiny bits of glass, you add a bloody touch of pain to it all...

While actual newspapers are rather few in NS circles (most published in USA, like The New Order, NS Kampfruf, WAR and The Truth At Last, and nearly always monthly or bi-monthly), magazines and so-called zines flourish. Unfortunately, too many pop up once or twice and then disappear, never to be seen again - just like the subscription revenue you sent off to some PO Box. But to be fair, there are some damn good ones around, and they have been for some time now. American Resistance and Swedish “Nordland” set new standards when it came to presentation: glossy and colourful. This is of course, excellent in principle, but in the tough world of National Socialism, it can backfire. Flashy Resistance attracted the interest of America's tax mafia and was then hit with ZOG's full force, causing its old editor to turn from white to yellow and then obviously transparent as he completely vanished from the Movement. It took a few good men, a lot of energy and big capital to get it going again. “Nordland” was a yet more costly project. And it did not help that its readership was limited to those who can understand the Swedish language. Certainly, Sweden had a big share of the White Power rock industry and customers. But it was not really enough to justify the expenses of such a magazine. And the legal harassment of its publishers and media's terror campaign against its potential customers led to both financial bankruptcy and political collapse. All the praise of foreign NS groups and zines were of no help then. So what's the moral? Well, I hope this has taught us to be realists. Even putting all our capital in the paper basket, will not produce a magazine similar to the usual Capitalist standard. Colour galore and a glossy paper trail will give you respect and admiration among your own, but at what price? For an English language magazine it can be worth it, considering the huge market potential. But for smaller countries? No way. The need for regular and continuous publication overrides the luxury factor at any time. By this, I do not mean that we should be cheap in our publishing efforts. Good looks are important, but only to a certain degree. The content, naturally, is even more important. And that there exists funds to keep the magazine afloat, too. We should also not forget that as national revolutionaries, we may soon find ourselves back in the backyard when it comes to printing and publishing facilities. There is definitely no need to be spoilt and to let arrogant megalomania wipe out sane realism. As for the content of our papers, that is naturally at the discretion of the editor. We need a varied press, covering all aspects of our creed, but preferably in the light of National Socialism. I deliberately use that word rather than “exclusively”. There are some good papers, magazines and zines around that for one or more reasons (some good, some not) are limited to the idea of nationalism, patriotism or even at times populism. They may contain valuable information (especially their news coverage) and despite their ideological shortcomings, they deserve both careful reading and yearly subscriptions. But make sure you see these papers as supplements to the NS press. It is true that the National Socialist media often cannot match the size and regularity of the less controversial magazines, but what the NS magazines may lack in looks and numbers, they mostly make up for in content. Neither should you forget that sales of NS papers are an important and often vital income source for the NS group.

During the last five years, Internet has replaced magazines as the NS Movement's main communication vehicle. There are a great and growing number of “Nazi” websites, and mostly they are both professional and of excellent content. And the e-mail service has to a large extent made costly and risky telephone calls and slow “snail mail” unnecessary. Then we have the chat channels like IRC where National Socialists are plenty. These chats may be valuable in getting people together and discussing politics, solving problems, settling differences, and generally getting comrades together. However, far too many use these channels as a forum for gossip and slander, as well as infantile obscenities. The Americans are the worst offenders, but the Europeans are quick to follow, I am sad to conclude. Here we definitely need our own “Net watch”. Root out the infiltrators, trouble makers, and perverts who “amuse” themselves behind the safety of fancy “Nazi” nicknames! The Internet gives us endless opportunities. But be on guard. ZOG's censors are constantly trying to sabotage the freedom of the Net. Join forces with true libertarians and guard our rights to free expression. It's our last but biggest resort. On the other hand, do not overestimate the impact of your web propaganda. Some retreat to the easiness and safety of their computer world. You should remember that without real involvement and concrete activity, the Net is nothing but virtual reality. Now for the second big propaganda breakthrough; the CD. The first White Power music (not counting the battle anthems of the 3rd  Reich) appeared during the political sixties. Both Klan-oriented singers like Johnny Rebel and Nazis like Odis Cochran & the Three Bigots recorded vinyl singles and EPs with strong White racist lyrics to classic country & western music. Today all these amazing recordings exist on CD, but for two decades they floated around the NS scenes of Europe in mainly mediocre cassette versions. Then appeared Ian Stuart & Skrewdriver, and nothing was ever the same. White Power had come to the music world! At first - except for a few legendary singles and EPs, Skrewdriver and the other WP bands inspired by the White noise trend (British as well as German), recorded their music for Rock-0-Rama, a German semi-underground punk label. Later a real NS label - Rebelles Europeens - recorded a series of EPs with now-classic WP bands from all over Europe, including Dirlewanger, Lionheart and No Remorse. Still, the music was hardly more than an exciting novelty. The real impact came with the compact disc. The sound of White Power and the message of Aryan Pride found their way to thousands of vibrant White ears all over the world. A whole new youth culture was in the making! This was the chance the NS propagandists had been waiting for, and fortunately - much thanks to Blood & Honour, Ian Stuart's own organization - they did not miss it. The WP music machine has been producing nationalist and National Socialist CDs in a steady stream since the beginning of the nineties. And they keep getting more professional both in appearance and performance. No White community is without its WP rock fans, and no White nation is without its WP artists. The variety in music style is growing as well, including Oi!, punk, rock, rock'n'roll, heavy metal, black metal, trash metal, death metal, pop, C&W, folk, and even techno. Well, this just looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the shiny cover of progress has a dark and at times ugly back side.

Tens of thousands of CDs mean millions of dollars - an attractive playground for profiteering entrepreneurs. Our people are, generally, neither businessmen by occupation nor by instinct. There is nothing really wrong in this. Many might say it is positive proof of idealism. However, when you are to deal with big money from a blooming, multi-national business, this lack of knowledge, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit will seriously damage your own judgment as well as the operations you are engaged in. Our people may not be corporate men and women, but they are not immune to greed and envy. Uncountable stories of conflicts stemming from the nationalist record industry tell a very sad tale of broken comradeship, bitter feuds, and aggressive campaigns. In this chaos the pure profiteer steps in. Driven by money lust rather than political ambitions, running the operation like a smooth enterprise rather than a crude political organization, this person is bound to end up with the juicy bits of the CD deals.

Now, I am not saying that the people who work full time should not be compensated. Basing this huge and important operation solely on idealistic but sporadic help, has proved a disastrous decision based on pseudo-ideological fantasies rather than the harsh facts of life. But we should not forget that this is OUR thing, our propaganda and eventually our funds pocketed from our supporters who want to listen to our music and our lyrics. In other words, we have the right to our share. Again, it is true that the size of this share depends on our own ability to get in there and do a good job. Then there will be no place for the corporate pick-pockets of our Movement. It might not be politically correct and certainly not business-like, but some blame must also be put on the rock ‘n 'rollers themselves. There are so-called WP artists who behave little better than musical prostitutes, running from one WP record company to the other (most likely less WP inclined) in order to get a better deal or a more luxurious production - obsessed with outrageous royalty demands and willing to sell out both morally and politically to gain financial rewards. Naturally, the artists should be compensated for their work, but their claims are not more essential than those of other comrades - many who never get one dime for their political activities which may have cost them both jobs, families and freedom. Most of these idealists never experience the sunny side of NS life: going places without bars on the windows, being greeted by hundreds or thousands of fans rather than the angry boys in blue or red, getting the chance to play the songs of your life rather than getting beaten half to death, served free beer and spirits rather than a fine or a prison sentence. It is obviously easy to remember Ian Stuart, the creator of White Power rock and founder of Blood & Honour. More difficult it seems for some to follow in this warrior's footsteps on the straight and narrow road of Aryan pride, bravery, and sacrifice! The CDs are not only a mega fundraiser for the Movement. It is also perhaps the single most important propaganda messenger. Therefore, we need to examine and analyze their content. Are all WP lyrics good propaganda?

