The shadow of the dark continents over Sweden: SWEDISH NATIONALIST SLAUGHTERED BY IMMIGRANT GANG

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-04 2 min read

The shadow of the dark continents over Sweden: SWEDISH NATIONALIST SLAUGHTERED BY IMMIGRANT GANG

I have the sad duty to inform you of the murder of a young comrade in Stockholm, Sweden reported on the 10th, the day this article is written.

Daniel Wretström a 17 year old skinhead, well known to the scene and in the movement, was attacked for no reason whilst waiting at a bus stop in Salem Central, Stockholm after a night out, by a gang of 15 blacks and mulattos, who attacked solely on the basis of his appearance.

He was beaten by them for a prolonged period and then when unconscious and unable to defend himself, they cut his throat with a knife and left him to bleed to death on the pavement alone in the dark in the park. He had tried to run away, but they chased him, told witnesses to leave the area and at least three of them were seen stabbing him whilst he was trying to defend himself. The rest put the boot in whilst he lay on the ground.

17 YEARS OLD All of us, of whatever group, should learn a lesson from this hero's death - whilst we fight amongst ourselves our youth are dying . This young man, who was proud of who he was and his race and nation, was killed by scum that have no morals, no courage and no humanity. WE MUST UNITE. HIS BLOOD DEMANDS IT. How many more young martyrs must die before we put aside our differences and unite to fight the common enemy? This young man died for us - so that we could be men in our countries on our own continent - and he paid the highest price.

Here is the Horst Wessel of our generation - the figurehead of a new movement - to whom we each owe a blood debt to unite. This morning Europe weeps for a fallen hero. Mark this day - for he shall be avenged. Though his flesh has fallen - his Spirit lives on .






Already the day after about 60 comrades held a vigil in memory of the fallen comrade. And on Saturday the 16th nationalists from all over the North will gather in Salem to honour Daniel's memory. If you have the possibility to attend, please come and pay respect to one who gave all for his belief in National Socialism and the battle to save our race and civilization from the multi-ethic horrors that eventually slaughtered Daniel Wretström.

Those responsible for letting loose these inhuman creatures on our once safe streets, those using their media channels to install hatred and aggression against proud Whites in the dark minds of these Ghetto thugs, they are all as guilty as the beasts who in the most horrendous manner carried out their ancient rituals of anti-White hatred. Just as Daniel Wretström shall never be forgotten, those responsible for his tragic death shall never be left at peace. Our civilization demands Aryan justice, our hearts demand retribution.

- Max Hammer

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