Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-02 3 min read



If you are a regular viewer of our B&H page, you will have noticed that there's been awhile since our last update. And if you are one of those who have bothered to take a step further, and have sent off an e-mail (or 88) to yours truly, you may have experienced a bit of a delay in response and/or an unusually short reply. Some, we are sad to say, may have received no answer at all or have not gotten the expected seasons' greetings.

To all of you, we send our sincere apologies. The lack of communication is not a sign of inactivity. On the contrary, many things are indeed happening. Unfortunately, the initiators of these happenings do not belong in our camp. Rather, they are the cruel creatures of the Zionist underworld who have risen from the dark catacombs of cosmopolitism to launch an all-out attack on Scandinavian nationalists in general and the activists of Blood & Honour in particular. Probably you have already heard of the insane hit-list of Swedish national revolutionaries published by the Zionist/Capitalist media mafia in Sweden. This was a desperate act by small frightened men, burdened by their awesome and ill-gotten power and scared by the awakening of the Swedish resistance movement. And in order to please their masters and gain goodwill and publicity for themselves, the police, politicians and other power prostitutes have worked overtime (and even on the Sabbath!) to harass and terrorize the subjects of the media mafia's "death list." Many comrades have been excluded from their labour union, been fired from their jobs, kicked out from their home by either parents or companions, been a victim of AFA terror attacks or hauled off to jail by the thought police on order from the Zionist inquisitors.

These are hard times. But we are happy to say that most have gone through this Oriental ordeal with their Aryan heads held high. Naturally, a few weaklings melted and vanished in this cleansing bath of steel. But for a majority it was nothing worse than what could be expected by a ranting and reeling regime under NS siege. And for the meanest ones, it was just a feeling of Déjà vu. In other words, these guys and gals know the score. And as our favourite philosopher, good ol' Nietzsche said: "What does not kill you, only makes you stronger." ZOG's sick society can expect a counter-attack of anti-terror along the lines of leaderless resistance and direct action. And they have nobody to blame but themselves. They say we are a "threat to democracy." We say: WHAT democracy?

The coming of the new millennium should not be celebrated by the rulers of today. Rather, they should try to make the most of the limited time they have left and leave the jubilation to those who have nothing to lose from the present and everything to win from the future. By excluding us from their society, by taking away our rights, they have also made quite clear that we will have no obligations or loyalties to their crumbling cosmopolitan empire.

For now, we are the rebels of today - should all gather for our traditional winter feast and seek strength and determination through the warmth of our families, friends and comrades-in-arms set a fire that lightens up the Nordic night and leads us into a new Aryan age.

And in these chaotic times of terror and tribulations, visions and expectations, we send our special Seasons' greetings to prisoners of war Robert Vesterlund, Jens Arpe, Jäsä and the countless nameless gladiators spending the turn of the millennium in ZOG's gulags. One day soon, the chains of Zion shall break and the battle cry of revenge shall be heard and felt from camp to camp.

Jolly Yuletide, a brighter and Whiter new Year and a magnificent Millennium of Aryan might to all of you White warriors out there!


- Max Hammer

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