First of all, only a fool - or the prosecutors of ZOG - takes these rock lyrics literally. They are not political programs, declarations, or orders. Like all other kinds of popular music, they are entertainment for a certain kind of people who find comfort and - in our case - hopefully, general inspiration from listening. Some nationalist CDs contain lyrics that are extremely violent and/or racist. Others barely touch the subject of politics. You may choose from the power of politics to the passion of pride. “If it's Aryan it's good!” should summon up the general rule. But unfortunately, it is not entirely that easy... Mostly, it is not the CDs in themselves that cause some problems. All musicians do their best and I do not know of one CD that is actually opposed to our creed. It may not go all the way, but the nationalist sentiments are always there. If not, it simply falls outside the category of music we are discussing in the first place. Rather, I am sometimes worried about the development of the band or the source from which the CD production stems. Sadly, there are too many samples of bands who have gradually toned down the message of their lyrics with every new release. It may not be drastic changes but it all ends up with the risk of giving the fans the idea that radicalism generally and National Socialism specifically is perhaps not such a good idea. The artist(s) may have several reasons for this political retreat. There might be demands from the record companies in order to adjust to the oppressing laws of that country, which is understandable and generally acceptable. But there is always the chance that the entertainer has simply changed views - for a sincere personal reason or (I believe mostly) out of fear that ZOG in any way will disturb his life as a performing artist. In such cases, the singer/band no longer represents a positive role model or source of inspiration. On the contrary, young fans might follow the artist's example and then cowardice and opportunism suddenly become virtues! The point of all propaganda is to lead people to us, not away from us. Especially bitter is this when the subjects actually were in “our hands” just to be driven away again by supposed allies of us. Some artists honestly cannot take the pressure. They are to be respected when they sincerely want to continue spreading a message of patriotism on a level of heat that they can themselves endure. But totally unacceptable is the stupidity of certain so-called NS outfits which promote these artists as something they simply are not. No matter how popular their music is, how professional they perform on stage, they are not (and mostly do not even claim to be) National Socialists or revolutionaries. And they most certainly are not any leaders of our Movement - as some fortunately folded organizations have tried to brand a few of the most populist type of rock stars.

Furthermore, it is downright disgusting when some of the most profit-hungry wheeler-dealers preying on the nationalist music lovers deliberately seek to de-politicize our music to avoid legal problems and to sell more CDs through “mainstream” channels. When a German label that has released CDs by a majority of the big names in WP music, coins the slogan “No politics, only music” and stamps it on their cursed discs, then things have really gotten out of hand. By their very actions these slick tradesmen have excluded themselves from our circles. It is high time our artists understand this too and stop playing around with outsiders Our only chance of winning back control over the CD market is to start learning how to run a professional business. Moaning and groaning won't do the trick. However, a bit of pressure on the more unruly elements may at times be necessary. It doesn't sound “nice” but we simply cannot allow our main propaganda tool to turn into an Oriental bazaar. And it is the radicals who will have to pay the bill anyway. While the revolutionaries have their day in court, the moneymakers are laughing all the way from the CD factory to the bank. As I said, this is our thing. But then again, we must learn to live with it and not let it slip out of our hands through foolish carelessness and wild amateurism. CDs have a domineering and spectacular role in our propaganda show. A slightly less shiny role, but closely tied to the music industry in many aspects plays the Internet. Here we can advertise our products and more or less freely express our views to millions of potential supporters. Apart from certain infantile abuse of the chat channels, the Movement has played its cyber cards extremely well. Easy to learn and at minimal costs young pioneers of Nazi space have created an overwhelming offering of NS, nationalist, revisionist, and skinhead websites. Here the sky is literally the limit. There is a “but”, though. Be careful not to be totally seduced by the cyber charm. For all its glory it can never replace the concrete, often far less exciting, but just as often far more dangerous activities right down her in the reality of earthly struggle. It is easy to build a virtual New Order, but that is really nothing more than a fancy version of the old fairy tales, a digital description of our dreams and hopes. It should inspire you, it should attract interest and followers. But it's still a mirage. The real thing demands blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, and hard work. Nothing for the nerd, in other words. And for the warriors, gladiators, and berserkers we are seeking, there is no easy short-cut, no virtual substitutes - just bloody reality. That naturally brings us to the more concrete and risky business of demonstrating our presence and views to the public. Half a century of history written by the victors of the 2"‘* World War and media coverage by ZOG's pen-pushing lackeys have thoroughly programmed the bulk of the population. We are neither politically correct nor the good guys in the eyes of the public.

On the contrary, we are generally seen as the worst kind of evil since the days of the late Count Dracula. Not by everyone, of course, but those who have secret sympathies keep them well hidden out of fear of losing social positions, and most of our so-called supporters still hesitate to act in public demonstrate to the world their NS sentiments. That leaves the few bravehearts. There are many episodes of a tiny group of valiant “Nazis” doing battle with a mob of Red scum. Our hearts bleed for these braves, but still, I have to say that in most cases their sacrifices have been in vain or even were counter-productive. (I can truthfully say this, as I personally have taken part in several such uneven battles.) The public will not love a “Nazi” at this stage. Then they should at least fear him. Showing public defeat - no matter how bravely you have performed - is not good PR. Nobody loves a loser. I'm afraid. And to be honest, who other than a political masochist, is attracted by bloody defeat? Far from hurting our enemies, these harakiri-style actions actually build up their strength and confidence. Spectacular demos and marches should be conducted by manpower matching the risk factor. We should at least have a fair chance of winning any street battle that may take place. Now, we don't necessary need to be in a majority (we seldom are at this stage) but we should have (and mostly we do) a majority of aggressive will to win. In recent years, with the new flow of young combatants to our Movement, things have improved radically on this front. A fact that should shame the pseudo-intellectual critics of skinheads and Combat 18 supporters! The meeting activities of our Movement have in recent years totally been dominated by WP concerts. This is both for good and bad. It's positive that the concerts have a magnificent attraction power and also - at least in theory - generate great funds for our cause. But too many concerts are the doings of private initiative of the corporate kind. In other words, the money generated from these events go from the pockets of nationalists to the pockets of profiteers. Many organizations let this happen due to their own inability to arrange such shows. In those cases, they should try to wise up to their own act, and till they themselves are capable, they should demand a sort of NS tax on these private businessmen.

