Jäsä's interview from the Skrewdriver book "Mother Europe's Son"

By: Mirko Savage

2021-06-08 11 min read

Max Hammers tribute to Ian Stuart (2003)

Skrewdriver, yesterday, today & tomorrow.

2021-04-22 5 min read

Psychos In Blue

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-22 3 min read

Blue Eyed Devils interview 1999

By: Jäsä (from a prison cell)

2021-04-22 7 min read

Interview with Swedish RAC band, Nibelüngen.

By Jäsä (from a prison cell in 1998)

2021-04-20 4 min read

A Message to our People: WE NEED MENTAL CLEANSING!

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-17 6 min read


Written by: Max Hammer (in the late 1990's)

2021-04-17 5 min read

Max Hammer interview!

Conducted by B&H Serbia

2021-04-06 15 min read

B&H marches on!

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-05 2 min read

Hess March 2001 Denmark

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-05 4 min read