After all, these money-making music men get their funds from our people and the entertainment from our bands. Just as they must compensate the artists, they should contribute with a share of the profits to the local NS movement which mostly supplies both the security, the audience, and the customers anyway. At the same time, the political cadres should involve themselves more actively in the actual shows. A concert without a political message beyond the lyrics of the rock stars is simply incomplete at best, and a waste of time at worst. (I have experienced so-called “memorial concerts” where the martyr in question was not even mentioned!) Blood & Honour Scandinavia has shown the way in this respect, combining the fiery political agitator with the thrilling sound of the White Power musicians. And remember, you do not have to have a concert to attract people. In fact, sometimes all our comrades want is to discuss politics or in a serene fashion honour one of our heroes. And sometimes all you should want is to attract the purely political cadres. This does not mean that these gatherings are in any way boring. Carefully prepared majestic surroundings in a solemn atmosphere or a thoroughly political manifestation with spellbinding speakers might be more impressive and heart-touching than the most professional and radical rock performer. I have personally witnessed both and would like to make the special mentioning of the Waffen SS marches in Budapest organized by Hungaria Skins, the Adolf Hitler celebrations as well as many of the recruitment meetings of the Swedish NSF plus the legendary Rudolf Hess marches of DNSB and Blood & Honour Denmark. And please do not forget the good or socials where our people just meet, exchange views, bring boy- or girlfriend or perhaps curious comrades from the neighborhood or work. You meet in the local pub, cafe, or beer joint - or even in your home; drink a little, talk a lot (OK, I know some like to reverse that order...), listen to WP music, and generally have a good time. That's propaganda too.

Many have been drawn to the Movement simply through a need of a social life, tight comradeship, and a common purpose in life. Of course, such basic events must be followed up by thorough education and more serious activism, but don't let go of the social bit. It is needed - both to keep people with us and to keep spirits high. Fellowship is the essential platform of all revolutionary forces. We have now thoroughly discussed the forms of propaganda. Just as important is the content of your propaganda and its direction. Which issues should be stressed, which to avoid, how to present your case, and to whom. Your target should ideally be all the White population. This is, however, due to limited resources, neither practical nor possible. I have already explained how National Socialists should concentrate on organizing those who already share our views but - for some reason - have chosen not to organize themselves or have dropped out. To these people, a professional and positive presentation is more important than the topic itself. They need to renew or at least strengthen, their belief in the possibilities and potentials of active involvement. Therefore, the stencils, the spelling mistakes, and the hysterical and often unfounded rumblings of old must not be repeated. The Net is a good measure of the progress and professionalism the Movement has reached today. So are the bulk of magazines and most of the CDs. Naturally, propaganda directed towards other than NS people should be well-produced too. But here the content is just as important as the quality. Here we must keep in mind what purpose the specific propaganda has. Do we want to recruit new members, seek publicity, gain new sympathizers or win votes? Signing up new members take more than a bit of propaganda. That is, and should rightly be, a long process involving both propaganda as well as education and the building of motivation. But the first step is to actually reach the people, and sometimes the publicity of the media is the most efficient one. I am not saying that all publicity is good publicity, but the press is hungry to sell papers, and “nazism” is (at least in their own eyes) a definite seller.

A bit of manipulative propaganda might be rewarded with valuable news coverage. Fully aware that it is a dangerous game that sometimes will backfire, I still believe we can and should benefit from the “shock effect” of our political radicalism. A master of this manipulative art of propaganda was Commander George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party. Whatever, you can of course not rely on ZOG's press to be your mouthpiece. At best they have created a general interest and at the price of major hostility. But those belonging to that last category will hardly ever find their way to our camp, anyhow. For an organization such as Blood & Honour the approval of public opinion is never the issue. The views of average ZOG slaves should be irrelevant to B&H. By its very nature, it should direct its propaganda at the youth in a shape appreciated by the youth and with a message that strikes a chord among the most radical and discontent factions of White youth. The same might be said for all National Socialist organizations, though naturally their audience should not be limited to that of youngsters. Mass propaganda is really only for the populists and the nationalists who seek representation through elections. In these cases, the natural topics of propaganda are those ignored by the mainstream parties, such as immigration, culture distortion, NATO, the European Union, etc. The populist will give the issues an economic twist while the nationalists can play on the threat to national identity and sovereignty. Such efforts are, as I have stated enough times, fairly futile. But if the ZOG laws of the land leave you no other choice, then you should try to use whatever influence you have to give an NS touch to the otherwise simplified message. Whoever you address your propaganda to, the general rule is not to use vulgar and primitive language. (I exclude the WP music scene, where the lyrics are coloured by youthful instincts and are expressions of political emotions rather than political messages.)

Not only does crudeness quickly bring you in conflict with ZOG's censorship laws against “racial hatred”, it is also in most cases counter-productive. Even the primitives and the blind haters do not expect a message similar to their most dark dreams. They don't need an overdose to turn on. And honestly, are those the kind of people we should concentrate on? I am not saying that such people are not needed or not at all wanted. There are times when all intellectualism and nice intentions have to step aside for the power of the brute. And is political sincerity judged by its refinement? But, generally there is neither need nor use for vulgarisms. This is not to say that the propaganda should never be radical. Of course, it should. But radicalism is not the same as a collection of abusive words and insults. Just as unprovoked physical attacks on immigrants are counter-productive and get you locked up for no good reasons, tirades of hate are just negative signals. Immigration is the problem and it is caused by the treacherous politicians of the oppressive and alien ZOG regime. Criticize the phenomenon and direct your wrath against the politicians. They are your enemy, they are the enemies of your country and race. Make them the enemy of your fellow countrymen too! The Jews have been the favorite topic of our literature since the birth of National Socialism. The “Jewish question” is of extreme political importance and the awareness of the Zionist peril is essential for all national revolutionaries. The propaganda value of this matter is minimal, though. People in general are conditioned and programmed to feel sympathy for Jews through a massive distortion of historical facts and oppression of political realities. When the “Chosen Ones” need to be mentioned in our propaganda, they should be described as Zionists rather than simply “Jews”.

This is both a more acceptable term and a better political description. You thereby put the focus on politics rather than race and you can even turn charges of “racism” against the cosmopolitans themselves. Remember - and make sure others don't forget either - that the United Nations (from the start a Zionist dream come true) actually has branded Zionism as racism, and that it is the ideology by which the state of “Israel” justifies its occupation of Arab land and expulsion, oppression and persecution of the Semitic Palestinians. Propaganda can crudely and perhaps cynically be described as the most attractive bits of your ideology. Keep in mind that though it is a means to an end, it will sabotage your purpose if it is not honest and truthful. We have the intense spotlights of ZOG on us at all times, so do not be caught in lies and silly intimidation. Neither should you let the cheap thrills of opportunism keep you from telling uncomfortable truths nor give up your radical beliefs. Just hit the nail and hammer away. People will hear you and wonder what you are building. In the end, your own unselfish and idealistic example is the best kind of propaganda!


A sensitive chapter but not as essential and domineering as our enemies believe (or at least will have general opinion believe). Still, no topic should go undiscussed, and considering the seriousness of its consequences, I will tread carefully not to cause any misunderstandings - neither from friend nor foe. In school we were taught that only those without arguments use violence, just to leave class with a good chance of getting yourself involved in a bloody brawl over some youthful disagreements. In other words: theory is one thing, reality another. This might seem cynical and definitely not “politically correct” but there are as many degrees of violence as there are reasons for it. The instinctive violence of self-defense is naturally the most acceptable to society in general. Less attractive may seem the sport's violence of hooligans - individually or in organized groups. The same goes for the occasional street violence of skinheads (which may in fact be pure self-survival in the ongoing gang wars between anarchists and immigrants on one side and patriotic skins on the other). And the bikers of the MC clubs have a long tradition of violence in all shapes and forms. It is easy to scorn and condemn these people as “mindless thugs” and “criminal brutes”. Not as easy but far more constructive is to channel this aggressive energy into political use. When the “proper patriot” wishing to make a demonstration is confronted with the bloodthirsty red mob I am certain that he or she wishes there were more “thugs” and “brutes” around in our own camp. Who else should make up the columns of our security forces? There is also another kind of violence that at least in certain European countries is generally accepted, namely the aggressive mass demonstrations. If the farmers of France can forcefully fight back against state sell-out and police brutality, there should be nothing morally wrong in using force to defend your people and country. And if there is any sense to any violence, it must be stronger than that of the opposition. This is pure logic but still seems to be constantly stressed. Hesitant half-measures will get you beaten up, just as it will put your organization under the boot of your political enemies. Reds rely on violence. Not because they don't believe in their own stupid rhetorics but because violence has proved more efficient due to their numerical advantage. And of course, the fact that hitting a “Nazi” on the head seldom gets you in trouble with the law and more often than not makes you the hero of the press. How long shall we let ourselves be humiliated and ridiculed by these Anarchist thugs doing the dirty work of the Capitalists, Communists, and Zionists? Pacifism is for foolish dreamers and genetic wimps. Violence as self-defense is natural and unquestionable. But then again, an attack is said to be the best form of defense. So where does that lead us? Nobody would deny that for all those years since Adolf Hitler gave his life for our race in a Berlin bunker, the nationalists and race-conscious Whites (as well as the entire Aryan race for that matter) have been on the defensive. Is it not high time to fight back? This is certainly suggestive argumentation, isn't it?

It might easily be interpreted as it is time to grab those guns and start shooting back. Well, it is not the time! Far too many brave comrades have been taken out of circulation by ZOG due to playing with guns and grenades. And I deliberately use that word, because in 88% of the cases we are not talking of people using weapons, rather they are collecting them - hidden (but obviously not good enough!) or strutting around with them, attracting ZOG agents like flies to the smorgasbord. In the majority of the remaining cases, aggressive frustration has been the igniting factor rather than careful revolutionary planning. Exceptions are of course The Order and a few other more organized and well-planned violent strikes against the ZOG regime. As for organizations openly using violence in their operations, I guess Combat 18 is not only the most well-known but also one of the very, very few presently existing. And even C18 is - at least for now - not very active on the operative front. The more organizations and individuals there are who TALK about revolutionary violence. Most are sincere, but there are undoubtedly also enemy provocateurs and bogus groups among them, trying to lure honest patriots into illegal situations and then entrap them. Examples of this are legion. And unfortunately, sincerity is no guarantee for either intelligence, actual activity, or success. Those who do choose the risky road of active rather than theoretical armed resistance, should not only think twice before engaging in such dangerous underground activities. The underground cell should also carefully plan its operations and avoid any contact with those engaged in the legal part of the struggle - for its own security's sake but also not to jeopardize the ordinary political work by linking these organizations to subversive violence and what might be labeled as terrorism. As for the established NS movements and patriotic parties, they can obviously not participate, initiate or even actively support acts of political terrorism.

On the other hand, the pathetic attacks from certain “moderate” groups (some sadly calling themselves “B&H”) condemning acts of direct force for their own petty safety not only shame the cowards but far worse split the Movement as a whole. At this stage, it is essential to have a clear view of the situation in which National Socialists, as well as all White patriots, find themselves in. Therefore we need to ask ourselves several important questions. What is terrorism? Is it solely the classic “mad bomber” or the gun-toting guerilla groups? Who are the greatest terrorists? Those who deliberately seek to neutralize our civil rights, minimize our political freedom, ridicule our historical heritage, pervert our national culture, mongrelize our people and eventually exterminate our race? Or those who - feeling they are left with no other alternative - use violence to fight back? The media and other leftist institutions are quick to glorify any armed resistance coming from their own side. Kurds are oppressed and therefore have the right to engage in acts of terrorism not only in Turkey, but also all over Europe. Likewise the Muslim Kosovo Albanians and the Chechens. And naturally, any band of Indian Reds in Latin America. (The IRA as long as the socialism overrides the nationalism, and the Palestinians as long as they are no serious threat to “Israel”.) Even the murdering Red Brigades of Italy and the Baader-Meinhof group in Germany gave the red wine radicals some delightful thrills. In fact, all over the Western world Communist and Anarchist groups on the lunatic- fringe preach the violent overthrow of the Capitalist system.

They are left in peace while any nationalist group even as much as hinting at the use of force, are persecuted, prosecuted, and banned. The obvious reason is that not only do these loony lefties present no real threat to ZOG, but they are also actually ZOGs own political mobsters allowed to run about causing havoc in order to physically wipe out the real resistance against both Marxists, Capitalists, and Zionists, namely the Nationalist opposition. An example from Sweden shows exactly what I mean; While the Chancellor of “Justice’’^ court action against three B&H national revolutionaries for spreading White Pride music took place in Helsingborg, Red arsonists burned down the studio of nationalist rock band Ultima Thule in Nyköping. While ZOGs right-hand tries to confiscate (and eventually burn) the patriotic rock CDs, its left hand burns down the CD source straight away! What happened to the freedom of art? How dare these hypocrites to moan over the Reich's symbolic burning of perverted and subversive literature while these quasi-democrats actively or passively allow the oppression of cultural freedom under their own rule? What kind of signals do the ZOG perpetrators send out by such actions? It is pure incitement to counter-terror. If that's not enough, how about this: That curse to real European unity, the “Jewropean Jewnity” of bankers and bureaucrats, cosmopolitans and traitors, engage in a hysterical campaign against Austria for exercising its democratic right to vote in the government of its own choice (I bet ZOG regrets that Ostmark is not a part of their Bundes- German province now!), while at the same time accepting any Communist, pro-Communist or post-Communist in other European governments and doing multi-billion monkey business with the biggest Communist dictatorship ever, namely Red China.

As I said, it is tempting to flirt with ideas of armed resistance, terror actions of sabotage and the violent overthrow of the ZOG yoke. And the oppressive rulers of today who engage in various degrees of state-sanctioned terror have nobody but themselves to blame for outbursts of so-called “Nazi” anti-terror. The moral responsibility lies solely on those who suppress others' rights and threaten those people's very existence. Let that be crystal clear. However, is it wise to totally leave the few options the so-called democracy still give us? Personally, I think we should try to work within the system - within reason. There are principles and ideas we represent that never can be compromised, whatever the regime demands of us. And sometimes acts of violence, in defense or as necessary reprisals are unavoidable. But we should in my view try to exploit those possibilities the present-day laws actually give us. Some are of another opinion. This must be respected rather than condemned. Nobody has a guaranteed recipe for victory. On the contrary, the rebel might point to the track record of the post-war NS/Nationalist movement which shows a seemingly endless string of failures. But those who choose to risk both their own life and that of their comrades-in-arms and maybe even innocent bystanders have a great responsibility which they should not take lightly. Without mental training and physical fitness, these people will not last through the sabbath, and although their heroism and initiative may be admired, this admiration can never make up for the loss of brave comrades through incarnation or liquidation for efforts that were all in vain. This book is primarily a manual for political work, written by and for Blood & Honour supporters. It is not a field manual for guerilla warfare. The latter is easily accessible from most survival outfits. Books on that topic range from US Army manuals to Anarchist cookbooks. Therefore, I do not intend to go into detail about warlike operations. I will just say that there is, even on this matter, several schools of conduct. You have those who believe in the relatively new strategy of Leaderless Resistance, meaning small cells of a tiny group of national revolutionaries (including one- man-operations) acting independently and striking at the ZOG system through direct actions of violence and/or sabotage.

The phrase was coined by the well-known American NS seditionist Louis Beam, who describes it in the following way: “Conversely, the LAST thing Federal snoops want, if they had any choice in the matter, is a thousand different small phantom cells opposing them. It is easy to see why. Such a situation is an intelligence nightmare for a government intent upon knowing everything they possibly can about those who oppose them. The Federals, able to amass overwhelming strength of numbers, manpower, resources, intelligence gathering, and capability at any given time, need only a focal point to direct their anger (ie Waco). A single penetration of a pyramid-style organization can lead to the destruction of the whole. Whereas, Leaderless Resistance presents no single opportunity for the Federals to destroy a significant portion of the Resistance. ” Another famous American national revolutionary, our comrade John Metzger of WAR has put it like this: “Leaderless Resistance is a fancy title for self-starting fanatics who have adopted an ideology of racial and personal survival and prepare to carry it out by any means, needed the objective. Sophisticated organizations are a waste of time and money during this period. The individual or small cell holds great power in their hands. Does the Jew need endless meetings to tell him that the Nazi is the enemy? Does the wolf need a membership card to stalk the deer? Did the Unabomber have a uniform or wave a flag? Leaderless Resistance is not the end product, but it is the best during this phase of the struggle. People join membership groups to make themselves feel the strength of the group. I say, if you are not strong, there is no group that can make you so. ” Others see this as merely chaotic and inefficient provocations against the colossal ZOG power machine. They prefer army-like operations of the classic guerilla style with a central coordinator and strict leadership of the “old” school. (For an interesting and thought-provoking criticism of Leaderless Resistance, see Resistance magazine. Winter 2000 .) I have myself discussed this in an article in Blood & Honour Scandinavia magazine no. 3 and came to the conclusion that there are both pros and cons on both sides of the argument (surprise, surprise).

It would seem that the LE style is best suited for a country of the USA's size and mentality. America has a long and deep-rooted tradition of vigilante action that hardly exists in European countries. Especially the Nordic societies are much smaller and thereby more difficult to operate in as an anonymous strike-force. This does not mean that there have been no attempts to sabotage society through individual action in the Scandinavian countries. The Reds started it in the beginning of this century and took up the tradition again (though in a far more wimpy way) in the sixties and seventies. In Norway, there have been fairly bloody attempts by lone NS wolves in the seventies and eighties, while in Sweden national-revolutionary comrades who finally ended up in the prison organization Aryan Brotherhood has committed several acts of terrorism according to the theories of Leaderless Resistance. Then there was the famous case of the Swedish so-called Laser Man, who shot a long line of immigrants, killing one of them. And the murder of Marxist prime minister Olof Palme in Sweden may, or may not, have been an ultimate act of Leaderless Resistance. But apart from the Palme murder, which does suggest a powerful organization behind the termination, all have been caught - be they Red, Blue, or Brown activists. There is also the risk that nationalist leaders promote the idea in order to avoid responsibility, or even worse, avoiding getting their own hands “dirty”. And it is true that the Swedish VAM (White Aryan Resistance) finally collapsed due to its lack of organization and tendency towards leaderless resistance. Their activities were spontaneous and ill-prepared - too often the result of momentary “inspiration” rather than a careful strategy of individual warfare. So what's the answer? It is - as mostly in life - neither yes nor no. In some countries, Leaderless Resistance is highly recommendable. In others, like Germany, it has through the dictatorial excesses of ZOG, become a must for the die-hard National Socialist. (Rote Armee Eraktion is turning into Braune Armee Eraktion right in front of the frustrated STASI officers!) In Scandinavia - especially Sweden and Denmark - there now exist well-organized NS movements which actually know the score.

They are prepared to work legally if “democracy” lets them. But they are also willing to change their modus operandi if that should become necessary. Unity does mean strength, and a well-organized movement of strong individuals multiplies that strength by its number of members. On the other hand, some comrades work best on their own, and their actions are of such a nature that total anonymity is needed and no organization can take responsibility without forever leaving their legal status. Last year the Washington Post reported that the anonymous loners who show up at meetings but not as members, listen but do not make themselves heard - and then go about their own subversive and violent business, are the biggest threat to society according to FBI. These lone white wolves must be respected and left alone to stalk the worst enemies of our race. They expect no support and assistance, but they deserve acknowledgment and understanding. Whichever way you choose is eventually up to no one but yourself. However, whether you work in an organization shoulder-to-shoulder with your NS comrades, or you take the dark and lonely road of individual counter-terrorism, you should put all your energy, all your heart, and all your brain into your actions!


Your life as a national activist is quite a bit like the journey around those board games of old. While jumping from one square to the next you are often obliged to pick a card that either takes you back to the starting point, makes you pay money, tells you to wait out, puts you in jail, or - on the positive side - gives you another chance of throwing the dice, allows you to jump ahead or rewards you in some other way. It is a journey of many dangers and fewer rewards that eventually takes you to the end station - as a winner or, when many players participate, more likely a loser. The thrill is in the game, but to win is still the whole purpose of the activity. Now, to tell you the truth, in the game of life the rewards are fewer and far more apart than the dangers and setbacks. To pretend otherwise would not only be false, but also pointless. We do not need players who cannot take the risks and accept the odds. The chance of winning is much smaller, too. On the other hand, losing the board game is not a big deal, while losing in the struggle for power amounts to no less than a catastrophe where no one comes second, and where even the so-called winner eventually will lose out. Life on earth without the civilizing, enterprising, and stabilizing effect of Aryan man is nothing but total disaster. You will find obstacles of all kinds when you involve yourself in White racialist politics. And the biggest threat to the budding activist's political “career” is neither Reds nor ZOG. The most efficient neutralizers are to be found within one's own territory: parents, wife/husband, boy/girlfriend, teachers, boss, workmates, and so forth.

One thing must be crystal clear to anyone who wants to take part in our struggle. You will never again live a completely “normal” life, and the more you engage yourself in our cause, the less normal it will get. That is not to say that your life will turn “abnormal”. You just have to say goodbye to a lot of ordinary career possibilities, those thirteen-a-dozen “friends”, that boy- or girlfriend who perhaps love you more for what he or she wants from you than who you really are, and of course, the respectability that your parents or spouse crave and your teachers prepare you for. You cannot expect a safe life in the bourgeois meaning of the word. But you will live an existing life and even more important: a meaningful one! It is a sad fact, and especially hard for us who believe in the values of family life and see the principle importance of order and discipline, but you simply have to ignore any well-meant advice from your close ones about avoiding nationalist involvement. If you don't, I dare say that your motivation never was that strong and you would never take the pressure of the struggle ahead, anyway. Many parents threaten with all sorts of reprisals and in some cases even total rejection. Mostly this originates in their genuine care for you and will be nothing but desperate but empty threats. In those few cases when there is actually a total break I believe that it is caused by the family's concern for themselves as proper citizens rather than concern for their wayward and unruly son or daughter. As for boy- and girlfriends and husbands and wives, they should love you for who you are, not what you are. A piece of good advice: date and marry a person who shares your views. A relationship is hard enough sometimes without the political controversies. From experience, the veterans of our movement know that the politically mixed marriage mostly ends in tragedy and sorrow - after years of damaging compromises from both sides. When it comes to our political enemies, they have no real arguments against us.

Of course they may then turn to physical violence, but mostly it is sufficient to install a feeling of fear in their opponents. Many comrades who have survived the pressure from their loved ones, collapse from this paralyzing fear when the press publish their names and - God forbid - pictures in connection with the media's endless string of “Nazi” exposures. So what? What can happen? Well, in some cases, their double life has come to an end and their secrets have been brought to the open. There goes the union membership, gone are the superficial acquaintances, some idiots give you the evil eye. Again I say: so what? OK, there is the risk that you lose your job. But don't just walk away from it; fight back and get a good lawyer to get you a fat compensation cheque. You still have some rights, and though ZOG rules, it still has to abide by laws which have their origin in Aryan notions of justice. Be brave and act like that Whiteman you say you represent! Don't ever crawl and never let them thread on your rights without a fight. People in general admire the bravery and respect of a man of principles. Just like our enemies fear such traits. Whatever your political views, you will find that in the long run you are mainly judged by your personal behaviour. Through honesty and honour, decency, and fearlessness you will overcome the most negative effects of any media exposure. In Sweden, the united ZOG media used extraordinary means to, in their words, “stop the rising tide of Fascist violence”. The exposure of the 62 leading nationalists in Sweden by the four biggest newspapers was supposed to crush National Socialism in that country. On the contrary, it acted as a healthy cleansing process, filtering away the weaklings and cowards, leaving the unbreakable hard-liners whose loss of any “respectability” or job only gave them more motivation and time to engage in the political struggle. Although I believe the main purpose of this media campaign was to make money from the public's curiosity, whatever genuine hopes the media moles had to serve “anti-fascism” were crushed by the actual result of the dozen or so articles of alien hysteria. In fact, all countries should experience what took place in the pages of Sweden's ZOG papers.

Thereby the NS movement would no longer be polluted by impure elements who for personal reasons hold the Movement back and/or further on would cause embarrassment or down-right damage to our struggle. The nightmare of the pretenders and profiteers, piss-artists and pop stars would be our Movement's blessing! Of course, there is also the basic fear of violence that many have to learn to overcome. There's no shame in this. Most people - even among our lot - are not prone to violence and actually not even used to it. Their character may be non-violent but by nature, all healthy humans have an instinct for violence. It may surface quicker among certain individuals as well as races, but any genetically sane person will respond violently when his or her life is at stake. Even the meekest of nature's creatures turn to violence when pushed into a corner. Here intellectual studies can do very little except maybe point out the ideological case for violence in certain situations. One just has to overcome one's fear by training and practice. And that means participating in activities that might end up in forceful confrontations. Here the full support of the veterans and the close comradeship of the fellow combatants are absolutely essential. We have all been “rookies” once and it is up to the hardened comrades to see that it does not end up there. I think very few individuals get used to the violent side of politics but you should try to learn to live with it. Because in our situation it is actually a sad fact of life. Neither am I saying that all our cadres should be sent out on the battlefield of the street demos and marches. We must realize that some people just don't function very well in such situations, and of course, there is the security element. There are those of us who can accomplish far more under the cover of anonymity. This is not a free-for-all easy way of avoiding trouble. It concerns those in sensitive jobs and positions which are assets to the Movement, like lawyers, judges, policemen, officers, bankers, journalists, etc as well as under-cover infiltrators of course.

This was for years a troublesome conflict of interests within the Movement. The leaders found it hard to accept that some comrades preferred to concentrate on their education and/or career rather than participating in spectacular political stunts. Too many times, this skepticism of motives was called for. When the NS prospect found a fancy position in life, he or she quickly vanished out of sight. As a friend of mine sarcastically put it: “You never see anyone with a Porsche car in the Movement!” Still, even some of these apparent quitters hold on to their inner beliefs even if they keep ever so quiet about it. In other words, they are a dormant asset to the cause. It is up to the Movement to convince them that it is both in their interest and ours that they in some way make themselves useful. Contacts in high places are never wrong, and in our circles such are scarce, to put it mildly. We, therefore, need to cultivate them as best as we can. Even better it is when the Movement from the very beginning can monitor the educational and professional career of its supporter. I know this is a delicate and often futile job where the risk of failure - either through exposure or drop-out - is major. But the rewards in successful cases are then the bigger. We need contacts in the police and legal system for obvious reasons, we need successful businessmen to support us financially, we need inside contacts with the press to better present our case, we need comrades with military education for the possibility of future armed conflict, and so forth. But still, we need the good ol' traditional political soldier. Without him or her all else is a waste of energy. This category of comrades will always be the domineering one and therefore the main target of this field manual. It is not the purpose of this chapter to tell you exactly what to do. That depends solely on your own abilities and preferences. What is demanded of you, however, is that you put all your efforts, energy, and skills into your involvement. We have no more use for hobbyists, part-time politicians, and weekend warriors. These kinds of people have been the Movement's burden for far too long. But being a manual for the B&H and NS activist, it is only appropriate that we give you some guidelines on the various forms of activity you can choose from. If not the sensitivity of your occupation is a hinder, then you should get organized! And even if your job forbids you, you ought to keep in careful but constant contact with the Movement. One efficient but discreet way to do that is through the many NS/WP/B&H websites. But as a general rule, you must be organized.

There is such a variety of organizations and activist levels that you have more than sufficient alternatives to choose from. Within the Blood & Honour movement the leadership is not that strict and the organizational forms are much looser than most other NS groups. This, however, does not mean anarchy or that nothing is demanded from you. On the contrary, B&H relies especially on personal initiative based on a firm National Socialist conviction. Being a youthful organization with the music scene as the main attraction and dominant propaganda tool, I am well aware of the many risk factors. Alcohol, stardom and profits are the main lures that have destroyed far too many potentially good nationalists. King Alcohol has always been a welcome and honoured guest in our circles -from the early days of the rough and rowdy German SA men to the skinhead crowds of today. And that it is a phenomenon limited to the basic level of the Movement, is simply a myth. Elite soldiers of the SS as well as party leaders have been under the influence of alcoholic spirits. Adolf Hitler was a teetotaller. He was a vegetarian too. But der Fuhrer was unique and I am not one of those who oppose alcohol as a principle. The constant pressure on our cadres need a safety value, and for many alcohols is simply a means of necessary relaxation. Of course, too much can be a curse, but I have also seen people who for peculiar ideological reasons totally avoid alcohol for a longer period of time, only to have some nervous breakdown causing much more personal and political damage than normal consumption of alcohol would have resulted in. Let's just agree on this: If you decide to consume an alcoholic beverage, then there is a time and a place - and a limit. They say everything is relative. Stardom certainly is. Unfortunately, there are not that many of us around, but still, you have the craving for fame and fortune even among our limited number of rock ‘n 'rollers.

Lately, the organizations which until recently have accepted the attics and demands of certain “stars”, have cleaned up their scene and put an end to the arrogance and unreasonable royalty demands. On the other hand, the eagerness of some nationalist(?) record companies with ready money in their greasy hands to get the WP rock stars to their label, often drive the self-esteem and monetary demands from the artists way out of proportion and up in the air. If you are a WP artist, please remember that the purpose of your activity is to propagate our message of White racial nationalism, to entertain and inspire our own people and to raise funds for the movement. If you are in it for the money, I suggest you try the mainstream and see how far that takes you before you drown in their cosmopolitical sewers of crushed illusions and dreams. If you are in it for the fame, you should know that your audience appreciates you for the message you bring and the joy you give them as fellow National Socialists. Of course, you should - if possible - be compensated for your time and effort, but just like others doing what they are good at for the benefit of our cause, you just cannot expect special VIP treatment. Ian Stuart did more for our Movement than most and definitely more than any other White rocker. He never had an arrogant attitude, he never got financially rich from his invaluable work. There's your idol, not Elvis Presley or The Rolling Stones! When you truly believe in the cause, you sing about or play for, the satisfaction of reaching our “masses” and motivating them to carry on, should be the greatest reward in itself. And there are fortunately many artists around today who understand this. They are sick and tired of the prima-donna attics and profiteering which surfaced after the tragic death of Ian. Now they playback! Their lyrics are uncompromising, their choice of label is political and their demands are respect and support rather than gold and glitter. Of course, they too risk the persecution of ZOG - like all of us. But why should they matter more than the rest of us? As a White Power artist, you do a great job for the Movement, you get to travel around the White world, meet an inspired and grateful audience and share the joy and enthusiasm of your brothers and sisters-in-arms. Why anyone would risk that for financial gain and pathetic personal pop “stardom” or give it up for unfounded fears is beyond me. And I am certain that the same goes for you too, my comrade reader!

So if you have a talent and a message, grab that mike, that guitar, or those drum sticks and start spreading the sound of White Pride and Power. Lor the sake of your own satisfaction, yes; but even more so for the sake of the national revolution and the future of our Aryan race. Then we have the music men of the Movement. It's an easy life if you exclude politics from your motivation. But then - by your very own choice - you cannot really expect to be accepted by us. On the contrary, you should be seen as the parasite you are and treated like one, too. Now I doubt that any of these shady characters take the time to read this book (though, Wotan knows if they don't put it in their glossy sales catalog!), and I can assure everyone that it is not written for the capitalist infiltrators of our Movement. Rather, it is - among many other things - meant as a warning against these and anyone else who weaken our cause for petty self-interests. This is not to say that all those dealing with the production, distribution, and sales of White Power rock are crooks and thieves. Many see the production process and the sales outlets as excellent ways of generating funds to the Movement. Others, although driven by private initiative, help us with donations of both music and money. We need professionals among us, also in the field of business. If you have such talents, you should either contact those record companies already existing (preferably the Movement's own), or you should carefully start up your own distribution of WP goods among your local comrades - and then take it from there. I know several who, from these modest activities, have built worldwide businesses. Just make sure that your heart and convictions, not greed and profit, are the dominant driving forces. Knowing how important the WP music industry has become to the NS scene in general, I would like to dwell a bit on the actual running of the “show”. As I've pointed out earlier, our crowd is - for good and bad - not blessed with many business talents. Still, it is necessary to at least try to run the sales outlets in a businesslike manner. Too obvious amateurism leaves the pearly gate of profit open to the Shylocks and shysters. If you run a mail-order operation, you should concentrate on that job, making it the rule to serve your customers. This may seem unnecessary to point out, and in most business operations, it would be an obvious thing. However, we are burdened with a lack of manpower as well as sabotage from ZOG in all forms and fashions - from censorship laws to raids and postal robberies. Shame on those customers who are ignorant or indifferent to this and make unreasonable service demands or spread unfair criticism. But shame on those business managers who ignore these facts too.

If you run a sales operation, it is not a hobby. It may generate large sums of money, money stemming from the pockets of our political soldiers and - at least partly will (or should!) go to the running of the Movement, funds that provoke the anger and actions of ZOG. In other words, it demands your full attention. When you send out sales catalogs, try to keep what you offer in stock. When you receive orders, try to serve them as fast as you can. (There seems to be no end to the excuses used to explain away the laziness in this matter. Common to them all is that they are just that: excuses, excuses, and nothing more!) Keep proper but secure files and books, and beware that your computer's hard disk is definitely not a good place to keep them. Use priority mail! What seems to be an inborn trait of meanness among too many nationalists slow down the pace of our operations. And register important letters and valuable parcels. Then at least you have a receipt if ZOG agents try to hijack your shipments. Be careful with return addresses that are too recognizable - especially if you ship NS goods to countries like Germany (where even undercover receipt addresses may be necessary). If the content is very controversial or not too valuable, skip the information of the sender totally. Last but definitely not least: keep a businesslike attitude towards the money coming in. It is not yours as spending money, neither is it just to be channeled away to some totally different project - no matter how deservedly. When necessary costs have been met - including wages - use the capital to re-invest, either in goods or machinery that make your operations more independent from non-NS businesses. We have spent a great deal of space on the rock section. This does not mean any special preference from this author. It only means that it represents a big part of NS and nationalist activities today and especially that of Blood & Honour, whether you like it or not. Therefore it is important to assure a proper running of this dominant propaganda machinery.

Most of you, however, will only have a peripheral relationship to the WP music scene. You buy and listen to CDs and perhaps attend some concerts, that's all. And even that is no must. You do not have to like rock music or look like a skinhead to be a part of our NS community. It is your views and willingness to work and sacrifice for those views that count. As a supporter of the B&H and/or a member of an NS organization or nationalist party, you should realize that those days when anyone was accepted and anything tolerated just to keep up the membership figures, are over - at least in National Socialist surroundings. You are expected to act as you preach and live as you learn. Remember that we have the constant spotlights of the hostile press on us and the boys in blue keeping a watchful eye on all our activities. This is no excuse for inactivity, merely a reminder that you should use your brain as well as your guts. If you are a leading, well-known figure within the Movement, these guidelines naturally are even more important. I am fully aware that there may be situations when ZOG's laws just have to be ignored. In such cases, one should try not to jeopardize the whole group. Only those of long experience and the toughest psyche should take upon themselves such tasks. And here we are of course not discussing random attacks against immigrants or senseless football violence. Such actions are totally counter-productive. Concentrate on our political enemies instead. How many potentially good comrades are not rotting in jail, wasting their lives on meaningless acts of violence directed at targets of no political value? And if you are a so-called hooligan, I ask you: Are you willing to take the same risks of physical confrontation at political demos as on the football terraces? Even if the answer is yes, I urge you to get your priorities straight. Hooliganism is at best a brutal form of physical and mental combat exercise. At worst it is a miniature version of former days' bloody brother wars, with White fans fighting each other over some team which probably is controlled by Zionist money men and are likely to use and promote coloured players.

There is also an inner threat that we have to deal with. It is not a question of hostile infiltration, though it is often the best weapon of enemy agents when they do manage to penetrate our Movement. It is cancer that is eating the organizations from the inside and has been the major cause of many really big nationalist parties' downfalls. I am thinking of the ruinous gossip-mongering which has haunted our Movement for decades. The discreet whispers behind the back of fellow patriots, the unfounded rumors gleefully spread, the vicious accusations that never reach above the cellar level. Are nationalists more prone to such bitching and bickering? It is hard to say, but the environment is definitely a breeding ground for all sorts of rumor spreading and gossip-mongering: A closed circle of people under constant pressure and attack, a wider circle of people who are doing far more partying than party work and who explain away their lack of enthusiasm and activism with idle gossiping disguised as “constructive criticism”. And then there is of course, the classic and ever appearing envy of those who are successful in their ventures and the jealousy of those who have more political influence. This is a killer disease just as efficient as the fear bug. I have encountered it from the very beginning of my political involvement (I started young and been around for some time...) and I have found it everywhere I've been (and I have been nearly all over the NS place...). It still goes on and on, driving good people away from us and poisoning the minds of both the party gossip as well as his or her listeners. Certainly, this kind of mental vampirism thrives on setbacks and hard times. But when progress is achieved, it quickly changes character from spiteful “criticism” to envious power struggles. Though it seems like a no-win situation, this is just something we cannot live with anymore.

This suicidal activity got to be eradicated from our midst. I urge you to stop listening to those scandalous tales of undefined accusations against your comrades and react against the back-stabbing of your leaders. Tell these hatemongers to present proof of their accusations or air their dissatisfaction directly to the people in charge. You know that anything else is not only definitely un-Aryan but also pure sabotage and treachery against the Movement. There is only one cure against it, and that's a maximum dose of loyalty and honour. Are we political soldiers in the spirit of the legendary SS legions, or are we a bunch of bitches, wasting our time and ruining our own organizations with the gossip of the Oriental bazaars? I am sorry if I may have painted a dark and dismal picture of life in the NS Movement. Being a field manual, the purpose of this book is to guide you towards efficient involvement, but also to teach you how to avoid problems and tackle dangers. I have belonged to the nationalist movement for about 75% of my life, and I do not regret my involvement. However, I wish I had done some things differently both for the sake of myself and the progress of our cause. A lot of fun and excitement I've had and I honestly feel I have accomplished some useful work on our behalf. But I must admit that a lot of time was also wasted on silly projects and stupid people. I do not want you to make the same mistakes. If I had possessed a book like this in my political childhood, I may have been able to stay clear of many problems and concentrated more on things that really matter. Then at least my mistakes will have some positive effect, serving as a lesson to those who now stand on the threshold of active political battle. A journalist recently asked me if I didn't feel bad about all the harassment and problems stemming from my political involvement.

I answered that denying my own views, failing to react when things go terribly wrong, letting my culture be distorted and my folk be exterminated without raising a finger, would make me feel worse than anything our enemies can throw at me. I trust you feel the same way too. There can be no greater satisfaction in life than knowing that you have answered the call of your ancestors and fought to save the future of your people. Despite the rising tide of cosmopolitan terror, more and more Aryans arise and fight back. By joining their struggle, your life becomes meaningful in the deepest sense of the word. And you share a mission and destiny with your fellow White warriors - a community of comradeship and common purpose in life: the survival and prosperity of our Aryan race. Such involvement is far from sad and gloomy; on the contrary, it is a joyful and glorious battle fought by the shining knighthood of our sacred blood.

Chapter 6: THE FUTURE

In my book ‘"Blood & Honour: The Way Forward” I discussed the future of our struggle in general terms, concluding that we do have a chance of success. But it will take all we've got of both guts and brains, the blessing of our ancient gods, and that decisive bit of pure luck! In this book, I have tried to give some more concrete advice on how to go about reducing the dependence on old Wotan & the rabbit foot and make headway through my own resources. Still, there is no way we can isolate our fight from the reality of world politics and power structures. In the future, we shall be forced not only to operate on an international scale but also to form completely new alliances and choose bold new tactics and strategies. Brains are more important than ever, but still, there is no getting around the need for good old-fashioned hard work and bravery. We live in times of great changes, most of them for the worse. However, there are some signs of a reaction against the New World Order of Zion. I am fully aware of the fact that Mr. Jörg Haider of Austria is a cheap trickster, but it is still a fact that it is his stand against internationalism, his pro-Austrian campaign, and his at least at times sympathetic remarks on National Socialism that won him the sympathy of Adolf Hitler's people, rather than his pathetic excuses to please the so-called world community. Likewise, we have Vladimir Sjirinovski in Russia. Yes, I know that his background is questionable and I know that his Russian imperialism carries him away too many times. But again, it is his radical and racial nationalism that keeps him in the Duma - despite his political death sentence so many times announced by the Zionist media.

Similar examples of governmental or at least politically influential opposition to the Zionist World Order you find in Serbia, Slovakia, and in White Russia. Sadly, there are some serious setbacks too. The death of President Tudman in Croatia opened this country for the Zionist peddlers of the New World Order and a professional opportunist was quickly elected on promises of EU's blessings and sworn in under the supervision of the wandering Czech Jewess Ms. Albright. And in Serbia, militiaman Arkan and the Serb foreign secretary were gunned down by the hidden hand of political gangsterism. A fair guess and a fairly official accusation from Serbia is that the Western bloc carries on its war of annihilation on the streets of Serb cities. Naturally, the loss of the cradle of Serbia, Kosovo, to the Albanian-Muslim imperialists, was a political defeat of tragic proportions. However, the fact that war is back in Europe again, breaks the status quo of the established order and opens the gates of long-suppressed aggression as well as new political constellations. The same goes for Russia's campaign against Muslim terrorists along its southern frontiers.

The sad news may be that the Communists are again strong in Russia, but the good news is that their driving force today is no longer the old cosmopolitan ghosts of Marx and Lenin, but Russian nationalism and strong anti-Zionism (their leader even using the definitely non-kosher term ZOG!). There is in fact, for whatever the future will prove it worth, a growing Red-Black political alliance in Russia, where the nationalist policies not only combine those parties but are bound to be that alliance's all-domineering element. It is up to fellow nationalists outside Russia to keep contact with their Russian comrades and influence the best “fascist” forces there so that this nationalism does not evolve into classic chauvinist imperialism but is used for the benefit of Russia - and the rest of Europe as well! On the smaller and less bloody but still essential scene of politics, other alliances must be formed in order to secure our immediate political future. I am thinking of the threats of bans and the censorship attacks on the Internet. Here we have to act very rationally and pragmatically, leaving our long-term aspirations aside in order to survive the present. Both libertarians (for a principal reason) and the more intelligent elements within the Red camp (for reasons similar to our own) reject the ZOG demands for political bans against nationalism and the efforts to limit the freedoms of the cyber society.

We desperately need those freedoms, and we must use all channels available to keep the flow of free information undisturbed by the savage censors of ZOG. To survive and make progress, the NS Movement primarily needs willpower. The manpower is already there. We must only work to unite our forces and get them going in the right direction. Not an easy task, to put it mildly. But here we can achieve a lot by setting examples. Comradeship, determination, and bravery are our best arguments for joining and the dire threat to our people's very existence is our best argument for fighting. Our mere survival in this political turmoil is an achievement in itself. But it is not enough. We are not similar to the party politicians who are satisfied with whatever influence they can scrape together just in order to live out their days on a parliamentary seat, fed through the funds obtained from the taxation of their voting cattle. We want total power. Not for ourselves but because the choice is simply this: Either our race - through its proper representatives - has total control of its future, or it will be totally lost. Sure we are fighting an uphill battle, but we are also fighting with our backs to the wall, leaving no way to go but ahead and installing in us that untamed aggression of the cornered beast. Aryan man will rise again and take back his rightful position on earth. Or he will die fighting for it. There is no middle ground. There is only the solemn call of our forefathers and the glorious vision of the future.

Together, as comrades-in-arms, we - the last of the traditional Aryan gladiators and berserkers, the latter-day White knights and crusaders, the inheritors of the armed legions of European National Socialist volunteers - throw ourselves into the final battle for our race and civilization, destined for glory and shaped for victory -


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